Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

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The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and with it comes the joyous tradition of gift-giving! One of the simplest yet heartwarming ways to add a personal touch to your presents is through the use of delightful Christmas gift tags. These tiny, artistic details not only adorn your gifts but also convey your heartfelt sentiments to your loved ones.

While the markets overflow with an array of beautiful gift tags, we bring you a special treat: a collection of free printable Christmas gift tags! Whether you’re an early planner or a last-minute wrapper, these tags are a perfect addition to your holiday wrapping arsenal. Simply download, print, and add a touch of charm to your presents!

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‘Tis the holiday season, and amidst the hustle and bustle of shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts, wrapping them in festive paper, and adorning them with ribbons and bows, don’t forget about the finishing touch that adds a sprinkle of magic – Christmas gift tags!

To make your holiday gifting even more delightful, I’ve rounded up a collection of adorable, free printable Christmas gift tags. These cute, fun printables are perfect for adding a personalized touch to your Christmas presents without any additional cost. They are inspired by the nativity story, but that does not mean they are exclusively Christian Christmas tags, although I would argue that pretty much everything about Christmas should be ‘Christian’! My point is that if you don’t want a nativity scene on every gift tag, these just might be your ticket. They are complete with adorable scenes such as snowmen, Christmas trees, and more!

We have a free version of the tags as well as an upgrade that is available in my Etsy and Gumroad shops.

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

The joy of giving during the Christmas season is immeasurable, and these free downloadable tags help you spread that joy a little further. These pretty gift tags are not going to be the bright red and green gift tags that you typically find in a store, they are more subtle than that with watercolor and gentle fun colors. Here are a few of my favorites.

Christmas gift tags

Creating Your Picture-Perfect Presents

To get started, all you need is a few sheets of white cardstock or card stock, a trusty paper cutter for precision (this is the one I recommend), and your printer ready to bring these beautiful tags to life. Once printed, cut along the edges for beautifully shaped tags that are ready to adorn your Christmas gifts.

Note – If you do a lot of printing for school, work, or personal use, the Epson Eco Tank Printer is by far the most affordable and economical printer on the market. Consider investing in it!

With different tags in various styles, from whimsical designs to classic Christmas tree motifs, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Mix and match to suit your wrapping paper or select specific designs for each recipient for a truly personalized touch.

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Using the Tags

These free gift tags are for personal use, perfect for adding that extra dash of love to your holiday gifts. Download the freebies and print as many as you need for your Christmas presents. There is also an upgraded version that you will see below ⬇️with 8 more designs for a total of 12 gift tags!

Christmas Gift Tags

Get Your Free Download Now!

Ready to elevate your gift-wrapping game this Christmas season? Click the button below to access your free downloadable cute holiday gift tags and start adding that extra touch of holiday cheer to your presents!

Wishing You a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

May your holiday season be filled with warmth, love, and the joy of giving. Happy wrapping, and here’s to making this Christmas extra special with these charming, free printable Christmas gift tags!

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s the thoughtful details that make the biggest impact. With these free printable Christmas gift tags, you can elevate your gift-wrapping game effortlessly while spreading joy to your family and friends.

So, gather your wrapping paper, ribbons, and these charming tags, and get ready to create beautifully wrapped presents that will surely be the talk of the holiday gathering!

Remember, the true essence of gift-giving lies not only in the presents but in the love and care you put into every little detail.

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