Top Tips for Happy Planner Organization

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Are you a Happy Planner Beginner? There are hundreds of planners created to plan and organize. Let’s talk about my top tips for your happy planner organization!

happy planner organization

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Top Tips for Happy Planner Organization

As we melt into the busy last two months of the year, I’m reminded about how important planning has been in my life. At a young age, I become engrossed in list-making, folders, notepads, and anything that would organize and structure my life. 

Planning has brought healing, beauty, and loveliness to my life over the last 3 weeks. In the span of three weeks, we gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, unexpectedly decided to move from our home of 5 years, had an unplanned hospital stay, and next week will be selling our home and purchasing a new home. That’s a lot for 4 weeks!

If you are a Happy Planner user, make sure to head over to my free vault filled with printables and resrouces.

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I NEED a Planner, Do YOU?

Personality often has a whole lot to do with planners. It sounds strange, but many personality types would never dream of picking up a planner. As a Briggs-Myer INFJ and an Enneagram 4, I crave creativity, productivity, perfection, and I have a tendency to burn out fast. 

I have an abundance of systems set up to organize, plan, and coordinate my days. I recently had someone tell me that she would never have time to plan. On the first impulse, I wanted to become defensive about my planning systems. Then I realized that planning is necessary to how I function. I don’t have time, not to have time. 

Here is a basic question to ask yourself when considering implementing a planning system:

  1. Does your world feel out of control? 
  2. Do you never have enough time?
  3. Are you stressed? 
  4. Do you feel productive at the end of the day? 

Psychology Today gives 6 reasons they think individuals should keep a planner and they are rather helpful when considering a planning system.

Maybe you are the type that enjoys flying by the seat of your pants. You are exhilarated by the daily shuffle. Maybe you are the type that keeps lists and schedules in your head. Your organization system is brilliantly organized behind your skull. Yet maybe you are the type, like me, that feels flustered and desperate when things are not marked down in a system. If that sounds like you, then YOU need a planner. 

Planning my Year, Planning My Day, Organizing Lists

Is this starting to resonate with you? Do you feel this might be the time to start a new planner system? Let’s dive into some Happy Planner organizations.

I’ve used an abundance of planning systems. After many years of using various planners and systems, I’ve realized I personally need more than one system. I need something that plans my Year, Plans my Day, and Plans consistent lists. These are the three systems I use:

  1. Powersheets by Cultivate what Matters 
  2. The Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas 
  3. Google Keep by Google

The Happy Planner Set up Ideas

Happy Planner Organization allows for orderly planning while embracing creativity. If you are a Happy Planner beginner you might be skeptical why I enjoy it so much. It is such a unique planner system! 

Unique Attributes: 

  • It can be structured and catered to fit the needs of any person. There is ways to adapt it to a busy mom, business women, entrepreneur, stay and home mom, teacher, or use it simply to overview your entire year.
  • The ring deigns and hole punches allows for anything to be inserted or removed without ruining the pages. 
  • The vertical, horizontal, or dashboard designs allows you to choose your specific layout that works best for your thought processes. 
  • There are endless creative ways to make this planner into YOURS! 


It comes in three sizes: 

  1. Happy Planner Mini – 4.5×7 inches  
  2. Happy Planner Classic  –    7×9.25 inches 
  3. Happy Planner Big   – 8.5×11 inches 

The Value of Happy Planner Organization and Time

I don’t have TIME for a planner like this!   Especially for busy moms, planners can be a tough resource to stick with. 

That’s totally fine! This is not the ‘end all’ planner. This is just one option that has greatly benefited my season of life, and I love the daily opportunity to be creative and organized. 

Planners and planning allow me to have more time in my life. The organization helps with anticipating what comes next and time becomes more efficient. 

office and work planner

How to Decorate a Planner

It does not take much to start using the Happy Planner organization, all you truly need is a planner, a pen, and some creativity. However, most people are going to invest in some other materials to make their planner even more organized and creative.  Eventually, you will find your favorite things for your planner.

Creativity is key here. These planners allow creativity to flow within the scope of an everyday planner. 

Beginners Resources:

  1. Sharpie Pens 
  2. Happy Planner Stickers (These 4 are great to begin with)
    1. Productivity 
    3. Household 
    4. Seasonal
  3. Washi Tape 
  4. Craft Knife – to cut Washi Tape along edges
  5. Etsy self printing inserts (See Note)

Other Items I Keep Close:

  1. Scissors 
  2. Post-Notes 
  3. My Phone Calendar 

Etsy Planner Printables

Disclaimer! I doesn’t take much to realize that the writer of this blog sells Etsy printables. So yes, I do have a vested interest in this topic. However, one of the main reasons I gravitated toward the Happy Planner was because of it’s versatility. There is a never-ending amount of unique finds and ways to organize this planner. Etsy has teacher inserts. blogger inserts. and even entrepreneur inserts.

Not to mention, my own entire array of holiday planning, to-do list inserts, moving inserts, and more! 

Embrace the Creativity

The next year is going to be a great year. It’s going to be a year of change and happiness. It’s going to be a year of joy and contagious laughter. There will be some hurt and some aches. Make it a year of creativity, make it a year you can look back at with joy. Add a little bit of healing, loveliness, and beauty by picking up a planning system. Be a Happy Planner beginner! 

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