Free Printable Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheet

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Your Kindergarten students are going to love this printable Kindergarten sight words worksheet! It is interactive and focuses on the high-frequency words of the English language. Your student(s) will read, trace, build, and write these sight words. It’s a fun and wonderful activity for a classroom or homeschool environment.

printable kindergarten sight words

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Kindergarten Sight Words

There are two lists that are commonly used to teach sight words. This printable uses Fry’s First 100. There is also Fry’s Second 100 list, but in this worksheet builder, we are only focusing on the first 100. The commonly used list is the Dolch sight words list.

Fry’s First 100 list contains 100 of the most high frequency used words, besides nouns, in the English language. The Fry Sight Words list is a more modern version of the Dolch list. Dr. Edward Fry developed the list in the 1950s and then updated it in 1980. There are a total of 1,000 words in the Fry list and they contain about 90% of all the words in written materials.

These word lists can be used for Kindergarten students or first grade students.

If you are looking for a Kindergarten sight word list, here is a simple list to look at.

Sight Word Practice

Why is a sight word practice important? Here are a few bullet-pointed reasons why sight word practice is important for the Kindergartener or first grader.

  • Sight words help kids become fast readers.
  • Sight word practice helps children become more fluent readers.
  • Many sight words are not spelled the way they sound, this helps emerging readers read more quickly once they memorize sight words.
  • Boosts confidence in reading.

You can use this printable in so many different ways! If you are in a classroom setting, this would be a great printable for your literacy centers! It’s a great way to begin to expose children to sight words. Perhaps at the beginning of Kindergarten use this printable at your literacy stations or centers and by the end of Kindergarten they will be using the printable on an individual basis and will know many of the words!

If you are looking just for sight word flash cards, the word pages would make great flashcards!

Free Printable Kindergarten Sight Words

What comes in the free download? You are going to receive a PDF with the first 42 sight words. There are three pages and each page has 14 different words. If you would like to upgrade you will receive the full 100 plus 84 more 3-letter sight words. This is a super fun way to teach sight words to your young learners!

All you need to do to get the freebie is to click the button below! If you would like to join to get our FULL vault of free printables for kids, you can do so here. The vault is huge and grows every week, so it’s totally worth that email subscribe button!

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Want to Upgrade?
The upgraded Kindergarten Sight Words printables come with all 100 of Fry’s First 100 sight words, plus another 84 three-letter words that your child can learn. Also comes with the full alphabet plus additional vowels.
If your learner needs extra practice with sight reading, this is an excellent upgrade to use!

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I highly recommend that you laminate this printable. It makes it dry-erase compatible and will last a lot longer.

If you use Velcro to hold the words and letters onto the page, I recommend splurging on the dot version of Velcro. It makes the assembly go much faster!

This does take a long time to put together. The laminating and cutting everything out is a long process, but it is totally worth it once you have all these common words put together! It makes a wonderful learning activity. It can be a perfect addition to your curriculum!

We use this printable in our homeschool routine. We are going through a Kindergarten curriculum by My Father’s World (if you decide to use this curriculum, I would appreciate it if you use my referral code at check out – W111536). Typically we receive sight words with this printable at least once a week, and sometimes more depending on the level of patience and interest of my learners!


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I hope that you and your young learners enjoy this printable Kindergarten sight words worksheet! It was so fun to put together. It does take quite a bit of time to put the entire thing together, but it is well worth it once your young children start using the activity pages. Let me know what you think and tag me over on IG if you are using it!

I love creating printables for this community and I hope you will come back and check out some of my other printables and resources for kids.

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Kindergarten sight words
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