Free Folding Mothers’ Day Coloring Cards

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Looking for something that kids can color for their moms on mothers day!? Look no further. Here is an abundance of free folding Mothers’ day coloring cards for you to download and use at will. They are complete with some fun coloring on the outside and a scripture verse to color on the inside. To make it even easier, these are printable on 8.5×11 US document papers.

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I love watching kids get excited about coloring something for someone they love. Mother’s Day is no exception. Taking time to color something, is a simple, yet effective way to bring some joy to a mother’s heart.

How to Use these Coloring Cards

Of course, you can print and use these to give to the mamas in your life, but there are many other ways you could use them throughout the Mother’s Day season as well. Here are a few more ways to use these coloring cards.

  • Use them as a free art option in a preschool setting. Some of the best kid cards are ones done without any grown-up supervision.
  • Use dot points to color them.
  • Have the child memorize the scripture verse inside the card and then recite it for the mom that it will be given to.
  • Add glitter and pom poms to the front for a little pizzazz!

Other materials you may need:

  • Home printer
  • Siccors
  • Coloring crayons or pencils
  • Cardstock or paper
folding mothers' day coloring cards

Folding Mothers’ Day Coloring Cards

This is why you are here, so we are putting them first! There are eight cards to choose from in this pack. You can download them all or pick and choose which ones fit your needs.

Each of the folding mothers’ day coloring cards has a Bible verse on the inside that children can color or leave blank. On the opposite side, there is a blank section that children can write a personal message it

Although these mother’s day coloring cards are a great way to show appreciation for mothers on Mother’s day, here are some other resources that kids can color!

Mothers day coloring cards

Mother’s Day Kindness Coloring Pages

Coloring does not need to be exclusive ‘mothers day’ for a mama to feel loved! These kindness coloring pages were originally created for this kindness post, but they have been so popular, but that I figured they would fit in wonderfully here too!

Coloring Cards for mothers day. Gratitude Cards.

Gratitude Mother’s Day Coloring Cards

Another special way to show your mother that you care and love her is these gratitude mothers’ day coloring cards. Kids can do them too with assistance from a grown-up.

Download the cards and then write all the ways that you or they are grateful for their mama!

This project will be sure to glee any mama’s heart!

More Mother’s Day Resources

My friend over at Savoring Every Moment has a beautiful post on mothers day scriptures! This is a great place to find some personalized scripture you can add to a mothers day coloring card!

One of my most popular posts ever is this one about Biblical Mother’s Prayers. It can be another encouraging read leading up to mothers day.

You can also find my favorite mothers day gift ideas here!

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