30+ Fun Christian Easter Basket Ideas

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Looking for more than just Easter bunnies and eggs? These 30+ Christian-themed Easter basket ideas were created with the faith-based family in mind! Have your kids wake up on Easter morning to a delightful Christian Easter basket. Let’s explore some simple and fun ideas and also some deeper Gospel-centered ideas.

Easter is a beautiful time to explain the Gospel story to your children. It is easy to let the Easter Bunny take over, so as you dive into these gift ideas, reflect on other activities you can do with your children to encourage them to know and understand the story of Jesus.

This Easter, go beyond the conventional and create Christian Easter baskets that not only bring joy to your child’s heart but also deepen their understanding of the true meaning of Easter. Through carefully selected gifts, stories, and activities, you can instill a sense of reverence and gratitude, fostering a love for God’s word and the message of new life in Christ.

Easter Basket Ideas

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How to Create a Christian Easter Basket

I have to admit that we have been lax over the years in creating Easter baskets with a ‘Christian’ or ‘religious’ theme. It’s just so easy to pick up the eggs filled with toys or candy and call it good!

However, there are so many benefits to creating a Christian Easter Basket, it’s the perfect way to start your resurrection Sunday off with!

  1. It cultivates discussions on the true meaning of Easter.
  2. Your children can interact with the Gospel story.
  3. The toys/candy are not meaningless, they have a purpose.

What can I use Instead of a Basket for Easter?

If you would prefer not to use an Easter Basket, there are some simple alternatives. Check out these Easter Basket alternatives!

The nice thing about all this is that they are all reusable after your Easter baskets have been opened! Now onto the Easter Basket Ideas!

Easter Basket Collapsible Pail

What do you put in a Boys’ Easter basket?

I am a mother of four boys. The youngest is two weeks away from being born and the other three are 1, 4, and 5 years old. I am always hearing that it is super tough to buy gifts for boys, but I have to say that I feel the opposite! I love buying my little firecrackers gifts. Here are a few Easter basket ideas for the little and older boys in your life.

Not all of these will be Christian Easter Basket Ideas, some will be more generic.

Christian Easter Basket Ideas

There is no shortage of Christian Easter Basket ideas out there! These meaningful Easter gifts are a great way to add some ‘better not more’ to your child’s Easter basket. Plus you don’t have to use all of these! Maybe there is one ‘Christian’ item that intrigues you. Make that the center of the basket and then if all your budget allows for the rest is items from the Dollar Tree, then so be it!

If you are worried that there will not be enough variety, fear not! We are going to dive into lots of options and variety for you to choose from!

Easter morning is a time of joy and celebration for Christians around the world, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As families gather to revel in the Easter story, one great way to incorporate faith into the festivities is by curating special Christian Easter baskets for children. These thoughtfully designed baskets not only bring excitement to Easter morning but also instill the true meaning of Easter – the message of hope, redemption, and new life in Christ.

Think beyond candy! While jelly beans and chocolate eggs are classic Easter basket fillers, consider complementing these treats with more meaningful gifts. This could include items that symbolize the true meaning of Easter, such as a miniature cross, a Lamb of God plush toy, or a small art piece depicting scenes from the resurrection story.

Christian Books

Instead of focusing solely on the whimsical delights of the Easter bunny and colorful eggs, consider infusing your kids’ Easter baskets with elements that highlight the easter story. Include a children’s Bible or a new Bible for your child to explore the rich tales of faith. An engaging activity book centered around Bible stories is a fantastic addition, providing entertainment while nurturing spiritual growth.

Another great way to fill Easter baskets with Christian items is to print out Easter coloring pages!

Bible Belles - Easter Basket ideas

Christian Crafts and Activities

You can find more great books from the Christian perspective by visiting this resource page.

For older kids, consider incorporating interactive elements into their Easter basket crafts. Include a new Bible or a children’s Bible with an accompanying activity book that encourages them to delve into Bible stories. These can be great tools for fostering a deeper understanding of the biblical narrative surrounding Easter. Additionally, you might include a small jar or bag of jelly beans, each color representing a different aspect of the easter story – a sweet and engaging way to explore and internalize the true meaning of Easter.

Another fun activity to add to your children’s Easter basket would be including a digital download of worship music or a new audiobook. Better yet, why not a Yoto player card?

Consider supplementing your Easter basket with craft supplies! This is a great way to cheaply ‘bulk up’ your Easter baskets.

hello bible

Other Easter Activities

Many other Christian Easter Activities could be fun to do with your little ones. This year I am planning on making our “Fairy Garden” into a more faith-based one. We will have some typical Easter miniatures like these bunnies and carrots, but also a large stone that represents Jesus’ tomb and a garden path.

Have you ever heard of resurrection Easter eggs? It is a purposeful way to send your children on an Easter egg hunt while learning the Easter story. This would be another Christian Easter basket idea, but you would need to do it Easter weekend, instead of before the holiday.

Another idea is resurrection rolls. It can be such a delight to bake with little kids and this activity is one that intentionally teaches about the empty tomb of Jesus.

Religious Easter Coloring Pages

A great idea for Easter baskets is to include some printables in them that you can do together as a family! These scripture-based Easter coloring pages would make a great addition to a little one’s Easter basket.

You could also do something like an Easter advent calendar or Easter countdown craft.

Easter Basket Treats

Although we live a processed sugar-free lifestyle, there is still room for our children to have occasional treats. The first two on this list are sugar-filled candies and the last two are more sugar-conscious options.

Easter Basket Toys

I got super excited looking through these Christian Easter basket ideas. A couple of these, I’m going to get for my kids this year! The memory game specifically is already in my cart ready to go!

Resurrection Focused Easter

It is unlikely that you are going to use all these Christian Easter Basket ideas, but intentionally focusing on the biblical Easter story, is what really matters. Take a moment to reflect on the gifts included in last year’s baskets. Did they resonate with your child? Did they contribute to a deeper understanding of the Easter story? Use this reflection to refine and improve this year’s basket, ensuring that each item serves a purpose in nurturing your child’s faith.

This Easter, go beyond the conventional and create Christian Easter baskets that not only bring joy to your child’s heart but also deepen their understanding of the true meaning of Easter. Through carefully selected gifts, stories, and activities, you can instill a sense of reverence and gratitude, fostering a love for God’s word and the message of new life in Christ.

What is going on in your kids’ Easter baskets this year? What have been your favorite Christian easter basket ideas from this list?

Easter Basket Ideas
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