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Moving just might be one of the most stressful things a family can go through, a printable moving kit might just be the solution to destress! Add a newborn and toddler in the mix and you’ve got a recipe for quite the adventure. That’s where I found myself in November of 2019. With a newborn, a toddler, and a sudden move. What’s a momma to do? 

This momma’s first task was to get organized. I organized my socks off! What was left in the aftermath was a planner devised specifically for moving, packing labels that were color-coded, color-coded signs for move-in, and a plethora of resources that I catered to my own needs. 

Perhaps there are others that will someday need this resource! I hope that’s why you’ve landed here. 

the ultimate moving kit

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The Happy Planner is meant to be a place where organization and creativity meet. Yet in the chaos of moving, creativity was booted out and in its place remained practicality. These sheets are roomy with ample areas to write notes, instructions and plan out the uncertainties that moving to a new location brings. 

You do NOT have to use these with the Happy Planner, there are additional sizes to choose from so you can utilize them even if you are not a Happy planner girl. 

Top Five Ways to Stay Organized During a Move

The Ultimate Moving Kit can help in a lot of ways, but it cannot help if you are not doing your part! Let’s go over some top ways I have found most helpful to stay organized during a move. 

  1. Take Care of Yourself
    • Are you moving? Do you ever feel the stress surmounting to the point you feel like your body is physically explode? I’ll tell you a secret. That’s not where you want to be. If you have felt that sensation, you’ve let yourself go too far. Do something for yourself. Riffle through the boxes and find your favorite tea, take a bath, read a book, leave the house, go swimming; I don’t care what it is, just go take care of yourself! Nothing will get done unless you are healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally. 
  2. Create folders
    • Maybe you are not a folder type of person. I’m certainly not. Digital organization is typically where I hang my hat. Yet I was amazed at how many emails, texts, and online documents there was to receive. Print the important ones out and start a folder. 
  3. Write things down
    • Do not underestimate the power of physically writing things down. It’s easy enough to put things in your phone, but there is something powerful about the act of physically writing something down. It triggers memory and allows you to fully grasp the significance of what you need to do next. 
  4. Use Labels and Color Coordination
    • Using labels and color coordination helps sorting your material possessions easier to pack and unpack. The color coordination is particularly helpful as it is easy to pick out where an item will be with clarity. 
  5. Keep 3 things about your daily routine normal
    • As your closing date approaches, the boxes surmount, and the inconsistency becomes more inconsistent; chose parts of your day that are truly important to keep. For me I set time aside to plan in my planner while drinking coffee each morning, I went on walks even if it meant driving to the local mall, and I took extra steps to ensure we had internet connection right up until the day of our move so I could relax each night with a show before bed
planning kit example

Color Coordination Labels

The golden part of the Ultimate Moving Kit is the color-coordinated labels. These are going to change the way you pack your house and the ease with which you are able to unload your new home. 

As an added bonus there are also color-coordinated signs that match the labels. Regardless of if you are using friends and family to move or a professional company, these signs can be hung around your new home and those that are helping will easily be able to locate where specific boxes go. 

Gone are the days of dozens of boxes piled high that require precious hours of sorting through just to find a kitchen bowl. With the color-coordinated system, it is easy to pack, unpack, and locate a specific item. 

Make your move as painless as possible with The Ultimate Moving Kit!

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moving kit labels
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