10 Pretty Bibles for the Women in your Life

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“Pretty” will eventually wear away. But the Word of God never fades. Pretty Bibles can bring us joy, but the real reason we should want to dig into those pretty bibles is because they bring us to the truth and inspired word of God.

Yet there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little beauty in our quiet or devotional time. Here are the 10 prettiest bibles for those women in your life that desires a little more beauty.

pretty bibles

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All the Pretty Little Bibles

I recently started wandering around the great scope of the internet looking at lovely and pretty Bibles. Strange thing to do, isn’t it? It’s amazing the rabbit holes the internet offers. What got me thinking this direction was watching some friendly produce beautiful Bible journaling pages over on Instagram and my own longing to create something beautiful. I am not a Bible journaler, but I sure am a wanna be!

My rabbit trail landed me over on Etsy and I started looking at all the pretty Bibles that highly creative ladies have produced. They were stunning. Even though I have many Bibles, I found myself longing for a beautiful Bible.

The Heart of Beauty

As I perused the stretches of the internet, a thought struck me. These beautiful Bibles will fade away, but the content of them will endure forever.

The grass withers and the flowers fall,
    because the breath of the Lord blows on them.
    Surely the people are grass.The grass withers and the flowers fall,
    but the word of our God endures forever.”

Isaiah 40:7-8 NIV

The Word of God tells us that beauty will fade away. This earth is not our home and by extension, the things of this world are not going to last.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy pretty Bibles! In fact, I’m about ready to list off my favorite beautiful Bibles that I came across.

But we as women need to remember that our longing to have, create, and see beautiful things should not point us to buying and consuming more beauty. The beauty we long for should point us to the surpassing worth and beauty of pursing Jesus Christ.

Our quiet times in the morning, or whenever you take time to read the Word of God, should not be a time to rest in Jesus. Bible journaling or reading another foundational book, might be a part of your routine, but make sure that we are not neglecting the actual words of Jesus found in his Word. Crack open those pages, because they are lifegiving!

How do I know what Bible to buy?

Buying a Bible can take some time and think. You first need to decide what type of translation will best suit you. The translation should be easy to understand, but also authentic and trustworthy interpretation. Here is a good article that speaks to the translations of the Bibles.

Research the type of Bible you are looking to get. Is it a study Bible, journaling Bible, family Bible, or you are just looking for a small Bible to carry around. Know what your purpose is to research what others have purchased.

Our Bible should be one of our most sacred possessions. It is the Living Word of God. Find a Bible that you will read and learn out of with ease.

My Favorite Beautiful Bibles

It was such a joy to go down my rabbit trail of looking at beautiful Bibles, I thought these beautiful works of art should be shared with others.

Pretty or beautiful Bibles should not the motivation for studying them. We should want to open those covers because we want to read our Bibles because they point us to the ultimate beauty of Jesus Christ.

Sunflower Painted Bible

Since I was married in the field of Sunflowers, this Bible specifically piqued my interest. It is designed by the Etsy Shop called Bible Pride. They have exquisite hand-painted Bibles that will surely bless the receiver. Check out these sunflower tabs to go with the bible.

Sunflower bible

Hope + Harmony ESV Journaling Bible

I love the artsy style of this designer. It is a professionally printed Bible, not hand-painted like many on this list. However, you can personalize it with a name, which turns it into an excellent gift.

hope painted bible

NIV, Artisan Collection Bible

This NIV artisan Bible gets amazing reviews. People love the thick pages that they can take notes and Bible journals with. It is very reasonably priced and an exquisite option for that lovely woman in your life.

red and pink flower Bible

Inspire PRAYER Bible NLT

At first, I was not intrigued at all by this Bible. The outside cover was only so-so in my opinion, but when you click through the additional pictures, what jumps out is the truly remarkable areas to color and take notes. Another reasonably priced Bible that will be a creative outlet as you pursue the Word of God.

inspire bible coloring page

The ESV Study Bible

I recently changed to using this Bible for my daily study. It is truly a gorgeous Bible and it uses my favorite translation, ESV!

The lettering on artwork is in stunning elegant gold lettering and it comes with many short devotionals by leading Biblical female writers.

ESV Study Bible

Beautiful Word Bible

This is another simple and reasonably priced Bible that allows for Bible journaling and reflection in its margins.

beautiful bible on table

Illuminated Bible

The Illuminated Bible is similar to the ESV study Bible but was created for creatives. Enjoy the elegance of golden lettering, but ample area for creativity!

Illuminate Bible

Inspire Bible Journal

Now it’s time for the truth! This little Bible is the one that I personally use right now. My online friend Jenna over at Juggling the J’s was my inspiration for getting this Bible. It has not disappointed. I have never had an NTL translation and I am finding that it is refreshing to look at scripture with a new translation.

inspire bible with coloring crayons

Beautiful Word Coloring Bible

The Beautiful Word coloring Bible is an intriguing option as it specifically is marketed as a coloring Bible. The intentions of the Bible are the bring the relaxing art of coloring into your quiet time with God. It is a NIV translation and really an interesting option.

Eucalyptus Painted Bible – Personalized Bible

The last Bible has a simple white background with the fresh greenery of eucalyptus. I love that she offers this Bible in ESV, which is one of my favorite translations. It makes a fantastic wedding or Christmas gift!

love never fails Bible

Don’t Let Pretty Bibles Distract you

My friends, beautiful Bibles can be such a fun way to dig deep into the Word of God. But don’t let the enemy distract you from your ultimate pursuit.

How sweet are your words to my taste,
    sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Psalm 119:103

Pursue the Word of God in all it’s beauty because the scripture points us to Jesus. For no other reason than that should we be digging into the Word of God.

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