The Spiral Bible™ Review – The Ultimate Notetaking Bible

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Are you a Bible studier that loves taking notes? Chances are if you are here, you are researching if the Spiral Bible is the purchase you want to make. The Spiral Bible is a beautiful Bible that is made first for the person who wants to dig deeper into scripture and concentrate on learning the truths of the Bible and dig closer to the ultimate author of the Bible. Secondarily, the Spiral Bible is made for the artistic creative who wants ample space to journal, draw, and take notes. It is the ultimate notetaking Bible.

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If you follow me on Instagram, it will come as no surprise that I love reading my Bible in the mornings. In fact, it is a part of my daily routine that I truly cannot live without. As I transitioned into motherhood, my Bible reading time became different. At first, I thought I was failing as a follower of Christ, but I soon realized that Christ was still present. In fact, he was just as present in my short and often interrupted devotional times as he was present when I was childless and had an hour to commit.

You see our Bible reading time does not need to look the same throughout all seasons of our lives. Spending time with Jesus is a gift that can be enjoyed no matter what season of life you are in. Sometimes that will look like ample time to pray and study without any interruptions, and other times it will mean reading one verse before sticky hands descend on your peaceful morning.

I have found over my short time as a mama, that having ample resources for spending time in the Bible is helpful for me. I love having my creative and pretty Bibles that I can take out and use while my children are coloring or eating breakfast. The Spiral Bible has been an excellent addition to my morning routine and it is a Bible that I will continue to use and enjoy.

The Spiral Bible Features

I have many creative Bibles, but the Spiral Bible has some unique attributes that I have not come across in other Bibles. Here are a few of them.

  • 8 1/2×11 inches pages (more if you include the spiral
  • Wide margins
  • Large Print
  • Available in two translations (American Standard Version and the New Kings James Version)
  • Lays flat
  • Thick white pages
  • Beautiful decorative cover options (the one pictured in this post is called the “Garden” cover.
  • Ample margins on every page for note-taking and art.
  • Chipboard back cover

A note about the chipboard back covers – I originally thought the chipboard back cover looked a little ‘off.’ Honestly, it at first seemed a little cheap, however, after using the Spiral Bible I quickly realized that it was an integral part of the Bible. The back cover supports the rest of the beautiful pages. When you pick it up it supports the other thick pages so the entire thing does not just fall apart.

Which Spiral Bible is Right for Me?

A unique attribute of the spiral Bible is that it does not come in the Bible’s entirety. There are a few condensed options to choose from which means that the Bible is smaller, easier to carry, and you can focus on one part of the Bible at a time. Here are the options:

  • New Testament
  • The Book Of Law (Genesis-Deuteronomy), 
  • The Book Of History (Joshua-Ester), 
  • The Book Of Poetry (Job-Song Of Solomon), 
  • The Prophets (Isaiah-Malachi)
  • New Testament for Men
  • The Gospels in large print.
  • Spiral Bible for Kids (currently Exodus only)

Spiral Bible for Kids

The Spiral Bible for Kids is a very fun endeavor! It allows kids to use their imagination as they color, draw, and dig into the Word of God. I admit that when I was a child, I drew in my Bible and it simply wasn’t the correct Bible to draw in. I have a very vivid memory of my mom sitting down and explaining that the Word of God is sacred and drawing random things in a sacred text was not respectful of God’s living Word.

Over time I began to see the wisdom of having reverence for the Word of God, but there is a time for notetaking and creativity in the Bible. I learned to have a study Bible that I used for basic underlining, which I treated with reverence and other creative Bibles that I used for study and fun note-taking.

I love that this company has created a Bible for kids to be creative in! It is beautifully done and once my children are old enough, will make a fantastic addition to our creative Bible library.

If you are looking for more Children’s Bible resources, here are my favorite storybook Bibles, and access to my children’s Bible printables vault!

Ways to Use the Spiral Bible

Grab your creative resources and start studying! The primary purpose and mission of the Spiral Bible are to get you into the Word of God with intentionality. I truly admire that their mission is clear on their website, but what makes this Bible unique is that it allows you to be creative! It truly is a beautiful Bible and allows for your artistic self to shine through!

The Spiral Bible Review

So do I like the Spiral Bible? Yes! Five out of five stars and my full-hearted recommendation to anyone considering purchasing one. I love the thick pages which means that I can use any type of marker or highlighter on its pages. At first, I felt like having the Bible split up would be something that would frustrate me and would be a drawback to the Bible, but I have really come to appreciate that I have only a portion of the Bible in my hands at a time. It brings focus to my study time.

The only critique that I am left with is a wish for a few more translation options. Although I’m sure there is a valid reason they are sticking to the King James Version and the American Standard version, I find these two translations to be confusing and difficult to read. I would be very happy to see ESV or NIV added to their collection.

I like that the Bible is large but small enough to still fit in a tote bag or backpack. Many other Bibles that are large like this are flimsy because of the large and thick pages. However, because of the hardback cover, this Bible is sturdy when you go to pick it up.

If you are considering purchasing the Spiral Bible, you won’t regret it!

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