Free Christian Easter Worksheets

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These free Christian Easter Worksheets provide an engaging and educational way for children of all ages to explore the true meaning of Easter. In this pack of free worksheets, you will find mazes, word searches, coloring, Easter I Spys, and more. They cover a variety of topics related to the Biblical traditions surrounding this milestone holiday, ensuring a well-rounded understanding for kids. Enjoy these Christian Easter worksheets!

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The Easter season, celebrated by Christians worldwide, commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The story of Easter unfolds through various key events, making it a great opportunity for children to learn and reflect. You will find here a plethora of free Christian worksheets that cater to different ages, ensuring that children from kindergarten to fifth grade and beyond can participate in meaningful activities.

The Triumphal Entry, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, the Last Supper, and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ are some of the pivotal events covered in the Easter story and in these worksheets, you will find these key events reflected. The activity pages often include engaging puzzles, coloring sheets, and word searches related to these biblical events. Although I have made these very ‘biblical’ in nature, you will still find an Easter bunny and Easter baskets peeking out here and there! Expect a variety as you print these out and get to use them with your children.

Free Christian Easter Worksheets

For Sunday school lessons or homeschool families, a Bible Easter Activity Pack is a fantastic addition to the curriculum. These packs usually comprise pages of printable resources, including Easter activities, Bible games, and free printable Easter coloring pages. The incorporation of Bible verses ensures that children not only enjoy their favorite activities but also gain a deeper understanding of the religious significance of the Easter holiday.

In our full Christian Easter Worksheets pack that is available on Gumroad of Etsy, you will find these 14 activity pages:

  • He is Risen Coloring Sheet with mini word scramble and image relation
  • Resurrection Sunday Worksheet with a maze and word search
  • He is Risen Coloring page (black and white and full-color)
  • John 19:16-17 coloring pages
  • Large Easter Word Scramble (with answer key)
  • Happy Easter Maze
  • Help Jesus reach Jerusalem Maze (full color and coloring versions)
  • Wave the palm branches for Jesus tracing worksheet (full color and coloring versions – great for PreK!)
  • Easter Word Search (with answer key)
  • I Spy Easter Edition (coloring and full-color edition – with answer key) This page is specifically great for younger children!

A K-5 teacher will find these resources invaluable for creating a comprehensive Easter lesson plan. The free Christian worksheets serve as a great way to engage students in the Easter story while aligning with educational standards. In our free pack of Christian Easter worksheets, you will find the colored version of the “He is Risen” page, the Help Jesus Reach Jerusalem maze, the tracing worksheet, and the I Spy Easter Edition worksheet.

Click the button below for a printable packet of the free Christian Easter Worksheets! This download is completely free, no email is required! However, we have an abundance of other Bible printables for kids that you can gain access to by joining our email group!

Christian Easter Worksheets

Other Christian Easter Worksheets

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Free Easter Word Searches

Easter Story Word Searches are an engaging and educational way for children and families to delve into the biblical narrative surrounding the Easter season. These word searches are carefully crafted to include key terms and events related to the story of Easter, making them an excellent resource for reinforcing religious knowledge while promoting fun and interactive learning.

These word searches and the worksheets above are great for church Easter Egg Hunts or even for small churches to offer! Just place them out for kids and families to grab! They also can be great for the entirety of Holy Week or as a fun Easter morning activity. The options are endless. You could even cut up all the words and place them inside Easter eggs and then do the word search together! What a fun Easter tradition!

Easter Story Word Search by Mindy Jones Blog
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Free Easter Coloring Pages

Another enrichment for a Sunday School lesson or any Children’s ministry would be adding these free Easter Coloring pages to your rotation during the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday! A homeschool family or other classroom experiences could enjoy them as well! We like to print out a variety of coloring pages throughout different Christian faith holidays and use them in our free art station.

Christian Easter Coloring Pages by Healing Home
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Other Easter Resources for Kids

There are so many other Easter printable activities for kids that you can do throughout the Easter season. The Easter advent calendar (listed below) is a fun way to do an Easter countdown with your kids! Plus the Resurrection Rolls are a great way to teach younger children about Jesus’ burial and resurrection with a visual representation.

Easter Storybooks by Aryn the Librarian
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Easter Advent Calendar by Healing Home
Resurrection Rolls (with Instructions) by Healing Home Recipes

Easter is a great time to pull our books dedicated to teaching the gospel of Jesus. Here are three of our favorites for teaching the true reason for Easter during Holy Week and beyond.

Ultimately, these Christian Easter worksheets are designed to shed light on the true meaning of Easter, encouraging kids to explore the religious aspects of the holiday. By incorporating various activities and appealing to kids of all ages, these resources make learning about Easter a joyful and enriching experience. I hope these free easter printables will benefit you as you think through how you want to teach your children about Easter or enrich a classroom setting.

More Easter Resources from Healing Home

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