15 of the Best Kitchen Gift Ideas for Mom

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Trim Healthy Mama continues to be one of my favorite community of ladies. For gift giving occasions these ladies usually love kitchen gifts! Looking for some kitchen gift ideas for mom? This lifestyle of eating is a powerful catalyst of health and wellness that is reaching millions of women. But THM eating can truly revolutionize your kitchen! . Over my time as a Trim Healthy Mama, I have found kitchen gadgets, tools, and resources that make my life easier. This gift guide can be used for any season of a THMer life. These best kitchen gifts for mom not only are great for a THM mom, but for any mom as they bring happiness and joy in their kitchen.

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Trim Healthy Mama Cookbooks

If you are a new THM mama, you NEED the Trim Healthy plan book. It is essential to understanding this lifestyle of eating! But there are many other great cooking books that can be used for THM! Brianna Thomas is my favorite. She specifically focuses on healthy fats or healthy carbs in her recipes, which can be super helpful for either the newbie or seasoned THMer. Briann also has some amazing ice cream recipes!

Useful Kitchen Gift Ideas for Mom

If you are looking for the best kitchen gift ideas for mom, you need to think of the ones that will be useful! Especially if you are buying for a Trim Healthy Mama.

  1. I cannot help but LOVE my Readaee, it is the best kitchen stand that I have ever used. It is a beautiful bamboo wooden stand that has flexible holders that will hold your cookbooks firmly onto the surface. It also will adjust backwards to 6 different angles.
Readaee stand with the Trim Healthy Mama book

2. The most versatile gift that I have received and loved for the THM plan is my Cuisinart Smart Stick . It is the Drive Thru Sue’s best friend! It can be used for smoothies, baking, cooking, and basically with anything you need to blend! My smart stick is getting rather ‘aged,’ but it has held up remarkably.

Smart stick on wood table

3. If you use the Kitchen Aid in your kitchen gadgets, then there are a multitude of accessories that you can add to this handy tool! My personal favorite is the Spiralizer Plus Attachment . This handy gadget will revolutionize your noodle creations! You can take practically any veggie and make it into spiralized ‘noodles’. My toddler loves watching the process and it just might be the only time during the week that he actually stops moving 😉

4. The Trim Healthy Mama Jar Jig is a recent purchase that I have come to LOVE! I’m a mason jar freak and I love that I can now take my Jar Jig on the road without it spilling all over the place!

5. Cast iron pans can add a lot of good ole’ iron to your cooking, which can help in vitamin absorption, and decrease the amount of chemicals that get into your body from nonstick pans. Amazon basics cast iron pans are now my favorites as they do not break the bank, but are quality made. This dutch oven pot is my most used cast iron tool in my kitchen.

6. Another one of my regularly used products is my lemon/orange juicer . My Sunshine Elixir recipe is a regularly made drink, exotically during cold and flu season, and I wouldn’t be able to make it as quickly as I do without this juicer. The mama in your life will love how fast she can crank our healthy lemon and orange drinks with this little wonder.

Cheap Kitchen Gift Ideas for Mom

7. These little Wire Blender Balls have been a lifesaver for those THM drinks that don’t have a lot of ingredients. Often, I made a baobab drink with just a TBSP of baobab, a scoop of protein, and a dash of pure stevia. These wire balls have been great in keeping my drink evenly mixed.

Blender ball gift

8. Making loose leaf tea with some dried stevia and peppermint from my garden is a lovely treat during the cold winter months. This tea infuser I found at a local shop, but what I love about it is the stand which keeps my table clean! The infuser in the picture in the below is from Tea Forte and the updated version is a wee bit more spendy! Here is one that is generously less expensive, and still get the job done with a nice base.

Could be a wonderful stocking stuffer!

9. Looking for the best kitchen gifts for mom? If you are a faith based THMer, these scripture mugs can be a lovely addition to the mom in your life’s kitchen. Consider these faith-based mugs. Use Scripture10 for 10% off any mug on your first purchase.

scripture mugs

Gifts for the Good Girl Moonshine Girl

Do you know that THMer that is Good Girl Moonshine obsessed! Grab these fun little gifts that will enhance her Good Girl Moonshine drinks. If you have never heard of Good Girl Moonshine, don’t worry there’s nothing ‘naughty’ in it, but it does have a good punch to it!

10. The reCAP® Mason Jar Pour Lid is seriously brilliant. Add a mason jar, and maybe some extracts (which is actually my next gift recommendation) and you have yourself an exceptionally wonderful gift for that Good Girl Moonshine obsessed mom.

11. Fruit extracts are center in Good Girl Moonshine. Many extracts are filled with artificial and icky ingredients. Trim Healthy Mama has come out with beautiful extracts that do not have any artificial or nasty ingredients.

Best Kitchen Gifts for Moms that Love Coffee

12. I finally bought a coffee frother this year! So many THMers have told me that they love their little coffee frother gadget. This little one is compact, which is an added bonus if you are buying for a working mom that likes to take some fancy coffee ingredients to work with her, or one that travels a lot. This might be one of my top ideas for kitchen gift ideas for mom!

13. Our list of kitchen gift ideas for mom is getting close to the end, but for that coffee mom, you can’t go wrong with some quality MCT oil! Add a cute coffee mug (maybe like the scripture mugs above) and you’ve got yourself a lovely little gift basket. For years I used the NOW brand, which I continue to strongly recommend for quality, but Trim Healthy Mama’s MCT oil is so much more creamy and the taste is pure.

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Best Gifts for the Truly Obsessed Trim Healthy Mama

The last two kitchen gift ideas for mom are for the truly obsessed THMer. Although these last two best kitchen gifts for mom are specific to THMer’s, it doesn’t mean that a non THMer wouldn’t still enjoy them. A Keto mom would probably love the THM gift card because there are so many THM products that work in that lifestyle as well.

These are those mamas in your life that are living and breathing the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle each day. My hand would be up on this one, if I received either of these two gifts, I would go nuts! These two just might be the ultimate best kitchen gifts for mom.

14. A Trim Healthy Mama gift card is an excellent way to show the THMer in your life that you care while equally encouraging their obsession with Trim Healthy Mama.

15. This is probably the top THM gift of them all. A THM coaching certification course! The great thing about this course is that it is not just for those mamas that want to be a coach, it can also be for that mama that wants to understand the THM lifestyle in more depth than ever before.

What would be your top best kitchen gifts for mom? Are there any THM kitchen gifts that you can’t live without’? Let me know so I can add them to this list!

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