Creating a Healing Home for your Family – 5 Positive Steps Toward a Healing Environment

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The home is a dying idea. It’s often a place of contention, a place of anger, a place of rush, a ship in the wind, a solace only on weekends, divided and dead. Isn’t that sad? Our nation is ravaged, our world is ravaged, and it starts in the home. It starts with dysfunctional and broken homes. From the home, eternal souls go out into a broken world.

Creating a healing home, in the midst of a broken world, can only be achieved through surrendering to God. Creating a healing space and a healing environment in our home starts with surrendering our hearts and families to God. When we can do that, our homes can be built up in the Lord.

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A Healing Home & Hope in Scripture

I stumbled upon a word in the book of Luke that has completely changed my outlook on what my home should look like. I’m sure more skilled theologians will chuckle at my dissection of a word in a passage of scripture that is obviously going in a completely different direction than bible homemaking.

I ask you to give some liberty to this momma because I think there is some profound beautiful truth for other mommas in this single little word.

“And the Lord said, “Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom his master will set over his household, to give them their portion of food at the proper time?”

Luke 12:42 ESV

Another passage that seems to resonate in our effort to create a healing home is Psalms 127. This passage as well has haunted me as I’ve looked to scripture in creating a healing environment for my family.

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.

Psalm 127:1

It’s humbling to realize that our greatest efforts in creating a healing space; spiritually, physically, and mentally, will fall short every time unless it is rooted in God. Unless he is the builder, we labor in vain.

Creating a Healing Space in Scripture

The Greek word for a household in this passage is the word ‘therapeia.’ The word is a noun, and the part of speech is feminine. If you go to Strong’s Concordance the short definition is ‘care, attention, healing.’ It’s traditionally where we get the word therapeutic from.

The scriptures only use the feminine version of this word 3 times. The first is in Luke 9:11 and refers to Jesus’ healing all who need healing. The second in Luke 12:42 and denotes the people of the home. The final use is in Revelations 2:22, and get this, this final reference describes the tree of life and how its fruit heals the nations of the world. Am I going too far by thinking that those three references are no coincidence? Oh, the astounding truth of God’s holy word.

Let’s go back to Luke 12:42. In this case, the word therapeia refers to the home or household. Wait for a second, did you just see the connection there? It’s subtle and a little out of context, but I think there is a beautiful truth in that little word. Our homes are meant to be places of healing.

Now it’s important to note before I continue that I believe the context of a specific verse should be applied based on what surrounds the given passage. The verses surrounding this passage are going a completely different direction than biblical homemaking. However, the bible has the truth that continually seeps from its pages. It’s oozing from the smallest of words to the largest of gospel truths.

A Healing Environment in the Home

Our homes are to be a place of healing. A healing place for our entire family. Spiritually healing, mentally healing, physical healing. How can we support a healing environment as mothers? Mothers are typically the managers of our household. Not always, but especially in the Christian culture, mothers tend to own that role.

Obviously, we are not always medical healers. But remember that the first use of the word in Luke 9:11 refers to Jesus’ healing. Jesus didn’t just heal medically. He healed body, mind, and soul. What would happen to our homes if we turned it into a place of healing? A place of rejuvenation? A place of wholesome learning? A place of joy? A place of laughter? A place of worship?

The bible tells us that, “The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down,” Proverbs 14:1. The building of a healing home starts with the mother. We are on the front lines of building up or tearing down our homes. That’s quite a responsibility that we have. I heard a quote once that the father is the head of the home, the mother the heart of the home, and the children the hope of the home. The bible tells us that from the heart flows the springs of life (Proverbs 4:23). Practically speaking the heart is what pumps the lifeblood to all other parts of the body.

How do you Create a Healing Environment?

A healing environment starts with surrender. As we learned in Psalms 127, we cannot build our homes by ourselves. We firstly need our heavenly father to build. Secondly, we need our spouse to partner with us to create this healing environment that we are striving for. On our own accord, we will burn out. Self-care has problems of its own, but we need to care for ourselves, and we need our spouses to pitch in. I love what my friend Ashley at Undoubted Grace says about pouring from an empty cup,

 Now, friend, what would it look like if you were to love your friends, family, neighbors the way you are currently loving yourself?


How would you do friends? Would it look good? Bad? Ugly? Honestly, often if I were to care for my family the same way I care for myself, they would be a mess. That is a startling realization.

One of the best things that we can do for self-care if to read scripture, memorize scripture, and spend time with Jesus. We need time with Jesus to replenish our hearts and minds so we can minister more effectively to our family.

Investing in Scripture

I’ve created a simple bible verse phone wallpaper download with the verses mentioned in this post. Click on the picture to get the free download. You can also click here to be brought to the entire library of bible verse phone wallpaper downloads (no sign-up required).

Spiritually Investing

We also create a healing environment by spiritually investing in our children. Reading the bible to them, bringing them to church, and talking about God, are all healing practices to our home.

We recently started using the HelloBible Box with our young children. For just a few dollars a month, this is an amazing way to bring the bible to life for children.

Creating a Healing Space

It’s hard to create a healing home when the environment our families are living in is not healing. We certainly don’t have to provide a picture-perfect home with all the latest trends for Pinterest or Hobby Lobby. But we do need to create a healing environment that is organized enough for our children and husband to thrive.

Creating a Healing Environment in 5 Steps

  1. Open your biblemeeting with God is the #1 way to create a healing place for your family.
  2. Take care of yourselfwe must take care of ourselves to take care of others.
  3. De-clutter your homeclutter in a home can be distracting. Create a physically beautiful space.
  4. Fill your morning and your family’s morning with scripturedon’t just fill your morning with scripture, but bring it to your family as well. A great place to start is with this Storybook Bible.
  5. Eat dinner as a familyConnect with your family each night around a unifying dinner table.

Would you like to dive deeper into creating a healing environment and a healing home for your family? I’ve customized a “Cultivating a Healing Home” devotional guide that walks you through some questions as you seek to bring healing to your home. Click on the picture or this link to download.


My Healing Home

When my family walks into their home, I pray I have made a place that is healing to every part of them. That it’s a safe haven for learning, joy, and fellowship. That from the foods that I cook, the activities I provide, the places I clean, the words I say, the seeds I plant, that these all will provide healing nectar of truth that will lead to the ultimate healing of Jesus Christ.

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  1. I really appreciate this explaination from scriptures on how are homes are to be places of healing. It is really a beautiful example of how we mimic Christ and his church as places where people can find rest and hope. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As wives and mama’s, we certainly are on the front lines, as you’ve pointed out! The enemy knows if he can keep us feeling defeated, even more wounds will come. I’ve certainly been there! So very important to teach your young children, scripture truths that bring healing to any circumstance! Learned the hard way about this an now my oldest 3 are really struggling in their faith in Jesus.

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