Free Pumpkin Prayer Activities

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What kid doesn’t love carving a pumpkin during the Halloween and fall seasons? I don’t know of a single one! It’s a great tradition to do as a family or in a classroom setting. These free pumpkin prayer activities are a great way to add a bit of faith symbolism to a fall activity.

Why not expand on the activity/tradition by adding a faith-based element to it?

This religious Halloween activity is a great way to create faith symbolism during the Halloween/fall season while doing something fun with kids.

Great for Sunday School classrooms, preschools, homeschooling, or just as a family activity!

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What is the Pumpkin Prayer

If you have never done this activity, get ready for a treat! Hehe! Yes, that was intentional. You will want to give it a try and then keep it year after year as a new fall or Halloween alternative!

So, what is a pumpkin prayer?

This prayer is a way of enjoying the tradition of carving a pumpkin as a family or with a child while sharing the Gospel in a kid-friendly way. The pumpkin prayer wording is very relatable for children and it’s a wonderful hands-on activity to do together.

As you pray, you are carving a pumpkin! It’s a great fall activity and it points them back to Jesus!

It’s a win-win in my book!

No one knows who exactly wrote the poem, so I’ve included it below for reference.

Cut open the top of the pumpkin
Open my mind so I can learn about you
Scoop out the insides of the pumpkin
Take out my sin and fill me with you, Jesus
Carve out the eyes
Help me see the good in the world and be a light in the darkness
Carve out the nose
Let me be a sweet aroma to you
Carve out the mouth
Help me speak words of truth and love every day
Place the candle inside
Fill me with your light for your glory alone

Fun Pumpkin Prayer Printable Activities for Kids

The pumpkin printables and activities that I’ve included here are as follows:

  1. a set of coloring cards (3.6″x11″) with an easy-to-print sheet
  2. A set of bookmarks
  3. Pumpkin prayer activity page (full-color, and coloring version)

These are a fun way to reinforce the poem with your child or classroom setting. The best part is that they are free! You don’t need to even put in your email address.

However, you may want to check out the Bible Printables Vault for Kids where there are dozens of other free activities for kids. This vault is free to email subscribers and I update it most weeks with new Bible and children printables. Trust me, it’s worth the subscription!

And I’ll tell you a secret, save the vault link and if you ever feel like you need to unsubscribe from the emails for a season, you’ll still have access to all the freebies! I’m just kind of nice that way (wink, wink).

Bible printables for kids

Want to learn more about the Bible Printables for Kids vault? Check out this link where the entire printables library is summarized. Hint – This is also the place where you can sign up!

Alright, let’s get into the fun part where you get to download!

Pumpkin Prayer Coloring Cards

The prayer cards are a great way to engage with the prayer, while still being active. What kid doesn’t love to color? Well, actually my son isn’t too big on it when he is forced into it, so maybe these could be a ‘free art’ activity if you have a kid that is like mine!

Once these are colored, you could laminate them and then use them year after year in your carving kit to remember the prayer. Or you could laminate the cards before coloring and then use dry-erase markers to color them repeatedly. My kids actually love it when I do this! I love the dry-erase markers that have the little erasers on top. It makes it so easy for kids!

Just use the button below to download the PDF of this activity.

Pumpkin Prayer Bookmarks

Another great way to reinforce the kid-friendly Gospel truths is these bookmarks! These bookmarks come in an easy-to-print 8.5″x 11″ sheet and include 4 bookmarks on the page.

If you are teaching a class or Sunday School, this is a great little gift to send them home with!

Where are my book lovers!? We probably have a bit of an obsession with books around our home! There are kid books covering all the nooks and crannies of this house, and honestly, I love it! There is nothing quite like seeing your little one grab a stack of picture books and sit down for a session of reading. Use these fun bookmarks in all your fall kid books or in their children’s Bibles!

Pumpkin Prayer Activity

The last freebie in this bunch is an activity page. This has two versions; a coloring version, and a full-color version. If you are in a classroom setting the full-color one could be great to laminate and put on a wall, or use as a visual reference.

Free Printable Activity

Want more Pumpkin Prayer activities? My friend Mindy from Mindy Jones blog has a similar resource to mine, but it has slightly different freebies! Worth the look if you need a variety!

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Your upgrade comes with prayer cards and full-page (8.5″ x11″) sheets in both full color and black and white for coloring. It’s a great option for this fun fall activity!

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