Free Fruit of the Spirit Printables for Kids

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Learning about the Fruit of the Spirit is an integral part of any Christian child’s life. These free Fruit of the Spirit Printables for Kids are packed to the brim with fun, colorful, and intentional activities for you to do with your child as you explore the meaning of Galatians 5:22-23!

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the fruit of the spirit printables

Fruit of the Spirit Printables for Kids

This activity bundle is completely free and packed jam-full of helpful printables for teaching your little ones the importance of the Fruit of the Spirit. The verses were taken from the ESV version of the Bible.

If you have ever gone looking for Free Bible printables and came up short, you are not alone, my hand is raised on this one too! I find printables in the wrong translation, poorly done, or just not quite what I was looking for. That is why I came up with this awesome bundle that is backed with different types of printables for kids. My hope and prayer are that you find something here that meets your needs!

How do we download these Fruit of the Spirit Printables for Kids?

Easy! You just click on the download button at the bottom of the easy and presto! It will take you to a Dropbox file where you can download the printable!

Whenever we are doing Bible crafts and activities we like to grab a storybook bible and read the story in ‘child form’ but also directly from scripture (we use NIV, NLT, and ESV). These are great for a Fruit of the Spirit lesson, Bible study, or Sunday School class!

If you enjoy these printables, make sure you head over to our Kids’ Bible area to find more printables from Bible stories!

Coloring Pages

These basic coloring pages were designed for ages 2-5 in mind. They have large print and each Fruit of the Spirit is written out under the fruit representing the characteristic.

One way that we like to use coloring pages is by laminating the pages and then coloring them again and again with dry-erase markers.

We have a basic Amazon laminator and it has held up for years!

Fruit of the Spirit Pie

This Fruit of the Spirit Pie might just be my favorite part of this bundle! Isn’t is cute! There are two options for using it. You can allow children to cut apart the colored version or use the uncolored version and color themselves.

First color, cut out, and add a fastener.

Other supplies you may need:

  • Spinner Printable
  • White cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Paper fastener
  • colored pencils or crayons

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Fruit of the Spirit Tracing Activity

This activity is a simple tracing activity where children are invited to become more acquainted with the verbatim verse from the Bible. Some children will be too advanced for this activity and others will need your help to navigate the activity.

The verse is from the ESV translation.

Fruit of the Spirit Word Search

Another simple activity, but this one is for the more advanced child. Ideal for ages 6-9 this word find includes all nine Fruits of the Spirit.

Tracing the Verse Activity Sheet

If your child is starting to learn to write, this activity sheet will be perfect! Your little one can practice their writing while learning a very important verse of the Bible!

Play-Doh Mat or Placemat

The last Fruit of the Spirit activity is a placemat or a play-doh activity mat. You will need to laminate it. Once it is laminated it can be used time and time again during sensory times or mealtimes! One fun way to use this would be to make a batch of homemade play-doh and then attempt to color it the colors of the fruit! You could even go the extra mile and try to make the yellow play-doh smell like a lemon! Your little ones would love it!

Fruit of the Spirit Bundle for $5!

Need more Bible printables? My vault is filled with different Bible printables for kids. I would love for you to stop by.


Activity Pages

If you would like to download the entire pack, you can find all the activities through the button below. You will get over 15 pages of activity sheets, including:

  • Fruit of the Spirit Coloring Pages
  • Fruit of the Spirit Pie activity
  • Fruit of the Spirit Word Find
  • The Fruits of the Spirit Placemat or Play-doh mat
  • Trace the Fruit of the Spirit Verse
  • Connect the fruits activity sheet

Fun Ways to Use the Activity Sheets

Although I have already touched on different ways to use the activity sheets, we haven’t really talked about when to use these activity sheets. Here are a few ways to incorporate them into your schedule.

Family Devotional Time – There are many different studies and books on the Fruits of the Spirit (not to mention the Bible itself). These could accompany your family Bible time. I love this bundle from the Daily Grace Co. or this kids’ book that is available on Amazon.

Homeschool – You don’t have to be homeschooled to use these, but I personally used these and we focused on the Fruits of the Spirit for an entire week! A Fruit of the Spirit lesson has great benefits! We read books, did activities, and attempted to memorize Galatians 4:22-23 as a family.

Sunday School – If you are a Sunday School teacher, these would be great as a fill-in when there is extra time or to use when you are studying the Fruits of the Spirit.

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