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Here is a free 7 days of creation printable that you can use with your little ones to teach the Genesis story or even reinforce basic counting skills. This download is easy to use and fun for preschool students to manipulate and discover. Use it as a worksheet or laminate and use Velcoe to make it a reusable activity.

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The 7 Days of Creation story is one that intrigues adults’ and children’s imaginations. Although we firmly believe in the literal 7 days of the creation story in Genesis, the magnificence of the story is not something that children can easily comprehend, which is why it captures their imagination.

This printable is great for tactile learners as they listen to the Genesis story from your Bible or are ready from your favorite storybook Bible.


What are the 7 Days of Creation List?

In the beginning, God created…

Genesis 1:1 ESV

You can read the creation story directly from the Bible here (we like the ESV version) otherwise here is a quick summary of the 7 days of creation.

  1. Day 1 – the light was created.
  2. Day 2- the sky was created
  3. Day 3 – the dry land, seas, plants, and trees were created
  4. Day 4- the sun, moon, and stars were created
  5. Day 5 – the creatures in the sea and the creatures that would fly were created
  6. Day 6- animals and man and woman were created.
  7. Day 7 – rest day


You don’t need much to put this reusable printable together, just a few things you might already have around your home. Remember you can also use this as a one-time-use work sheet. Children might also enjoy coloring the numbers.

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How to Put the Printable Together

This printable is designed for ages 2-7.

To put this reusable printable together just follow these steps:

  • Download the PDF to your computer.
  • Open it up in Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader.
  • Print the pages. Make sure you don’t have double-sided printing checked.
  • Cut around the 2nd-page circles.
  • Laminate both the circles and the 1st page.
  • Use double-sided velcro on each first-page circle and the cut-out circles.

Children can now follow along with the story and place the appropriate circle on the appropriate day.

Helpful hint- If you are going to be using Velcro with multiple printables, get the ones that come in a dispenser. Trust me when I say that losing Velcro dots are a nightmare!

Ideas for Using the 7 Days of Creation Printable

There are many ways to use this printable! We are doing the My Father’s World curriculum for kindergarten and the first two weeks are all about the 7 Days of Creation. If you are using that curriculum, this might be a great printable to place on our fridge and as you work your way through each day, have your child place the number on top of the correct day. This is also a great assessment tool!

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Other ideas:

  • Read the creation story and have your child place the numbers on top of the correct day while reading.
  • Trace your shadows on the sidewalk and talk about light. Place the correct dot on the light day after you do the activity.
  • Talk about why the sky is blue. You could even do rain clouds in a jar and then place the correct number over the sky day.
  • Go on a creation walk and talk about all the parts of the Genesis story that you see on the walk. Place the numbered circles over everything that you saw on your creation walk.
  • Simply color the numbers and place them over the correct date as an assessment tool.

What other ideas do you have for this printable? I would love to know, be sure to tag me on IG if you use this printable with your kids, Sunday School, or homeschool crew.

Download the Printable

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7 days of creation printable
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