20 Christian Christmas Kids Books

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Are you looking for some good Christian Christmas kids books for your Christmas season? You’ve come to just the right place. I’m obsessed with good kids books and Christmas happens to be a very special time of the year for me, so I’m just about over the moon to be able to share this list with you. These books have been collected for over a decade and read in classrooms and to my own sweet children.

Enjoy these 25 Christian Christmas Kids Books!

Christian Christmas Kids Books

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or at least that is what they tell you.

20 Christian Christmas Kids Books

The Christmas season is a time filled with joy, laughter, and precious memories. You shouldn’t have to worry about the books your children are reading or listening to. This list contains 25 Christian Christmas kids books that I love reading to my children and do not worry in the slightest about the message they are conveying.

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Christmas is Coming

Recommended Ages: 2-6 years old

Let’s start this list off with one of my all-time favorite Christmas books that is completely Christ-centered. This gem appeared on my doorstep in our Hello Bible box a couple of years ago. The first time I read it, I re-read it a second time! I was honestly dumbfounded that I had not heard of this book before. It was the absolutely best re-telling of the Christmas story in a kids’ book that I had ever read. It is historically accurate (no wisemen at the birth of Jesus) and beautifully illustrated.

In addition, the story of Jesus actually starts in Genesis, which is simply beautiful.

God Gave Us Christmas

Recommended Ages: 2-6 years old

This bestseller book answers the question “Is Jesus more important than Santa.” In a sweet and loving way, Mama Bear answers that question for her little cub. The story points the reader back to Jesus as the main reason for the season.

What Does Christmas Sound Like?

Recommended Ages: Baby-7 years old

This old, but delightful book was released in 1987. The book rings out with this theme:

They tell us that Christmas is near, CHRISTMAS…the birthday of Jesus. The happiest time of the year!

Shh…Jesus is Sleeping

Read Aloud: Baby- 3 years old

In this delightful baby book, the world of the nativity scene is reminded to be quiet as the incarnated Savior of the World continues to sleep. With beautiful illustrations and a page-by-page reminder of the main character of Christmas, it’s a wonderful book to add to your Christmas book collection.

How God Decorates Heaven for Christmas

Recommended: 4-8 years old

This book brings readers on a tour of heaven the night Jesus was born. The theme I see woven through the book is the authentic worship of a God who brings such beauty to the world. The book ends with a reminder that God loves ‘you’ and that the reader is God’s best decoration in heaven.

The Crippled Lamb

Read Aloud: 3-10 years old

If you open my copy of The Crippled Lamb you will find this written on the back cover, “with love to our little lamb Rachael, Christmas 1999, Mama & Daddy.” I would have been 10 years old and I remember that this story made me physically ill. Now before you scroll on, I had some growing to do. My heart was so sensitive to the pain and discomfort of others (in this case a lamb) I couldn’t stand the thought of a little lamb being crippled. But the message of the book is amazing. It’s multi-layered. As the sweet lamb sees the nativity scene come to life, she learns that God has a special place for her. 24 years later, the book still touches my heart and I know it will yours too.

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The Story of Christmas

Recommended Ages: 1-5 years old

This simple board book answers the question of why we exchange gifts at Christmas. It goes through a simple retelling of the nativity story. The conclusion of the question is that we exchange gifts to show our love, just like the love that was shown on the first Christmas.

Note – The illustrations do inaccurately portray the Wise Men at the stable the night Jesus was born.

The First Night

Read Aloud: 5-6 years old

I honestly almost left this book off the list because the book never mentions the name Jesus, Mary, or Joseph. It refers to them as a ‘mother, father, and baby’ which at first seemed a wee bit too ‘politically correct’. However, the book opens with John 1:14:

And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we behold His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14 ESV

It ends up being a great discussion book and the illustrations are stunning.

Kristoph and the First Christmas Tree

Recommended Ages: 4-12 years old

My boys were originally frightened by this story. However, now they ask to read it even when it’s not Christmas. The story takes place on December 24th, 722 and the main characters are an orphaned boy named Kit and a priest named Kristoph. They leave for a trip to the village and are stopped by some ‘pagans’, who look suspiciously like very intense and scary Viking-type men. They are worshiping a tree and threatening a young girl. The priest steps in and a miracle proceeds to happen. I won’t give the story away, but it is a powerful story. It’s a great way to explain the significance of a Christmas tree.

Mortimer’s Christmas Manger

Recommended Ages: 3-6 years old

I love this Christmas tale! We need more books like this! It is from the best-selling creators of Bear Snores On and the illustrations and equally wonderful. It chronicles the story of Mortimer who is on the search for a home. He finds that home during the Christmas season when he finds a manger decoration. The stable is the perfect home for a mouse so each night he takes out all the nativity people including the baby Jesus. In frustration, he finds that the owners of the home keep putting the manager people back into the stable. Finally one night he hears the family explain the nativity story and he weeps as he realizes that he has been kicking the baby Jesus out of his home.

It’s a beautiful and cute story that every child will enjoy!

The Shepherd’s Treasure

Recommended Ages: 4-12 years old

Years ago when I was teaching, I was greatly saddened by the affections that children had for their Elf on the Shelf. I was also saddened that the children seemed to be accountable to that elf and the gift of presents was dependent on that elf. Now I know that many people love the Elf on the Shelf tradition, and honestly part of my sadness was that I loved the joy that the children in my class expressed when they talked about their tradition, and I wished that for my children. It sent me on a search for an Elf on the Shelf alternative that was Christ-centered.

I was led to the Shepherds Treasure and the corresponding book is great even if you don’t do the tradition. It’s a beautiful retelling of the Christmas story, with a bit of the emphasis on the Shepherd’s perspective. It ends with the gospel message the encouragement to never stop searching for Jesus.

The Shepherd's Treasure

Jotham’s Journey

Recommended Ages: 6-10 years old

This is a widely popular read-aloud story during the holiday season. Although I have only gotten through a portion of it, I am greatly impressed with the storyline and the adventure that Jotham goes on. Jotham is searching for his family. He is a child who is alone and he is determined to find his family. The chapters are short, which is great for my boys! Jotham encounters the Wise Men, Shepherds, and the Innkeepers in the nativity story and eventually finds the Savior of the World.

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

Recommended Ages: 3-Adult

This is more of an advent book than a children’s Christmas book, but it still makes the list because of how impactful of a read it is. It is a New York Bestseller and it will take you on a journey of understanding the nativity story from the beginning of the Bible to the Christmas story. It has beautiful illustrations and is a fantastic family devotional for the Christmas season.

Jesus Came for Me

Recommended Ages: 3-6 years old

This colorful book from New Growth Press takes readers from the announcement of the John of Baptist’s birth to Zechariah and finally ends with the visit from the Wisemen. The theme of the book is that the birth of Jesus should be a great joy for all people.

The Christmas Promise Storybook

Recommended Ages: 2-6 years old

Does God keep his promises? This book declares a resounding YES as it tells the story of how God brings the Savior King to the world.

Does God keep his promises? This book responds with a resounding YES as it tells the story of God bringing the Savior King to the world.

The Good News of Christmas

Recommended Ages: 3-14 years old

This is a newer book that was released last year in 2022, and it’s a beautiful book! You will want to grab it for this Christmas season. It is a dynamic book that will start with the prophecies of the Old Testament and head into the nativity story in a way that is unique. It’s a book you will not regret adding to your Christmas collection this year!

The Legend of the Candy Cane

Recommended Ages: 3-7 years old

This story reminds us of the reason for the season by telling the symbolic story of the candy cane and how it relates to the significance of the nativity story.

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The Christmas Blessing

Recommended Ages: 2-6 years old

This is a unique Christmas story about working together even when you don’t feel like it. The animals in the Nativity stable receive a message that something special is going to happen that night and their job is to clean up the stable, but the animals start to fight over who gets to do the work. Meanwhile, Mary and Joseph make their way into Bethlehem. It’s a rhyming story and the board book makes a wonderful stocking stuffer!

Once Upon the Very First Christmas for Little Ones

Recommended Ages: 0-4 years old

This book is by bestselling author and songwriter Rory Feek and it’s being released for the 2023 Christmas season. You won’t want to miss this picturesque Christmas setting on a farm and country church. It’s a retelling of the nativity story through a children’s Christmas play. The story is centered on the true meaning of Christmas (Jesus) plus it has adorable illustrations that the entire family will enjoy.

Itsy Bitsy Christmas

Recommended Ages: 2-6 years old

We end our collection of Christian Christmas kids books with another book by Max Lucado. This time he retells the nativity story through the eyes of two little mice. Along their journey, they are told that they are too little and insignificant to matter. By the end of the story, they learn that King Jesus has come for everyone.

How to Use These Books

Would you add any additional books to these from your collection? I know that over the years, I will add many more to our collection!

So how do you use these books throughout the advent season?

There are many ways to use these books besides just reading them to your children.

One idea that I love is to wrap 25 Christmas books up at the beginning of the season and then have your children unwrap one a day leading up to Christmas Day.

You could also use this in your advent calendar tradition. Perhaps each advent calendar day would represent a new book to read. This free printable advent calendar might just work great for that!

Or if your children are a bit more active (like mine!) maybe they need something to do while reading Christmas stories, our Free Christmas Coloring pages might just be the ticket.

Regardless of how you use these Christian Christmas kids books, I hope you enjoy your Christmas season with your family!

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Christian Christmas Kids Books
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