Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards

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Is your learner ready to take on learning the alphabet? These free printable alphabet flash cards are a wonderful way to start the process. There are two versions a postcard-sized version plus an oversized card size upgrade which is sized at 5.5″x8.5″.

These are easy to print, cut, and laminate. They are great for letter formation, flashcards, writing practice, and learning sounds. They are dry-erase-friendly once laminated.

One of our favorite ways to use them is as a tactile learning play-doh mat! Great for homeschooling or a classroom environment!

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Letters of the Alphabet

We currently are in the depths of teaching the alphabet and reading to our two oldest children. The oldest just a few months ago started to actually learn the alphabet names, recognize the shapes, and be able to identify the sounds. It has been quite an accomplishment for him! The second oldest is just about where his brother was at his age. He is completely resistant to learning any other alphabet. It goes to prove that some kids just are bound and determined to learn at their own pace no matter what we as teachers do!

Regardless, teaching the letters of the alphabet is imperative for any additional learning to occur. Once we can read, a world of possibilities opens up!

These letter flashcards are a fun way to expose children to the alphabet even if they are not quite ready to take the plunge into learning the entire thing! The cards start with A for apple, and go to the last page, which is Z is for Zebra. The watercolor elements give these cars a lovely vintage look!

Ways to Use

These free and upgraded cards are great to use in your homeschooling or classroom setting. If you are a teacher that has a bulletin board or bulletin board cart these might be great to put up when your class is going through that letter of the week.. When I was teaching preschool, my lesson plans often had a letter of the week included and these cards would be a great way to show the class the letter of the week. Learning letter names is an important skill and foundational to all other learning. These flashcards are just another tool in your teaching belt that can aid in teaching the letters and phonic sounds to your young learners.

Here are some ideas and different ways to use them –

  • Add them to your tactile letter play – grab some Play-Doh and have the child outline the letter with the Play-Doh.
  • Use them as a classroom decoration.
  • Laminate and use a dry-erase marker to practice capital letters, lowercase letters, and basic words.
  • Have them at a free art table to color and enjoy!
  • Print the cards twice and use them as a memory game! (quick tip – if you don’t want to laminate two sets, keep the first set laminated, and the second on cardstock)
  • Use them to start reviewing letter sounds.

Recommended supplies-

I love creating freebies and printables for my followers and readers. Over the years I have found a few recurring supplies to be extremely helpful when using printables. Here are my top supplies for this project.

  • Paper cutter – This paper cutter is the best one that I have ever found. It’s lightweight, easy to transfer, and is extra sharp. It can easily cut through 10 pieces of paper and if you really want to stretch it, I’ve done 15 pages!
  • Laminator – Truthfully, I really like the Amazon basics laminator. I have the basic model, which is no longer made. I is a good idea to laminate these cards to keep them fresh and long-lasting.
  • Laminating sheets – This bulk pack comes with 200 laminating sheets, which is really nice if you intend to do more printables. For best results use 3mi laminator sheets. I find that these work best for at-home laminating.

Quick Tips for Laminating-

  • Use a glue stick to secure the printed page to the lamination page. This will ensure it does not move around when going through the laminator.
paper cutter
Amazon Basics Laminator
laminator sheets

Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards

These colorful alphabet cards contain both uppercase letters and lowercase letters! They are a great way to begin or strengthen letter recognition in a variety of settings.

The cards are designed with gorgeous watercolor elements that make them practical, but also visually appealing. Personally, that lovely vintage look is the best part to me! I don’t mind leaving them out on my countertops because they are nice looking! Not too academic and ‘schooly’!

As we have already mentioned these free printable alphabet flash cards, are just that, FREE! However, there is an upgraded jumbo-size card that also has space to practice uppercase letters and lower case letters. Both come in alphabetical order. The upgrade comes in an easy to print format with two to a page. If you are interested in grabbing those jumbo cards for your young children, as a special thank discount you take 15% off your order with BLOG15 at checkout.

Grab the Upgrade!
You won’t want to miss these upgraded-sized letter cards. These contain simple words plus an area to practice upper and lowercase letters. It’s a great way to practice letters and early words in a variety of ways.

Grab for $3 on

Find more Printables at my Etsy or Gumroad Shops. If you shop through the Etsy App, make sure you check your email for the download!

There are many 5-star reviews at my Etsy shop and if you make a purchase, I would appreciate yours!

Please remember that these cards are my own design and work. They are for personal use or classroom use.

Free Alphabet Flashcards

So what exactly do the free ABC flashcards include? The free version is completely free (no sign-up required), you can literally click the button below and a Dropbox file will open for you to download. The cards include the letter that a child can trace along with the colorful graphic representing the letter sound and the word that can be traced.

The words were chosen based on our Kindergarten curriculum which is produced by My Father’s World.

When I release a new printable I often have people ask me specifically how I use the printable in our homeschool environment. Well first off, I don’t use all my printables every week, for that matter, every month! There is a time and a place to use all my printables. These flashcards tend to be used more often, especially during the early learning phase of childhood. We use them most often as play-doh mats. My boys are incredibly strong tactile learners. They need to be doing and moving at almost all times. One of them is even a sleeping mover. I honestly don’t know how their bodies remain in constant motion for so long! But I digress!

We use them as play-doh mats and then once they have made the letters with play-doh, I often also make them trace the letters with a dry-erase marker to enforce the learning.

Bible printables for kids

Want more digital items for Kids? I welcome you to check out our Bible Printables for Kids vault.

I have a passion for encouraging and equipping moms with resources for creating a Biblical home. This vault is filled with printables for teaching your child Bible stories, scripture verses, holiday printables, and more. The activities here are designed for you to do with your child. They are great for family devotional times, homeschooling, Sunday School, or just a fun activity for a rainy day!

⬇️Learn more about the vault ⬇️ To get access to the full vault, you will need to input your email address so I can send you the link!

What do you think of the free printable alphabet flash cards? How are you going to use it? I would love to hear! Make sure to pin the image below for later or tag me on IG so I can see how you are using it in your situation.

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