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Looking for a fun activity to practice your kid’s upper and lowercase letters? Look no further! This fun alphabet matching game takes a bit of work to prepare, but it will have your little ones buzzing with excitement!

alphabet matching game

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I don’t think my kids are alone in the fact that they love to play games on the floor with adults! That one and one time is treasured by them and given the opportunity they will sit for hours on the floor with me as we play game after game from our homeschool cupboard.

This alphabet matching game printable is a great way to engage them in a fun game, while they are also learning their upper and lowercase letters!

The letters and image are large so they can easily put together the bee!

Matching Games

Matching games are great for preschool and early kindergarten as they build thinking skills, provide brain exercise, develop vocabulary talk, and provide practice in planning ahead. My oldest child will often gravitate to his ‘easy letters’, which are just the ones that he has known the longest. However, his eyes don’t always see the match right away. His personality tends to get frustrated quickly, so when we first started playing matching games he would throw down the cards and want to give up. This was the perfect opportunity to exercise his planning ahead skills. Instead of getting frustrated the child can put the card aside and work on other cards until they see the correct one.


Alphabet Matching Game Printable

The download is going to open a folder that will contain one PDF plus all the individual cards. The download is completely free, no sign-up is required! Of course, if you would like to stay updated on all my preschool printables, you can sign up for our Bible Printables for Kids library which is filled to the brim with helpful printables for your little ones!

What is Included?

The matching game printable PDF will have 5 pages. There are six bees on every page with the last page only having a letter ‘z’ bee plus 5 other blank bees to use as you wish.

Instructions on Printing

I recommend that you use your printer’s highest settings when you print my printables. This will ensure the highest quality. We love our Epson workforce printer which includes the ability to add XL cartridges, which saves us so much money on printing! We also like to laminate our printables which makes them reusable!

Cutting does take a long time, but it makes it much easier if you have a good pair of sharp scissors!

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Tips for Different Ages

If you have little ones that need a few adjustments, set out a small number of pairs to start with. For my three-year-old, I typically only set out a,b,c,d,e,f, and g. As they learn their letters you can add more to the game! For older children, you can also make a double set of cards to make it a bit more challenging!

alphabet matching game

Download the Alphabet Matching Printable

I hope you enjoy this alphabet-matching game. It is such a fun way to practice upper and lowercase letters with your little ones! Make sure to check back frequently for more preschool printables! I release a new one each week!

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