10 of the Best Devotionals for Moms that are Always Busy + Free Printable Bible Reading Plan

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Fixing our eyes on Jesus is a daily process of relinquishing control and casting our thoughts and affections on our Father in Heaven. He can take care of us much better than we can take care of ourselves. Devotionals for moms can help to shape our mindset and get our days started or ended on a rich theology foundation.

These devotionals for moms are going to include:

  • Short, theology-rich daily teaching or reflections
  • Expanded Bible studies
  • Classics
  • New books or e-books geared toward new moms.

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Best Devotionals for Moms

A mother’s life is demanding and often overwhelming. We are constantly assaulted for our time, talents, and treasures. Children demand our attention. Our spouse needs us. Our job drains us. Where does that leave our quiet time with God? What should be first end up being last. What a tragedy.

Often a lack of time for God means that our priorities are messed up.

Having an arsenal of good devotionals that will guide your time with God is non-negotiable. Here are some of the best devotionals for moms that are meant to replenish and recharge your soul and heart as you not only live a fruitful life but pursue Jesus at all costs.

Devotionals for Moms that are Short

Seeing the Savior by John Aaron White
  1. Seeing the Savior – John Aaron White

I’m putting this first on Mom’s devotionals list because it is so imperative that each Bible-believing Christian has a foundation of theology. This devotional aims to do just that. It is not specifically written to moms, but to any Bible believer that wants to go deeper in their understanding of theology.

New Morning Mercies by Paul david Tripp

2. Morning Mercies – Paul David Tripp

This devotional published in 2014 has become a classic in many Christian homes. Again, although it is not addressed specifically to moms, you will find it short and edifying as Paul points believers once again to their Savior through scripture and gospel thought.

Because Crack is Illegal

3. Because Crack is Illegal – Raema Mauriello

I have a confession to make. I didn’t know this was a devotional for probably about a year. It kept coming up in my recommended items on Amazon, and I kept scrolling past it. I finally realized that there must be a reason Amazon kept recommending it! Raema keeps the devotionals short and comical. There are scriptures to reflect on, but this is not an ‘in-depth’ Bible study type devotional. They are meant to be light and funny.

If you have never watched the promo video for this book and you are a mom with young kids, you’ve got to watch it. I think I literally could feel her pain as I watched.

Devotionals for Moms that are Bible Studies

Parenting in Christ

4. Parenting in Christ: Lessons from the Parables – Christine Dronen

This is a 10-short lesson study. Each study focuses on a different parable that Jesus preached in the Bible. Christine walks the reader through the parable and what they taught about who we are, what they taught about who God is, and finally the ‘way of God’. There are truths in these parables that help grow kids into mature Christians who follow Christ.

Becoming Mom Strong

5. Becoming Mom Strong Bible Study – Heidi St. John

This is a companion Bible study to Heidi’s popular book called “Becoming Mom Strong.” The Bible study goes deeper into the truths of Biblical wisdom. The foundation of her book is that there is nothing wrong with wisdom, but worldly wisdom is completely messed up when we compare it to the scriptures.

The Bible study is filled with guiding scriptures and prayer prompts to help train your heart (and your kids) to discern what true wisdom is.

Devotionals for Moms that are Single

Grit and Grace

6. Grit and Grace: Devotions for Warrior MomsSuzanne Hadley Gosselin and Gretta Kennedy

Single moms, you are warriors. Warriors get weary. The warriors need a break. Yet when do you get one? The demands on your time and life are endless. When you feel like you will never live up to the ‘other moms’ around you, this book is for you. Filled with scripture and encouragement Grit and Grace will remind you of who God is and who you are in him.

Devotionals for Moms that are Weary

Pressing Pause

7 Pressing Pause -Karen Ehman

Do you just need some quiet moments amid the chaos of motherhood? This book brings you scripture, meditations, reflections, and daily reminders to bend your knee and rely more fully on God. It also has an emphasis on learning practical ways to love and serve others well.

8. Finding Time e-book – Ashley Hudson

Although this book is not on Amazon, you will find it is more than worth the read. Ashley has lived the working mom life and sat in the trenches of being ‘too busy’. It finally did her in. This book is a cumulation of everything she learned and lived through those ‘too busy’ times and how she finally got out and found more time by losing time.

Midnight Mom

9. Midnight Mom Devotional – Becky Thompson and Susan Pitts

The worries and anxieties of motherhood can haunt us at nighttime. Are your worries wearing you down? Becky and Susan wrote this book because of a small online prayer community that’s focus was encouraging moms in the middle of the night. What began as something small, God turned into a movement. This devotional is perfect for those middle-of-night worries and anxieties.

Books for Christian Moms Risen Motherhood

10. Risen Motherhood Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments – Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler

What a blessing this book has been to so many mothers. Although it is not a traditional devotional. It can certainly be used as one. The gospel connects to everyday motherhood and Emily and Laura know how to string it all together in a way that will encourage and enlighten you.

11. BONUS! Everyday Joy: A Collection of 100 Devotionals – Joyful Life Magazine

I am adding this devotional as a bonus because it has quickly become my favorite devotional for me as a busy mom! The devotionals are short enough that I can read them in a few minutes but deep enough that it leaves me craving more.

Other Books by Christian Authors

Home on Purpose: Mindful Living in a Hectic World – Sharon H

Feel stuck on how to cultivate your home? Overwhelmed? You are not alone and Sharon knows it. This well-written book walks you through getting out of survival mode and creating a home that truly is yours.

Through Open Doors: Unlocking the Mystery of Soul Winning – Teresa Hodge

Have you ever wondered how pastors and missionaries became ‘soul winners’? How did they learn to preach the gospel every day? It seems impossibly hard. Or is it? Teresa answers those questions and more in her new book, Through Open Doors.

Cultivating a Healing Home – Rachael Belle

Are you a weary mom? Looking to cultivate more healing in your everyday home? Me too, which is why I wrote this 3-week short devotional. It’s for me and it’s for you! Cultivating a Healing Home in the Midst and Stress of Young Motherhood is now available on Amazon.

Free Bible Reading Plan

Just looking for a resource that will help you get more into the Bible? Sometimes busy motherhood means we have minimum time in the mornings. This Bible verse reading plan is just a teaser to reading your Bible, but it offers consistency and guidance. Enjoy!

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