Review of Advent Blocks (After we Used them During Advent)

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Are you looking for a new advent tradition that eliminates the anticipation of presents and elevates the anticipation of Jesus’ coming? Advent Blocks were the answer to that pressing need in our family.

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Like many young children, my boys are saturated in the knowledge and excitement of getting and giving. They anticipate with great anticipation what they might open on Christmas morning.

My oldest son, Wyatt, pours through catalogs when he sees them arrive in the mail and semi-acknowledges me when I gently remind him that Christmas is not about getting more ‘things’.

I want the anticipation of Jesus to overshadow any sort of gift-giving that my children enjoy. It’s not that they cannot enjoy their gifts, but we want to foster the correct type of affection and anticipation at Christmastime.

What are Advent Blocks?

Advent Blocks are a tangible way to anticipate the arrival of Jesus on December 25th. Children actively turn over 25 advent blocks to reveal a symbol that corresponds to a Bible story that is explained in the accompanying devotional.

Each of the Old and New Testament stories points to Jesus with anticipation as the story poses the question “God will you come back to stay?

The Advent Blocks come in a gorgeous wooden box that you can use year after year for storage. The King is Coming advent book fits perfectly in the box as well. There are 27 wooden blocks in total with 25 advent blocks and two extra world and star blocks.

You will instructions for how to do the complete advent tradition in the first pages of the devotional.

Advent Blocks

The Unique Attribute of Advent Blocks

We love advent traditions. Truth be told, I have an abundance of advent devotional books and activities that we love doing with our boys. However, there is something unique about Advent Blocks that I have noticed is emphasized in a way that the others do not: anticipation.

This tradition is not going to just help your children anticipate Jesus, but Biblically walk your children through the stories of the Old and New Testament that point to Jesus.

How to Set them Up

Good Kind recommends that you set up the Advent Blocks in a straight line and then the star will set on top of the advent block of the day. However, you can also make them uniquely yours depending on your space. I set ours up in a triangle and that has worked for our space and family quite well.

You can also see more about how we use and set up our blocks in our Youtube review.

Making Time for a Christmas Practice

As we have said many times already, Advent Blocks are a way to anticipate the arrival of Jesus. However, the activity will not work unless you are making time for it in your daily routine! Before you begin your Christmas season decide when you will want to incorporate the daily reading and activity into your routine.

We have chosen to do our Advent Blocks in the morning before we start our other routines.

What Ages Can Participate in Advent Blocks

I was worried that Advent Blocks would be too advanced for my 3 and 4-year-old, but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, my four-year-old has been the one adamant each day that we do the readings.

Chances are your children are craving deep things. God has placed eternity in their hearts and they are seeking and looking for the truth of the scriptures. Advent Blocks is an excellent resource for coming alongside them and showing them the gift of salvation.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 ESV

Advent Blocks are for all ages!

Supplemental Mateirals

We have also used additional supplemental materials to reinforce the concepts and stories that are within the devotional. Here are just a few of the printables we have used.

Noah’s Ark coloring (with scripture)

Nativity Story Cube

Christmas Coloring (with scripture)

Advent Blocks for Adults

But, what about adults? I’m pleased to say that Good Kind has also come out with an adult advent book that corresponds with the reading from The King is Coming. He is Here has been completely refreshing to my soul as we work through the Advent Blocks each day.

Beyond Christmas

Good Kind has other Christ-centered products that extend this impactful tradition beyond Christmas. Although we have not yet done the Easter Blocks, we did receive the product and fully intend to review and use them this upcoming Easter season.

In addition to Advent Blocks and the Easter Blocks, Good Kind also has the Sabbath box and Graticube. We are in particular excited about the Graticube as gratitude is a muscle our children need strengthening in!

We have found ourselves beyond grateful for the Advent Blocks this year and highly recommend them to any other families.

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