The Power of Elderberries

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Elderberries are intriguing little fruits that potentially have many benefits. The power of elderberries continues to be up for debate, but research seems to indicate that they are a powerhouse of immune boosting benefits.

Let’s get all the obvious stuff out of the way. I’m not a health professional. I hold no degree in medicine. I’m simply a mom that loves to research. I’m fascinated by reading clinical studies. Separating fact and fiction gives me a weird thrill.

Please make your own decisions about how to use the power of elderberries in your home. Be aware that there has been some research to indicate the elderberry syrup can cause a cytokine storm. Due to concerns with COVID-19 it is imperative that you do your own research on elderberry syrup and make your own educated decision on how it can be used safely in your family. Google elderberry cytokine storm and COVID-19/coronavirus for more information.

This information is my personal experience only. It’s not intended to diagnose or treat. Do your own research. And talk to your medical doctor before starting any treatment.

used elderberries in a dish

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What are Elderberries

Chances are that if you have not heard of power of elderberries, you may want to take a peak above your head. Are you sure you’re not living under a rock? Elderberries have become all the hype in recent years. The syrup is like a magic potion that will cure you of all aliments!

I have to giggle, because the natural health world seems to go in phases. The Bible tells us nothing is new under the sun (Ecclesiastics 1:9).

I remember right around 2012 I would log into Pinterest and my newsfeed was flooded with ways to use garlic to cure the common cold.  Essential oils were exploding, and everyone knew that specific blend of cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary that cured everything (I won’t say the exact name or brand we don’t want to essential oil fairies to report me for showing favoritism to a specific brand name *wink, wink*).

The Healing of Elderberries

However, I digress. Elderberries are not a new source of healing. They have been around since the beginning of time. The power of elderberries is just another tool that God gave us to use for healing.

One of the first natural health books I ever bought is called “Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss. It was originally copyrighted 1939. It’s still in print because Mr. Kloss did such an excellent job of organizing a wide range of healing plants. Even he categorized it as ‘good for building up the system.’ My favorite part of his description is

“The elder tree is an old-fashioned home remedy and is found in nearly all old people’s gardens.”

“Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss.

I just love how everything comes back around.

wet elderberries

The Power of Elderberries

If you have not heard of the amazing power of elderberry yet let me give you a summary.

  1. Elderberry is proven to reduce the common cold and influenza (check out this clinical trial)
  2. Scientific evidence that it helps fight influenza, bacterial sinusitis, bronchitis, gingivitis, and cardiovascular disease. (check out this study) 
  3. It boosts the immune system with high doses of vitamin C and quercetin. (check it out here!)

What are Flavoniods

Let’s stop for a second and discuss flavonoids. It’s a funny word to say.  Try saying it 5 times fast! Flavonoids, flavonoids, flavonoids, flavonoids…I digress again. 

Flavonoids are an extant powerful substance found in some fruits and vegetables. They are powerful antioxidants. I once read that they are more powerful than vitamin D and C combined! Talk about some intense healing!

Quercetin is the flavonoid that is present in elderberries. Among other things the power of elderberries source is from that quercetin. It’s also found in red grapes, onions, green tea, gingko balboa, St.Johns Wart, and buckwheat (to name a few). The properties of quercetin are still being researched but there are many sources that suggest it helps to fight various cancers, high blood pressure, inflammation, allergies, and more. If you do your due diligence research, you will find the information out there is extremely mixed.

Here is a 2016 study on the immunity and immune of quercetin. It’s a fascinating read.

the power of elderberries

Downright Amazing

The intricate crafting that God did in our food is downright amazing.

It would seem that with a very small preliminary summary, that elderberries are a powerful plant of healing.

Hold on. Take a break. Despite it being an extraordinary substance, we need to pause and remember that this earth holds an abundance of healing foods. This is simply one of the amazingly crafted foods that God gave us.

If you would like to try making your own elderberry syrup, check out this sugar free version.

ingredients for sugar free elderberry syrup

My Experience with the Power of Elderberries

My own personal story with elderberry is very straight forward. I happened to hear about elderberry syrup at one of my Kindermusik classes. As a natural health enthusiast I rolled up my sleeves and started to research. It took me a little while to track down a quality source to get my elderberry syrup fix, but once I did I was amazed at the decreased level of sickness I endured while taking elderberry regularly.

This Christmas my parents picked up a nasty cold. I try to have a balance between letting their child in contact with sick people and continuing to live life with those we love. Especially at Christmastime it’s a fine balance, and I don’t think anyone perfects that balance. We sure do try though!

Inevitably we both picked up the cold. The same cold that landed my parents on their back for a few days, didn’t even slow us down with the cold fighting effects of consistent Elderberry syrup.

I am often asked where I get my elderberries from. There are two main sources that I get my elderberries. The first is from a company that I’ve used for years called Beeyoutiful. I love the purity of this company and their emphasis on quality. Another company that I trust is Frontier Co-Op. The nice thing about Frontier Co-Op is that they are readily available on Amazon.

beautiful elderberries
frontier elderberries

Elderberries are an incredible source of healing and rejuvenation. How do you use them in your household? Tell me below!

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