Free Printable Weather Wheel

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Make your morning time or group time super fun and memorable with this colorful printable weather wheel. It’s a great way to review what a child is learning by having them move the weather wheel to the correct weather conditions and temperature. It’s a perfect learning tool for your homeschool or classroom environment.

A great way to use a weather station in your learning environment for preschool or kindergarten. Also great for homeschooling or classroom decor.

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DIY Printable Weather Wheel

This weather wheel is a fun way for children to observe the weather, record weather patterns, and verbalize their observations. It’s a great intro to science routine! If you use a weather chart in your classroom this can be a way your child can use the weather wheel and then chart the weather with the wheel in hand! It could also be fun to have your child watch the weather report and then twist the wheel to the appropriate section.

I honestly never paid much attention to the weather until I started teaching PreK classes and then every morning I was on my weather app trying to anticipate if we were going to be taking the classes outside. We also tracked the weather every day during our morning circle time and it was a strange day when I quit my teaching job and didn’t have to track the weather every day!

This DIY and printable weather wheel could be used in a classroom or in a ‘at home’ environment like homeschooling.

It’s very easy to put together.


  • Free or upgraded printouts (find the download at the bottom of this post)
  • Brass Fastener
  • Scissors
  • Laminator and lamination sheets

How to Use the Weather Wheel

The weather wheel is incredibly easy to use. Here are the steps to putting it together.

  1. Print
  2. Cut
  3. Laminate (optional)
  4. Fasten with a fastener (use a small hole punch to make the hole in the middle of each sheet)

The weather wheel can be used in a variety of classroom settings. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Use during your group time. Pass the weather wheel around on a rotating basis and have the children turn it to the appropriate area.
  • Use it as a review after your group time. See if they can recreate what was talked about.
  • Pair it with the Morning Menu (the graphics match!)

There are 8 different types of weather represented on the weather wheel


If the wheel spins too loosely, tighten the fastener in the middle of the wheel.

If the wheel spins too tightly, loosen the fastener in the middle of the wheel.

If you are looking for a weather activity to do with your kids, one of the coolest weather activities that I have seen is Cloud in a Jar by the Stem Laboratory!

Weather Observation Benefits

There are many great reasons to observe the weather with your children. As already discussed it’s a really fun way to introduce some science concepts to children. Observation is a key element to scientific concepts and children have to look, listen, and sometimes even feel to decide what the weather is for the day.

It’s a great habit to start talking about the weather with your preschooler or kindergartener every day. It helps bring routine into your school time so you can practice key elements of science and observation.

Want to Upgrade?
weather wheel upgrade comes with a back section that contains the words ‘hot, warm, cool, cold.’ It’s a more in-depth way to introduce weather concepts to children. Great for application and weather observation. Printables can be powerful tools for teaching children!

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Get your Weather Wheel

This free weather wheel printable comes with the full-color wheel and the arrow. If you would like the back piece, you can get that in the upgrade! The weather wheel is a great way for children to chart the weather today.

I always appreciate your support with these printables! This is a great tool for teaching weather and science!

I recommend laminating the weather wheel for durability with children!

Grab your digital download below!

Weather Study Unit Books

Want to go further with your weather observation? If you are using lesson plans for learning about daily weather, here are some books that I have found helpful for explaining weather to children.

National Geographic Kids Everything Weather

National Geographic Explore My World: Weather

Climate and Weather Books for Kids Children’s Earth Sciences Books

The Secret World of Weather: How to Read Signs in Every Cloud, Breeze, Hill, Street, Plant, Animal, and Dewdrop

See Inside Weather and Climate

Whiteout!: A Book About Blizzards

Look Inside Wild Weather


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