Keeping the scriptures close to our hearts and minds should be an important part of our day as believers. What better what to make this a daily habit, than to use your phone! One study has shown that people look at their phones an average of 52 times a day. That can be powerful if every time you are unlocking your phone, you take a moment to read your Bible Verse Phone Wallpaper. Scripture memorization can become a lot easier when you see the verses multiple times a day.

This vault will update frequently, so check back often!

bible phone wall paper for pinterest

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Bible Verse Wallpaper to Focus on the Truth

The grind of daily life can sure take a toll on our hearts and minds. Focusing on the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can take us to a place of peace as we intentionally surrender back to Him.

These bible verse wallpapers are meant to take simple scriptures and make them simple to memorize. Of course, they are not the key to scripture memorization, but the visual reminder can be a step in the right direction.

Let’s just be honest, our minds tend to wander during the day. I often find myself turning to my phone to look something up and I suddenly am distracted by something else. Our faith tends to be similar; we intend to do something and suddenly our minds wander to something completely different. A scripture lock screen or bible verse wallpaper is an intentional reminder to return my affections toward Christ.

Christian Phone Wallpaper Images

Use these in a variety of settings. Print them and place them by your mirror when you’re doing your make-up or skincare routine in the morning. Use them on a tablet, or any other digital source!

These images should work with any phone on a lock-screen or screensaver.

Aesthetic Bible Verse Wallpaper

Why use a bible verse wallpaper if it isn’t pretty! Download any of these for a pretty phone wallpaper background. If you prefer a simpler design, you may prefer the pack of “Bible Verses to Encourage a Mother Who Prays.”

Faith Wallpaper

This first Bible verse wallpaper was originally posted to coincide with bible verses to help moms who struggle with going to sleep at night. We explore bible verses that are meant to combat anxious thoughts when we are worried about our role in motherhood.

The next set of phone wallpapers was designed for moms that struggle. It’s no secret that moms struggle. From the time of pregnancy and beyond our emotions and hormones are taking a hit beyond what we knew before. God created us to nurture and protect our children, but we desperately need our Savior and God to lead us as we parent our children. Moms that struggle need scriptures that point them back to their Savior.

comforting scripture phone bible verses
Bible verses for struggling moms
Bible verses for struggling moms

Thankful Grateful Blessed Wallpaper

There is something very important about being thankful. Gratitude is mentioned many times in the bible, so it seems like gratitude is important to our heavenly father. Expressing gratitude in a family setting is important. These phone wallpapers were designed to be used to help families memorize scripture together.

Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 5:20 (ESV)

The Bible is filled with verses about gratitude, but maybe non more pronounced than the Psalms of Gratitude. The Psalms are filled with outcries of distress but also cries of thanksgiving and gratitude to a God that hears.

powerful gratitude wall paper
sunflower and gratitude bible verse
blue flowers scriptures gratitude

Floral Bible Verse Wallpaper

Are you looking to cultivate a healing home for your family? These scripture wall papers were originally inspired by the article “Cultivating a Healing Home for your Family.” This wallpaper is a wonderful way to memorize scripture about being a faithful parent or caregiver for your family.

healing home wall paper

The next set of floral Bible verse wallpaper was designed for a mom that worries and needs to look to scripture.  Do you worry? I know I do. Grab these bible verses for your phone that was included with 10 Bible Verses for the Worrying Mom.

Moms worry and we worry good! But what does the Bible say about worrying? Is it productive? Certainly not. In fact, it can actually hinder us as moms. Lets explore 10 bible verses about worrying for a mom.

Worrying phone wall paper

Are there Bible verses to help you after loss? There are many comforting Bible verses after loss. These phone wall papers are pretty and remind you of God’s comfort during seasons of loss.

phone wallpaper
comforting Bible verses for loss
pink and blue flowers under a worrying bible verse
golden colors with bible verse and arrows

Christmas Scripture Wallpaper

This Christmas edition bible verse phone wallpaper was originally published on the Christmas devotionals for refreshment and peace. These are beautifully designed to help you memorize Christmas-themed passages during the holiday season.

These aesthetic bible verse phone wallpapers are perfect for a simple Christmas reminder that there is hope during the season! 

Wall Paper Christmas Edition

Encouraging Scripture Wallpaper

 Moms have a hard job! But God knows us and can relate to every endeavor we face. Moms can look at the scriptures and see victory in pursuing godliness amidst the struggles of this world. Be encouraged by these scriptures for moms!

Do you pray for your children? There are many bible verses about mothers prayers to encourage as you bow your head and pray for your children.

a mother that prays bible verses

Other Scripture WallPaper

These verses are meant to go along with the article entitled “Our Eyes are on You” How to Humble Ourselves before God in Tough Times

Are you feeling forgotten by God? Life sometimes throws us curve balls that make us feel isolated and alone, but the bible says we are never forgotten, even in the most darkest of times.

feeling forgotten by God wallpaper
bible verses humility
humility scripture wallpaper with watercolors
My only safe haven bible verses
You are not forgotten

Resurrection Sunday Phone Wallpaper

This special resurrection Sunday phone wallpaper is being released in limited spaces. Grab it TODAY and enjoy scriptures that turn our hearts and eyes toward Jesus this Easter Season. 

Resurrection Sunday wallpaper
resurrection sunday wallpaper
resurrection sunday wallpaper
resurrection sunday wallpaper

Keep the scripture close to your heart and mind with these free bible verse wallpapers. Memorize scripture with these consistent reminders.

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