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Looking for a fun way to teach colors to your little ones?! This free color matching printable may just be the ticket!

I currently have a three-year-old that stubbornly refuses to learn his colors. Now sometimes kids really don’t have the capacity yet to learn something and when we force it, we are doing them more damage than good. However, in this case, I have a sneaky suspicion that he is just putting on a show for everyone. Have you ever experienced that with a kid?

One of the things we are doing to encourage him to buckle down and learn his colors is doing fun games, and that’s where his color matching printable came into play!

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Our children this year have been homeschooled and it has been a blast! We used a play-based curriculum called “Let them be Little” and tweaked it along the way. Eventually, we fell into a more unschooling method where we let our kid’s interests lead our school choices. One of the latest obsessions we have been working through is bug-eating plants like the Venus Fly Trap. We actually have a Venus Fly Trap sitting on my counter right now!

This means that we have incorporated basic pre-K learning into each of the child-led lessons. Color is an example of this. As we do activities and follow their interests we go on color scavenger hunts, or just simply work on identifying colors as we play.

Color Matching Printable

The download is going to come in a PDF printable format, and there is no sign-up required! Just click on the button and you will be taken to a Dropbox download folder.

What’s Included?

In this download, you will find one coloring matching printable PDF. The PDF has two pages. I recommend that you laminate these and use velcro to make this sheet reusable, but you could also just print and use it as a worksheet.

We love our $25 Amazon basics laminator, but sadly Amazon stopped making it. Here is another laminator that is similarly priced ($25!). We have loved doing a preschool homeschool year and the laminator has been a well-used tool.

Make sure when you print you use the highest quality settings on your printer. Often I hear that the colors don’t come out right and that’s often due to a poor printer or the highest settings not being used. Our Workforce printer has been excellent this year.

You can find all my favorite homeschool items at my Amazon storefront if you are interested! ‘


Ideas for Using the Color Matching Game

  • Hide the cutout circles around a room in your home. Have the child find them, call out the color and run to attach them to the laminated sheet.
  • Place the cut-out circles on a sensory table with other colored items. Have your child match them to the appropriate color item and then affix it to the laminated sheet.
  • Simply sit down with your child and work on identifying colors on the sheet.
  • Double-print the circles and use them to play a matching game! Turn all the pieces over and flip them over two at a time. If you flip over two matching ones then the player gets to keep them.

Did you come up with more ideas? Great! Feel free to use this printable however, you see fit for your children.

Download the Color Matching Printable

Ready to download and start the fun? Click the button below to be brought straight to the Dropbox folder! I would love to see how you are using the printable. Tag me on Instagram or use the contact form on the website to shoot me an email.


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