15+ Free Christian Christmas Coloring Pages with Bible Verses

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Who doesn’t love a good coloring activity during the Christmas season!? These Christian Christmas coloring pages are ideal for ages PreK-5th grade and include verses from the Bible on every page. However, I have seen them used for kids of all ages, so don’t be afraid to grab them for those older children who still love to color!

Truth be told, we are no much of a coloring family, which is funny because I produce a LOT of coloring pages on this blog! When I was a professional nanny, I remember spending an hour or more sitting with my nanny girl while listening to Christmas stories or music while we colored Christmas activities or coloring pages. Now, with three boys my coloring excursions are typically more like 5-10 minutes long, which isn’t long enough for me to even sit down! I’m not sad about it, I’m actually grateful God gave me both experiences in his timing and will.

However, every once in a while, I wish I could sit down and just color with my boys for longer than 5 minutes! One of the only times that my boys allow this is during the Christmas season. They seem to catch the excitement of Christmas in a different way than other times and seasons of the year and are over-eager to add their artwork to our refrigerator! These Christmas coloring pages that celebrate Jesus’ birth are a great way to reinforce the Christmas story with your little ones!

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Free Christian Christmas Coloring Pages

These coloring pages are made available completely free to your family. I just love seeing families saturate their lives with the Word of God and coloring pages can be a lovely way to do that during the little years.

Each coloring page comes with a scripture verse that corresponds with the coloring page’s graphics. They are great for Sunday School, homeschooling, or preschool settings.

There are 24 completely free Christian Christmas coloring pages in the two PDF packs. We hope they will be a valuable resource for you during the holiday season! There are scenes with Christmas favorites such as Christmas trees, baby Jesus, the star of Bethlehem, Christmas angels, candy canes, the three wise men, and much more. Don’t forget to check out the upgrade and our Etsy shop which has many more printable Christmas coloring pages, Christmas coloring sheets, Christmas crafts, and many activity pages!

These free Christian Christmas coloring pages are for personal use only, but they are

Don’t want to print the Christmas coloring pages PDF? That’s okay, I’ve included most of the coloring pages below in JPG format. Just right-click on the pages, save, and print as you need.

Tips for printing:

Make you use the highest settings on your printer to ensure the best printing experience. We love our Epson Workforce printer. We can use XL ink cartridges which last much longer than the regular and the printer was a very reasonably priced investment. Although we have not been able to purchase this printer, we certainly have heard amazing reviews. It is my dream printer for homeschooling and if the rumors are true the ink cartridges last for a year or longer!

These pages are made to be printed on 8.5×11 inch document pages.

They can be great to add to your Christmas family advent season, devotional, or traditions. Last year we used the Advent Blocks and loved doing some additional things like Christmas coloring with our daily reading.

Scriptures on these coloring pages are taken from the ESV versions of scripture. I can’t wait to see children using these printable Christmas coloring pictures to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

Are you a Sunday School teacher, preschool teacher, or homeschooler? These printables were made with you in mind! Christmas is such a festive time of year and an even better time to get kids excited about the stories of the Bible! If these coloring pages are not exactly what you are looking for here are a few more from Amazon that are easy to just grab and go with!

Christian Christmas Coloring

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We are excited that this year we are launching our Christian Christmas coloring pack that includes a coloring book, crafts like a spinner wheel, bookmarks, word search, matching games, puzzles, and more! Plus get all the coloring pages and 10 more pages focused on the Nativity story.
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Fun Ideas for Use!

The real reason we celebrate Christmas is to anticipate Christ’s birth and marvel at the gospel of Jesus. Or at least that’s what it boils down to in our home. We still allow our kids to enjoy some of the more entertaining sides of Christmas like Santa Claus. The only catch is that we teach our kids from a young age that Santa is just a game, and some families participate in the Santa game more than others. We try to take a middle road with it.

Meanwhile, talking about the Christmas story and Christian themes that are woven throughout the entire holiday season is something else that we emphasize. These free coloring sheets can be used for more than just a fun activity. They can be used to really portray the true meaning of Christmas in your home.

Here are a few fun ideas for using them!

  • Have your children coloring them and insert them into your annual Christmas cards!
  • Add a page each day to your Advent tradition like our favorite Advent Blocks! We also thoroughly enjoy the Shepherds Treasure as another favorite advent tradition. That one is specifically great for combating traditions like Elf on the Shelf.
  • Kids coloring pages make a great gift during the holidays! Especially for grandparents!
  • Have older kids and younger kids coloring them together as a great way to encourage sibling interaction!
  • Use in your Sunday School classroom throughout December or in your Sunday School lessons.
  • In a classroom, have your students each color a page and then display them on a bulletin board.
  • Have each child color a certain amount of pages and then ‘give’ them to Jesus on Christmas Day!

There are so many ways to use these Christian Christmas coloring pages! What would you add to my list!? I know many of these are a bit more extravagant ways to use these coloring pages, but don’t forget that they can just simply be coloring pages for your kids to enjoy and color!

Free Christmas Kid Activities

We have loads of fun Christmas Christian kid activities for your holiday season and traditions. Print out these fun Christmas Christian coloring pages or browse some of our other activities for your Christmas celebration. Don’t forget that we have an entire Bible printables vault for kids that is updated weekly with more printables to teach the Bible to kids!

You may also enjoy our Christmas planner, which is updated each year! It’s great for moms or anyone who wants to get a handle on Christmas planning so they can focus on what really matters during the holiday season. You can also take 50% off that item by using the code CHRISTMAS50 at checkout. The planner comes in a digital and printable version. You can also find it on Amazon!

What kind of activities do you do with your family during this most wonderful time of the year? Whatever activities you enjoy, we love seeing these free Christmas coloring pages used! Make sure to tag me over on IG if your kids are coloring them! I hope you have a Merry Christmas as you celebrate the real reason for Christmas!

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