Free Printable Christmas Planner (The Ultimate!)

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I was tired of trying to plan Christmas. It was exhausting and it never turned out the way I wanted to.

Can you relate? That is the feeling that birthed the Ultimate Christmas planner.

This Free Printable Christmas Planner is designed to help you navigate the busy holiday season so you can get back to the more important things in life. There are so many different things that as mothers/women we are ‘supposed’ to do during the Christmas season. Yet why do we do those things? Is it societal pressure or is it genuinely something we enjoy doing with our family? This Christmas planner and free printable Christmas planner sample are designed to do just that.

Come along to eliminate the clutter of Christmas so we all can get back to the most important things of the holiday season.

The Christmas Season. 

The anticipation is great. 

The chaos can be greater.

We wish for the chaos to be tarnished. 

We wish for Silent Night. 

We wish for genuine family memories. 

We wish for simplicity. 

We wish for holiday hygge. 

Yet the chaos abounds. 

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How Do I Plan My Christmas?

His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 6:9

The truth of the matter is that the holiday season is not about us. It’s about Jesus and proclaiming his name higher and higher and higher. It’s easy to forget in the hub of holiday activities and the joy of the season. 

Personally, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. The smells, sights, seasons, and sensations; all are dear to my heart. 

There are times to be practical about our limitations. Christmas seems like a good time to practice practicality. The reality is that Christmas is a commercial holiday with the undertone of Christianity. It’s unfortunate, yet true. 

How do we plan our Christmas? By learning balance.

Over the years, I have found that I can balance the frantic rush of the season, my desire to focus on the ‘true meaning of Christmas’, and chaotic traditions with the organization.

In steps The Ultimate Christmas Planner. 

This Christmas planner was put together not as a way to help you commercialize Christmas even more, but to take a step backward and analyze what is important to you. Then organize and prioritize your season. 

It is filled with scripture quotes and practical organization to help you sort through the traditions of the season, implement the traditions, yet also enjoy them. 

Christmas Digital Planner

A couple of years ago I started ‘digitalizing’ my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still like my good ole’ pen and paper, but when you have the right tools using a digital planner becomes a lot easier and more useful.

Our Christmas planner has been digitized for my digital planner friends! This planner will work on any Android or iPad with a stylus. You will be able to write and click on the userfriendly tabs on the side to bring you different sections of the Ultimate Christmas Planner.

Clickable christmas planner

How Do I Start Preparing for Christmas?

There are so many ways to start prepping for Christmas, but the first thing to do is get organized! Plan your plan. Think through what is most important to you. That is why in this Christmas planner one of the first pages is the “Christmas Goals” section.

Is your goal to have a simple Christmas, extravagant Christmas, budget-friendly Christmas?

Write down your goals. Everything else you prep will stem from the goals you have for Christmas.

The Christmas goal printable is included in the FREE version.

What do you put in a Christmas Planner?

There is so much to include in a Christmas planner! Everything from shopping lists, gift lists, card lists, and party planning! How are women supposed to keep everything straight!?

You will get exclusive content in The Ultimate Christmas Planner. These things were chosen to specifically help in organizing and having a peaceful and successful Christmas Holiday season.

Many of these appear in our Free Printable Christmas Planner as well! If you would like the FREE Printable Christmas Planner as well as a 50% off coupon for the fuller version, scroll to the bottom to sign up.

The Christmas Planner Content


~ Christmas Calendar
~ Christmas Checklist
~ Christmas Goals

~ Gift List Planner and Budget
~ Printable Gift Tags
~ 100+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas – Find more ideas here! 

~ Comprehensive Christmas Budget Planner

~ Shopping Planner
~ Black Friday Planner
~ Cyber Monday Planer
~Online Orders

~ Christmas Card List.
~Christmas Party Planner
~Holiday Traditions & Activities

~Christmas Decor Planer

~Christmas Tree Planner
~ Decoration Inventory

~Christmas Meal Planner
~Holiday Baking
~Christmas Grocery List
~Holiday Recipes – Page Size
~Holiday Recipes – Recipe Card Size
~Christmas Cooking Schedule

~Christmas Meal Place Cards

~Next Year Planning and Notes

The Free Printable Christmas Planner PDF

Do you like the idea of this Christmas planner, but do you want a taste first? Good thing it’s the Christmas season because I love giving away gifts! This free printable Christmas planner has many of the organizational things you will need to have a successful Christmas planning season. There are 22 beautiful pages. Some of what is included are:

Christmas Calendar, Christmas Checklist, Christmas Goals, Gift List, Gift Tags, Shopping Planner, Christmas Decor Planner, Holiday Recipe cards, and MORE!

If you like this Free printable Christmas planner, you can grab our vault password and have access to all our goodies! 


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