The Free Thanksgiving Planner Printable

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Planning for Thanksgiving can be a lovely time, but it can also be extra stressful if you have not done it before. Let this free Thanksgiving Planner Printable do some of the work and organize your Thanksgiving holiday. 

Planning for a holiday whether you are a pro or a beginner doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it can be very fun and simple. It all depends on how you want to plan! So, grab this free Thanksgiving Planner and begin your planning adventure.

Thanksgiving Planner Printable

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Thanksgiving is a quintessential holiday. Out of all the holidays, this one still retains a bit of holiday innocence and tranquility. It’s a family day. A day set aside for something simple and productive. To be grateful. 

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Granted, with the push for Black Friday specials and the greedy Christmas season on the backdoor, it still seems a bit tainted in many regards, but Thanksgiving still holds a bit of cherished innocence. 

That does not mean it is not stressful to get a home ready for a large meal and guests! Quite the contrary! It can be a hassle beyond many mommas’ or homemakers’ mental capacity. 

How soon can you Start Preparing for Thanksgiving?

Contemplate all the things you must get ready for that large Thanksgiving meal to take place! The guest invited, delegating, table arrangement, table place cards, decorations (if desired), food placement, food clean up, adequate utensils, turkey cooking, dessert cooking, house cleaning, not to mention entertaining those kiddos during this whole process! 

Is your head spinning at the thought of putting together another Thanksgiving Holiday? 

The Thanksgiving Planner will walk you through what you need to do 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, and 1 week before Thanksgiving. In addition, it lists out daily checklists for the week of Thanksgiving.

Simple items can be planned at least 3 weeks in advance. You will find checklists with items like:

  1. Plan Guest List
  2. Compiling RSVPs
  3. Order Turkey
  4. Plan Table Decor
  5. Plan Menu

What should I do 2 Days Before Thanksgiving?

At the 2-day mark, things are getting a bit more pressed! Depending on your Turkey size, the Sunday before you will need to take out your Turkey to defrost. Any baked or cook-ahead items that you have frozen can be removed from the freezer the Wednesday before, and often you can set your table if you have decorations or specific place settings.

The Free Ultimate Thanksgiving Planner Printable

Maybe you need The Ultimate Thanksgiving Planner Printable to walk you through all the Thanksgiving prep this year! Remember, it’s completely free! From recipe organization to goal setting and guest lists, this planner will cover everything you need to get your home ready for a smooth and peaceful holiday. 


How do you Plan a Thanksgiving dinner?

Fair warning, a little sass is about to come out. You plan a Thanksgiving dinner by planning! Plan away planners, this is your time to shine!

Chances are that if you are looking for a Thanksgiving planner, this might be the first time you have hosted. Or maybe hosting is just not your thing, and you need step-by-step directions.

For any large gathering, planning is your first step. Use checklists from people who have gone before and plan out each week prior to Thanksgiving.

Free Thanksgiving Planner


November Calendar
Thanksgiving Checklist
Thanksgiving Intention Plan
My Thanksgiving Game Plan

Guest List and Checklist
Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Meal Cook Times
Printable Recipe Cards
Thanksgiving Shopping List

Table Settings Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day Time Schedule
Utensil Checklist
Table Layout Sketch
Printable Table Place Cards

New in 2022, you get the option of a clickable planner! This planner is ideal to use with a tablet and stylus pen. You can use it year after year!

Thanksgiving Planner
Christmas Planner

Like the Free Thanksgiving Planner? Want More? You’ll LOVE the Upgrade! Plus check out the Ultimate Christmas Planner!

Each planner comes in printable and digital formats for easy printing and tablets/ipads with a stylus. Get 21 pages of planning plus white pages (for less printing ink) with the Thanksgiving Planner and 41 pages with the Ultimate Thanksgiving Planner!

$3.50 Thanksgiving Planner $6.00 Christmas Planner!

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Plan away all you planners! It’s time for your best quintessential Thanksgiving yet!

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