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Christmas Devotionals: For Refreshment and Peace

Celebrating the season of Jesus’ birth is a unique time of the year. Maybe it can be a time to set aside some time to reflect on the gift that you have been given by the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior. It’s a great time to cozy up with some healing Christmas devotionals and spend some time in the Word. Instead of speeding up, why don’t you slow down this Christmas season. Enjoy this list of 10 Christmas devotionals for refreshment and peace.

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Christmas Devotionals For Busy Moms

As I write this I am sitting in my basement and it occurs to me that I have been blessed with a very picturesque setting.

Outside the Minnesota winter beast has descended and the frigid temperatures have declared winter’s cold clutch.  I am cozied underneath a fuzzy Christmas blanket my husband gave me our first Christmas together. A steaming cup of coffee with delectable whole cream is quickly disappearing. Yesterday we hunted for that perfect Christmas tree and it’s glistening lights fill the space with warmth. My Dickens Christmas village’s ambiance rallies with the tree to create dancing lights that meet with the light of roaring wood-stove across the room. The white rocking chair I bumped is quietly rocking back and forth in front of the fireplace. Upstairs my baby sleeps. Peaceful. At rest. Innocent.

Now before you think that this first time mommy lives in some fairy tale land, let’s be clear. It took me an hour to get that sleeping baby back to sleep before I got up at 4:20am to start my day. That roaring wood-stove was a struggle to lite. The dog tried to run away. The coffee pot only made 3/4ths a pot. I opened my email and to my dismay it is filled to the brim. Before I could sit down I remembered the large bag of cloth diapers upstairs that needed washing.

So like a good crunchy mama I spent time spraying poop off diapers, separating covers and inserts and putting the poopy, smelly mess in the wash. And to be honest, I cracked open my bible, did my devotional and immediately realized my thoughts were anywhere but soaking in the goodness and healing power of scripture.

Finding Balance During Christmas

Sound familiar? 

The setting might be different. The circumstances might be different. But most of us struggle finding balance in our days. Our technology saturated culture not just rallies for our attention but demands it. Work follows us home in the form of emails, texts, and our own busy minds. Our homes which should be healing, rejuvenating, and lifegiving become squashed in the hurry to meet the needs of our outside world.

And Christmas devotionals? Time with God? Bible reading? It becomes second priority. A rushed process. Add in the holiday season and it becomes a recipe for neglect.

What is the Real Reason of Christmas?

One of my favorite traditions looking back at my teen years was doing advent devotionals every holiday. I don’t remember if it was something I took upon myself. Or if it was presented to me by my parents. But those quiet times every morning focusing on a fresh Christmas devotional or book made an impression on my soul.

To this day it continues to be a tradition I strive for. Each season I set aside whatever Bible reading or study I am doing and find some advent devotionals that will cultivate a appreciation for the ‘true meaning of Christmas,’ I have found this practice helps to make the my time with God a priority during the Christmas season.

Christians like to say that the ‘real reason’ for Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ. Although that is completely true, I think there is a point we are apt to miss. The birth is just a small portion of a bigger story. The Gospel of Jesus Christ points us to the fact that we need a savior. This world is broken. 2020 has revealed the brokenness of our world more than ever. We need a savior and that Savior is Jesus Christ. Romans 3:23 says,

23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Romans 3:23 NIV

We have fallen short, but we have been given a solution in the very being of Jesus Christ.

What is a Good Scripture for Christmas?

There are so many healing scriptures that talk about the advent season. Grab your bible and take into consideration some of these beautiful verses that point us to Jesus during the holiday season. Use these scriptures phone wall papers as a addition to your advent devotionals to enhance your quiet time during the season.

If you click on the picture below it will take you to the page for all our Scripture Wall Papers. You can download them for free there! I love using these during the Christmas season to memorize these Christmas themed passages.

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What are some Good Devotionals?

As we usher in the advent season, may I challenge those on the motherhood journey to take time to set aside the contradictions of the Christmas peaceful settings and the daily chaos to press into the goodness of God. Find time to relish Jesus’ gift of salvation he offered to the world. Use these Christmas and advent devotionals as a way to point yourself and your family to the Gospel.

What are Devotionals for?

There are different types of devotionals, but overall devotionals are daily writings that are meant to point our attentions and affections back to God. There are many Christian devotional books out there to encourage and direct your walk with Christ. Christmas devotionals are aimed at the advent season after Thanksgiving and through the Christmas holiday.

How Can I have a Quiet Time with God?

Having quiet time with God is a Christian disciple that is not only necessary for growth, but it should be a delight of your heart. Choose a time to meet with God. It may be in the morning before your kids wake up or maybe it is in the evening before bed. Whatever works for you set the time aside to meet with your creator, dive into his Word, and lift up prayers to him.

If you are looking for more resources on quiet times, praying, and growing in your personal devotion time, I encourage you to visit Undoubted Grace. Her resources on devotional, prayer, and prayer journaling are inspiring. You will be blessed by her knowledge and passion for igniting the passion of Christ in your own life. Specifically her prayer journal and bible reading plans are well worth the investment.

Christmas Devotionals for Refreshment and Peace

These Christmas devotional recommendations are meant to provide busy moms and families with resources to reflect on the Advent message, rejoice in Christ, and enjoy the season.

Rejoicing in Christmas

This Christmas devotional is specifically made for family worship during the advent season. It is complete with hymns and meditations as you contemplate the music of the season.

The King’s Mission: A Daily Advent Devotional

This daily advent devotional was written by a previous pastor of mine and I have found his writing to be encouraging, challenging, and inspirational during any time of the year. I would also recommend you checking out his new book “Man up, Kneel Down.”

From Heaven: A 28 Day Advent Devotional

A.W. Tozer continues to be a favorite author and theologian of mine. This advent devotional I went through a couple years ago and it was a great reminder to point my eyes to the cross every day of advent.

Behold the Lamb of God

The Dawning of Indestructible Joy

This is possibly one of my most favorite advent devotionals that I have ever read. John Piper knows how to peel back the layers of scriptures to lay bare beautiful biblical truths.

Come Let Us Adore Him

By no means would I describe this devotional as something that drives hard truth, I would categorize it as an encouraging look at the music of the season. These beloved hymns point to great truth!

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

This beloved Christmas book will bring your family on a daily advent devotionals that will bring the experience of Christmas right into your home. It is one of the best family Christmas devotionals out there.

The Greatest Gift

A beautiful companion book for Unwrapping the Greatest Gift. In this book the author unravels in great detail the love that has been coming for you since the beginning of time. This is a timeless book to add to your Christmas devotionals.

Christmas Peace for Busy Moms

I came across this book last year by complete happenstance and it was a Christmas devotional that truly was a blessing. If you are a busy mom, go ahead and grab this, it is very low priced in the kindle shop. It will be a blessing.

Come, Let us Adore Him

Paul David Tripp has some simple and quick devotionals during any time of the year, and this one is no different. He points reader to the ‘true meaning’ of Christmas while encouraging them on their unique journey of life.

Christmas Devotionals Christian Resources

Christmas devotionals can be a great resource for personal quiet time and reflection. I have a friend over at Divine Creative Love that really takes her Christmas devotionals to a entire new level with her beautiful Bible Journaling. But what are some other resources for family tradition and reflection?

One of my new favorite resources for teaching children the real meaning of Christmas through books is over at Ayrn the Librarian. She is a master at coming up with book resources for families. Her resource telling the Christmas story to kids, is beautifully put together!

Follow their Sunshine also has a stellar list of Christmas books for kids that are just fun and cheerful books to read during the holidays.

May you find peace during this holiday season with these advent devotionals and Christmas devotionals for the whole family.