Christian Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

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It’s not about the bunnies, chicks, eggs, or spring weather. Easter is a joyous time, but it also should have a deep reverence that we teach to our children. These Christian Easter coloring pages for kids are an intentional way for them to have something fun to color that explains and teaches the story of Easter!

You can download these free Christian Easter coloring pages by scrolling down and clicking on the big green button! Each page comes with an Easter Bible verse and there are even bonus pages that include some popular secular images like Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, and Easter baskets.

Religious Easter Coloring Pages

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The Easter story is central to our faith as believers in Jesus. We want our children to have a firm understanding of the gospel story and Easter is a HUGE part of that story.

Easter, one of the most significant celebrations in the Christian calendar, is just around the corner. As families and Sunday school teachers prepare to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, what better way to engage in the Easter story than with free printable Easter coloring pages? One way to emphasize the real reason for the Easter season is through the joy of activities for your kids. Let’s incorporate some coloring into your Easter traditions!

As families and communities engage in Easter crafts, incorporating great Easter coloring pages adds an extra layer of creativity to the celebrations. From coloring Easter eggs to pages that depict the resurrection story, these coloring pages become integral elements in bringing the Easter narrative to life. Children and adults alike can actively participate in the creation of meaningful crafts that beautifully showcase the joyous message of Easter.

As we wish each other a Happy Easter, let us not only exchange greetings but also delve into the profound significance of the Easter story. Coloring pages, with their dual benefits of enhancing fine motor skills and conveying the narrative of Jesus’ resurrection, become invaluable resources in this journey of faith. Whether used in homes, Sunday schools, or community gatherings, these free Easter coloring pages stand as a testament to the universality and accessibility of the Easter message. May this Easter be a time of celebration, reflection, and joy as we come together to commemorate the transformative events that define the Christian faith.

What is Included in the Coloring Pack?

I love creating coloring packs for kids! It’s sort of become an obsession for me!

In this coloring pack, you will receive a FREE 13-page pack with a cover page and individual coloring pages for your personal use.

These coloring pages are a tool for churches, Sunday School teachers, parents, and other caregivers to use in teaching the Easter story to young children. Free printable Easter coloring pages are a fantastic resource for families, Sunday school teachers, and anyone looking to add a creative touch to their Easter celebrations. These coloring sheets provide a great way for children and adults alike to engage with the Easter story while expressing their artistic talents.

The pack follows the story of Jesus through Palm Sunday, Good Friday, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and more from Resurrection Sunday. Scripture verses are taken from the ESV version of the Bible.

To truly appreciate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it’s essential to delve into the events of Holy Week. Incorporate coloring pages that highlight the solemnity of Good Friday and the triumphant nature of the third day when Jesus rose from the dead. These pages can serve as valuable tools for teaching children about the sequence of events leading up to Easter Sunday.

Sunday school teachers play a crucial role in shaping the spiritual journey of children. Free printables, specifically designed for Sunday school lessons, can aid educators in effectively conveying the story of Easter. These resources can make learning about the resurrection of Jesus Christ an engaging and memorable experience for young minds.

Bonus Easter Coloring Pages

In addition to the overtly ‘religious’ coloring pages, there are also a few bonuses at the end of the coloring pack. First, you will also receive easter egg coloring pages. Easter eggs have long been associated with the Easter holiday, representing new life and rebirth. Incorporating these symbols into your coloring pages adds an extra layer of meaning to the activity. As you color in the intricate designs of Easter eggs, take a moment to reflect on the symbolism and the joy that comes with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Another bonus coloring page is our Easter bunny page. The Easter bunny, a popular and playful symbol during this season, often signifies new beginnings and the good news of Easter. The whimsical bunny illustration helps convey the message of hope and joy that Easter brings.

Our last bonus coloring page features Easter baskets!

Bible printables for kids

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Fun Ways to Use the Coloring Pages

There are so many fun ways you could use these coloring pages during the Easter season. Here are just a few that I came up with

  • Laminate the pages (here’s our very simple laminator that is an amazing price) and allow children to color them with dry-erase markers.
  • Use them in Sunday School classrooms.
  • Use them for supplemental materials in your homeschool or school curriculum.
  • Add them to your Easter Advent block tradition.
  • Print them and place them in your kids’ Easter baskets. Here are some of our other favorite Christian Easter basket gift ideas.
Christian Easter Coloring Pages
Christian Easter Coloring Pages

Download the FREE Christian Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

Make sure to check your printer settings before you start printing. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve printed double-sided when I meant to print single-sided!

You find the completely free download of the Easter coloring pages below.

As Easter approaches, consider incorporating free printable Easter coloring pages into your family traditions and Sunday school lessons. The combination of creativity and storytelling provides a powerful way to connect with the deeper meaning of Easter, fostering a sense of joy, hope, and understanding. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or someone simply looking for a great way to share the good news, these coloring pages offer a beautiful and accessible resource for everyone to enjoy.

I hope that these free religious easter coloring pages make a great addition to your Easter gathering.

Additional Easter Resources

Doing Easter activities throughout the Easter season is a fun way to teach the resurrection of Christ and the Christian message to our children. Incorporating coloring pages, games, crafts, books, and more into our routine can only serve to increase a child’s understanding of the reason and meaning of Easter. Plus it’s a great time to have together as a family! Kids of all ages will enjoy these additional Easter resources! Below you will find more fun activities from Healing Home to incorporate into your Sunday School, homeschool, classroom, or family time!

Many of these printables would be great to include in church easter egg hunts! Any of these activities will make a great addition to your Easter celebrations. I’ve even heard of people printing out the printables and putting them in their children’s Easter baskets to do together on Easter Sunday. What a fun tradition!

Easter Countdown
Free Christian Easter Worksheets
Easter Bingo Printable
Printable Easter Scripture Cards
Christian Easter Basket Ideas

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Christian Easter Coloring Pages for kids
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