Easy DIY Pantry Door Remodel

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I’ve got to be honest, when I finished this DIY pantry door remodel, I was a bit disappointed. It was close to what I wanted, but I felt like the coloring and design was just shy of what I was aiming for. This was not my first DIY door remodel, and those first doors I did in my old home, I adored immediately.  Then the hubs of the home popped in from work and LOVED the new pantry door. Ultimately, because of the encouragement of that man, this DIY pantry door remodels made it onto here. Hubs are great!

We moved into our new country home just over 2 months ago. It’s been a bit of a blur, but exciting as I look around at all the projects I want to dig into. This one just happened to be the first in a lengthy line of dreams. 

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DIY Pantry Door Trepidation

For a few weeks now, I’ve been suffering from DIY trepidation. Never heard of it. I’m not surprised, I just made it up! I couldn’t quite decide on which DIY house remodel project to start and was terrified I was going to ruin whatever I started first. Sometimes you just must pull up your sleeves, decide on something, and get going on it. That was 100% this project. I ended up deciding on starting with this specific project because it is the first thing you see when walking into the kitchen, and it was so BLAND! 

Pantry Door Before

The door leaves something to be desired, does it not? However, I did discover that the texture of this hollow core door was fantastic for chalk paint coverage. It went on thick and smooth and because of the texture didn’t even look like paint when finished! 

before pantry door

Materials for DIY Pantry Door

The size of the wood really does depend on what type and size of door you are working with. I started with a 2 ft door, and I went with 1.5-inch thickness oak boards. This is a more finicky type of wood for this project, so I ended up splitting the wood when using the screws. Originally, I intended on using a nail gun to attach, which would have looked soooo much better and not split the wood. However, I ended up using 1-inche screws so I could staple the chicken wire to the back. Honestly, it was visually not what I intended, but the mistakes are what makes DIY projects unique! 

Here are some sources for your convenience. 

Chicken Wire ($24)

Rustoleum Chalk Paint Linen White ($19)

Rustoleum Latex Nutmeg Paint ($10)

Aged Bronze Door Knob ($25)

Cast Iron Hook ($20 – Pack of 4)

Note on the Chalk Paint: 

In our previous home, I absolutely loved the Rustoleum linen white chalk paint. It brightened up the house. However, in this home it is a bit of a visual shock because of how bright the home already is. In retrospect, I would have gone with the Chiffon Cream, which would have matched the space much better. 


full view of pantry door

Dimensions for DIY Pantry Door

This was a 2-foot-wide custom door. 

For this project I used: 

3 – 18 x 1.5-inch boards 

2 – 30 x 1.5-inch boards 

2 – 26 x 1.5-inch boards 

1 – Iron Hook 

1 -5.5 18-inch board 

Rustoleum for Every DIY Project

It’s no secret that I absolutely love a good DIY project, it’s very soothing and relaxing for this momma’s brain. Even more of a ‘no secret’ is that Rustoleum paint is one of my favorites. I’m constantly looking for deals on this paint. Occasionally I might try another product like Cottage Paint Serenity when I painted my cabinets a beautiful blue.  But I always return to my good ole’ and dependable Rustoleum paint. 

The Final Results of the DIY Pantry Door

What makes this door is the beautiful doorknob I snagged from Amazon for a mere $25. Doesn’t it just add an entirely new feel? When I took these pictures, I had not replaced the hinges to match, but don’t judge me too harshly for my mismatched remodel! 

I love the chicken wire look and there is so much potential to have fun with using it. Hanging Christmas cards with clothes pins, hanging quotes, drying herbs; the options are endless.

second door picture

Not ready to complete this door project? Or you want to create something similar, but not the same, Pin it for future reference! You can also catch me over on Instagram and share your results!

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