7 Ways to Teach our Children to Walk in Truth

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Teaching our children God’s truth is not a perfect process. We walk in truth with sinful tendencies. But when we let God use us despite our weakness, great things can happen.

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The Joy of Walking in Truth 

A couple of weeks ago, my almost 13-year-old comes and hands me his tablet. He says, “I cleared it like new and want you to have this. You can read your books on it. ”

My iPad had broken and while I wasn’t particularly tied to it, I did have a reading app from the library and reading is one of my favorite hobbies. But, while I was touched by his thoughtfulness, I was also confused.

“Buddy, I don’t want to take your tablet. You saved up to buy that and I know you like to watch your videos.” 

His response was, “Yeah, but it was becoming an idol in my life.”

Now, I have a lot of proud momma moments. This though was a moment where my heart smiled and deep inside I felt pure joy and pride. 

The verse that popped immediately in my head:

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4

The Blessing of our Children Walking in Truth 

In John’s third letter, he is writing to his beloved disciple, Gaius. It had been passed on to him by others that he was truly living out the commands of Christ. He was shining His light! And, John is full of joy and pride for him.

I felt like this when my son not only recognized an idol in his life but chose to do something about it and then used it to bless me. He was learning to walk in truth.

To walk in truth means that what we believe is manifested in our life. We are told in scripture to:

7 Ways of Teaching our Children to Walk in Truth

So, how do we teach our little disciples at home to “walk in truth”?

  • We pray for them daily.
  • We teach them from the scriptures daily.
  • We show them how to apply the truth from scripture in their own daily walk.
  • We give them opportunities to live it out through serving at church and in our communities.
  • We encourage them to pray and read on their own.
  • We set the example with our own quiet time with the Lord.
  • We use the word of God for discipline, correction, and training.
  • We praise their steps of faith and point out their growth.

Lord, give us teachable hearts that seek to sit at your feet and learn from Your word. Help us to set the example so that our children may learn from us how to walk in truth. We also pray Lord that they will mature their own walk with you that is in spirit and in truth. Amen.

A Little More About Arrica 

Arrica is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom of four. She spends most days teaching and cleaning up after her kiddos. She disciple’s women and blogs at a A Child Shall Lead Them. Her passion is helping women, especially mothers, find their joy in Christ.
Find her on instagram where she shares encouragement for the faith. 
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