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Cultivate a Mom Morning Routine that works for you

How is your mom morning routine? Do you sip your coffee peacefully as you read your Bible and focus on the connecting with God? 




Or are they rushed, chaotic, and anything but peaceful?  

Do you need a morning time? 

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Cultivate What Matters

Let’s start with the obvious. Do you truly need a morning routine?

I was talking with a fellow mom about mornings recently and I realized that we were polar opposites. She used her evenings to relax, rejuvenate, and get things done. I used my mornings to relax, rejuvenate, and get things done. The more we talked the more I realized that our mornings and evenings looked very similar. However, she was a night owl, I was a morning robin. 

Do you want a morning routine just because it’s all over pinterest and the ‘mommy culture’? Or is it a reasonable, sensible, and feasible goal for you? 

Don’t cultivate a complicated morning routine if mornings are not the optimal time for you. 

One of the biggest challenges of motherhood and life in general is concluding what is worth our time and what is not. 

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify your Mom Morning Routine

Cultivate a mom morning routine that works for YOU! Use resources like this or the thousands of others on pinterest as a guide. Notice I said guide, they are only a guide to help you, not control you. 

I love the word ‘healing’ (in case you haven’t already figured that out from the title of this website), take that little word and apply it to your morning routine. 

  1. Is this practice healing to myself? 
  2. And in turn does that make it healing to my home
  3. Does it ultimately serve the way I teach and influence my children for the Gospel of Jesus Christ? 

Once your asked yourself those questions than start creating simple routine and steps that make the first part of your day the most healing. 

Cultivate what is Important

Let’s create a successful morning time by first establishing what you need. What things to you already do? Do you make coffee? Hit snooze 5 times? Read your Bible? Pray? Make breakfast? Make dinner? Do laundry? Exercise? Meditate? 

It’s time to do a brain dump. There’s lots of ways to do a brain dump, but for this exercise, I simply want you do focus on one sitting on what you currently do in your morning routine, what you want to do, and what you will do. 

Download the Brain Dump Printable and use the graphic below for some ideas. All the printables that I mention can be downloaded through the sign up below! Keep on scrolling to get to it!

mom morning routine

Grab your Mommy Morning Routine Printables!

These are things that help my morning routine with Jesus. It’s my mommy morning routine that sets me up for success as I start my day with my Savior and then proceed with my day as a mommy and caregiver. As you walk through setting up your own mommy morning routine, there are some printables that you might find helpful.

mommy morning routine

The 5 Basics for a Perfect Routine

We want to simply and customize but let’s walk through some basics now that you know what is important to you. As you customize think about ways you can refresh, recharge, remove, replenish, and reorganize. 


These are the basics of getting up. Setting your alarm, getting up without hitting the snooze button, washing your face, taking a shower, brushing your teeth. We’re talking about refreshing out body here. The sleep isn’t gone yet, but we are well on our way.


This is my 2nd favorite step. You want to find something that recharges your body. Maybe it’s coffee? In my case it is, without quibble, coffee. Maybe you’re a tea or lemon water kind of gal. It doesn’t really matter what it is if it recharges you. That first sip or taste or look helps nourish your mind for what is ahead. 

Note: if you are a coffee or tea drinker, I just launched my new signature scripture mug collection. They are a beautiful way to start your day and be reminded of simple yet powerful scripture truth. 


This one might sound a little bit odd at first but stay with me for a moment. One of the best ways to get our body awake in the mornings or remove the sleep, is to get our heart rate up. It doesn’t have to be a full work out. It can be 10 minutes of stretching, aerobics, or yoga. I like to do a fuller workout in the afternoons, so I take the time my coffee water is boiling to stretch, do a bit of strength training, and aerobics. It’s simple and easy. 


Here is my favorite part of my morning time. It’s the part where we put ourselves aside for a moment and dive into the scripture, prayer, and reading. Reading the scripture is replenishing, but the most effective replenish times is going to be the one that is focused on our Savior instead of our need for more ‘self’. Focus on worshiping your creator, read his word, and meditate on his goodness. 


Your body, soul, and mind should be awake by this time. Now is the time to organize your day. Remember that yesterday is GONE. It is GONE. I’ll remind you again. It is GONE. Today is a new day to seek new adventure, to press into Christ, and to continue life. 

Use these five basics to edit your final result of your Brain Dump Printable. 

Now download the Cultivate a Morning Routine – What Matters? Printable and create your final draft of your morning routine. Adjust as you go, move items around and have FUN with it! 

Cultivate a Morning Routine – What Matters.
You can grab this printable, or go to the bottom of the page for the entire Cultivate a Morning Routine Vault Link. There are many ‘extras’ in the vault!

Pinterest Image Cultivating a Morning Routine that Works for You

Disclaimer: If extremes stress you out than move past the next three sections. I have always been a morning person. It comes naturally to me. But not everyone is blessed with that. Some people are blessed as a night owl, or neither.

My sample schedules are extreme because that’s who I am. 

Working or Staying at Home Mom Routine?

I have a confession to make, I’m a bit extreme. As a Briggs Myer INFJ I tend to go into myself deeply and push myself to extremes. So please take what I say with a bit of salt. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a working mom or stay at home mom. 

Hear me out. 

I live a rather double life. I’m a teacher, small business owner, social media manager, assistant worship director, and a nanny. My routines change monthly. There are days I leave the house with my little one at 5:30am, and there are days I live more of a stay-at-home lifestyle. 

You will make an excuse for anything that doesn’t matter to you. 

If morning routines matter, then MAKE it happen. 

If I leave at 5:30am, I get up at 3:00am. 

The rest of the time regardless of when I leave, I get up at 4am. 

Sample Schedule ~ When I leave at 5:30/45am

3:00am- Get up, put coffee on, shower, get dressed, do skin routine

3:15am- Finish making lunches, start a skillet dinner to be reheated at dinner time. Place items needed for the day by the door. 

3:20am- Finish dinner prep and place on counter to cool off before putting in fridge. 

3:30am – Sit down in comfortable chair with bible, devotional, journal, and coffee. Spend this time in prayer, reading, and journaling. 

3:50am – Do 10 minutes of aerobics and stretching. 

4:00am: Start working businesses. Schedule social media posts, work on social media calendar, plan worship team, send emails, reply to emails, prep texts that need to be send (be careful not to send), write blog posts, create graphics, do business related items. 

5:00am: Check calendar for the day, evaluate what has been accomplished and create to do list. Finish up business-related items. 

5:30am- Wake up child. Change diaper. Feed child. Make a large cup of coffee. Feed dog. Take out meat for the next morning. 

5:45am- Drive out of the drive way. 

Sample Schedule ~ When I leave at 9am or Stay at Home

4:00am- Get up, put coffee on, shower, get dressed, do skin routine

4:15am-  Start a skillet meal to reheat at end of the day. Finish lunches, place items needed by the door. 

4:20am- Finish dinner prep and place on counter to cool off before putting in fridge. 

4:30am –  Sit down in comfy chair with bible, devotional, journal and coffee. Spend this time in prayer, reading, and journaling. 

4:50am – Do 10 minutes or aerobics and stretching. 

5:00am: Start working businesses. Schedule social media posts, work on social media calendar, plan worship team, send emails, reply to emails, prep texts that need to be send (be careful not to send), write blog posts, create graphics, do business related items. 

6:00am: Check calendar for the day, evaluate what has been accomplished and create to do list. Finish what business related items. 

7:00am: Child gets up. Rest of morning is focused on him.

Pray about what you can and cannot do

Did my above morning routine stress you out? Sometimes we as mama’s just don’t have time! 

If you listen to one thing I say, this is it…

Do what you can do, let go of the rest. Take care of yourself. 

The above routine is my typical routine every day 7 days a week. 

I work 6 distinct positions on a rotating basis. I’m 23 weeks pregnant, have a 15-month-old, and my husband travels during the week. 

The above morning routine is unrealistic for most people. 

The above morning is unrealistic for me sometimes. 

You must take care of yourself if you are going to take care of your family. 

During the week I don’t have my husband to help with the child, the dog, the house, my car, shoveling snow, or general maintenance around the house. It is me and myself. If I don’t take care of myself, I put my children at risk. 

Pray abut what you can do, and then sprinkle your routine with SELF CONTROL. 

On the days I get up at 3am, I’m often in bed by 7:10pm the previous night. I put my child to bed at 7pm, and I’m asleep by 7:30pm. I still get 7-8 hours of sleep and can get up at 3am. 

Mom morning routine

Resources for Morning Routine Success

I can’t lie, I’m all fired up right now. Talking about cultivating a morning routine is one of my favorites. 

There is an abundance of resources out here on morning routines. There are thousands of journals, coffee mugs, tea mugs, planners, and devotionals that claim they are going to make you perfect. 

Poppy cock. 

No single resource is going to solve your morning routine for the rest of your life. 

We all have seasons of life where our needs change. Our schedules shift, and as a result so will our routines. 

These are simply my favorite resources that set me up for success. 

Don’t Forget the Coffee Mugs!

Is there anyone else there that if you have a precise coffee mug that it makes your morning just seem better? My two favorites are Disney Mugs and Scripture Mugs. There is something about sipping out of a mug from my favorite princess movie that makes the morning seem better. The Belle mug below is an exclusive from the Disney Parks, but occasionally I have found one on Amazon. It is my favorite. Every morning I use it I want to sing Disney.  I love my scripture mugs enough that I have recently launched my signature collection Scripture Mugs on Etsy. These are durable and long-lasting mugs that are professionally printed. Microwave and dishwasher safe! 

And don’t forget that lovely Chantal coffee drip. I recently have stopped using conventional coffee pots because of all the plastics and molds that seep chemicals and hormones into our bodies. I don’t know about other mommas out there, but I’ve got enough hormones, I don’t need my plastic coffee pot dishing out anymore. 

My Morning Routine with Jesus

The key to my mom morning routine is starting it with Jesus. Below are some books that I have found helpful with my morning routine with. I also have a brand-new devotional out called “Cultivating a Healing Home.” Mornings can be so disfunctional, but I have found that my mornings go so much better when I start it with Jesus.

cultivating a healing home book devotional

The Good Books

There is a plethora of good Gospel centered books out there. But here are my three favorites that I return to repeatedly. 

  1. New Morning Mercies by David Tripp
  2. The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness by Kristin Demery, Kendal Roehl, and Julie Fisk
  3. Hello Mornings by Kat Lee
  4. Valley of the Vision 
    • This is a collection of Puritan prayers and devotionals. It is an encouragement to my heart every time I pick it up. 

Another resource for a good morning routine is the Faith Box. This monthly subscription is a fun way to get a new devotional, faith books, and inspirational cards. There are always some fun extras as well! Click here to learn more.

Mom Morning Routine

Best Organization Planners

Using some sort of planner system has been a game changer in my life. I have used a planner system since high school, but over the years my organizational toolbox has become quite full. Especially finding a planning system for a busy mom can be a challenge. The following are three ways I use planner systems in my daily life.

Google Keep has been a lifesaver for me. I create my check lists for the day and keep everything color coordinated. One thing I like about it is that it’s attached to your email address. I have a few different Gmail addresses, so it’s just one more level or organization that helps keep everything separate. Not to mention that it’s FREE! 

Mom Morning Routine

Don’t completely loose it at the price of Powersheets. They are something you will never turn back from again. It’s hard to truly describe their value, but they are a yearly and monthly planning tool that keeps you focused on cultivating what matters. The questions and details they ask you are fundamental in determining how your year progresses. 

The Happy Planner is my top way to stay organized during the week. It is where my creativity meets productivity. I cannot say enough good things about adding this to my daily routine. Especially during busy seasons, it keeps my head on straight and adds a little beauty to my day.

Journaling has been a part of my life since high school. I don’t do it daily anymore, but I still have about a dozen journals floating around my bookshelves full of prayers and personal reflections. This one I found about 12 years ago and still have not turned back from its durability. 

Get the Entire Mom Morning Routine Vault!

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How do you make a morning routine that works for you? Comment below or catch me over on Instagram or Facebook to share your thoughts, I love hearing from my readers!

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