Adam and Eve Coloring Pages

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Printable ideas have been coming at me like a frenzy and I’m excited to be able to share so many of them with you! Introducing the Adam and Eve coloring pages, which include corresponding scriptures from Genesis 2 and 3. These are great for Sunday Schools, homeschooling, and other young childhood teaching.

Adam and Eve Coloring Pages

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Free Adam and Eve Coloring Page

Let’s start off with something FREE, which is always everyone’s favorite, right? This single coloring page is broken up into six other mini pages so you can create a mini Genesis 2 & 3 coloring book!

You may use this coloring page completely free at your home, in a classroom, homeschool situation, or Sunday School class. Please do not edit or sell the page in any way. Make sure you check your printing settings before printing and adjust them as necessary.

The mini-book is great to color, cut, and then staple together to create a great mini-coloring book!

Other Adam and Eve Coloring Pages

If you are ready for more Adam and Eve coloring pages, I’ve got you covered with my pack of 10 more full-sized coloring pages. The download comes with two PDFs of the large and small coloring pages, along with the JPG folders for each corresponding coloring pack.

Each page has a scene from Genesis 2 & 3 plus the scripture verses that go along with the picture.

  • Genesis 2:18, 22
  • Genesis 3:1
  • Genesis 3:2-3
  • Genesis 3:5
  • Genesis 3:6
  • Genesis 3:13
  • Genesis 3:19
  • Genesis 3:24

It could be really enjoyable to take an entire week and do one or two pages at a time while you work your way through the Adam and Eve story.

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Teach the Adam and Eve story with these beautiful and simple Adam and Eve Coloring Pages!

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Adam and Eve Coloring Pages
Adam and Eve Coloring Pages

Adam and Eve Resources

If you have children who are a little older (or yourself!) you may enjoy this video from Answers in Genesis that talks about if Adam and Eve were real people. this might be helpful if you homeschool and teach older and younger children at the same time! I’ve also included an animated story video that I found helpful for little ones to visualize the storyline.

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