Christian Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

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It’s not about the bunnies, chicks, eggs, or spring weather. Easter is a joyous time, but it also should have a deep reverence that we teach to our children. These Christian Easter coloring pages for kids are an intentional way for them to have something fun to color that explains and teaches the Easter story.

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The Easter story is central to our faith as believers in Jesus. We want our children to have a firm understanding of the gospel story and Easter is a HUGE part of that story.

These coloring pages are a tool for churches, Sunday School teachers, parents, and other caregivers to use in teaching the Easter story to young children.

The pack follows the story of Jesus through Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday. Scripture verses are taken from the ESV version of the Bible.

What is Included in the Coloring Pack?

I love creating coloring packs for kids! It’s sort of become an obsession for me!

In this coloring pack, you will receive a FREE 12-Page pack with a cover page and individual coloring pages for your personal use.

You can find more of these resources by visiting all our Bible preschool resources, or subscribing to our vault of printables!


Fun Ways to Use the Coloring Pages

There are so many fun ways you could use these coloring pages during the Easter season. Here are just a few that I came up with

  • Laminate the pages (here’s our very simple laminator that is an amazing price) and allow children to color them with dry-erase markers.
  • Use them in Sunday School classrooms.
  • Use them for supplemental materials in your homeschool or school curriculum.
  • Add them to your Easter Advent block tradition.
  • Print them and place them in your kids’ Easter baskets. Here are some of our other favorite Christian Easter basket gift ideas.

Download the FREE Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

Make sure to check your printer settings before you start printing. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve printed double-sided when I meant to print single-sided!

You find the completely free download of the Joseph coloring pages below.

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