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Looking for preschool homeschool supplies? As a mom, homeschooler, and licensed teacher I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to good school materials. This is our first intentional year of homeschooling and we have loved learning the ropes, and truthfully one of the ‘fun parts’ is finding some treasures to help aid and supplement your homeschooling!

I’ve always dreamt of homeschooling. Most of the time it was in the ‘that would be nice, but I don’t think I can do it’ kind of way. However, for an abundance of reasons I called my son’s private preschool two weeks before the start date and told the school that we would be removing Wyatt from the pre-K classroom. Keeping him in that classroom would have still been a ‘good decision’, but we felt the tug to bring our boy home and I’m very glad we followed God’s leading.

I’ve put together a brief list of our favorite preschool homeschool supplies and a bit about why we liked them. Enjoy friends!

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Our homeschool this year has undergone a bit of change and construction as we have got started. Even though I had read all the books and listened to all my favorite podcasts about homeschooling, I still tried to run my home similarly to how I used to run my PreK classroom. Although that wasn’t a bad thing necessarily, I found that it was not sustainable. I found that working full-time, running a household & homestead, building a business, and homeschooling on top of that was a bit crazy.

At the beginning of the school year we started with a mixed curriculum with my own literacy curriculum plus “Let Them Be Litle” curriculum (which we still love by the way). As the year progressed we fell away from using a curriculum and I started just following my sons’ natural curiosity. About two months ago I was suddenly hit with the realization that we were Unschoolers! Truthfully I felt a wave of guilt lift off of me as I realized that even though the physical curriculum is good, I was still homeschooling my boys even when we were just following their natural curiosity!

Preschool Homeschool Supplies

Here are the top supplies that we have used multiple times throughout the school year. Homeschooling does not need to be expensive. You can survive on very minimum supplies. Don’t get carried away by all the fancy things that other mamas have. These are items that we have used and found helpful, but the last thing that I want is some mom going broke because she thinks that these things are ‘needed’ in the preschool years. These things are helpful but part of the magic of homeschooling is finding and realizing what works for your family.

Art Supplies

You certainly don’t need all of these, but this list is what I ended up using throughout the school year. Eventually, we made a free art area in my son’s room complete with a hanging area for artwork to be displayed and a rolling 3-tied cart that I snagged from Michaels.

  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Coloring Crayons
  • Markers (we love the clickable ones)
  • Pom Poms
  • Foam
  • Construction Paper
  • Blank Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Glue sticks
  • Glue Bottles
  • Borax (for creating slime!)

Literacy Supplies

There are so many literacy supplies that we have used! For the sake of space, I won’t go into any of the books that we have used and bought this year! However, if you would like to check out my book reviews and list favorites you can visit this book tag on my website.

Magnetic Letters

We have used these for everything! And truthfully you can’t beat the price on these. There is a fun game I learned from the Let Them Be Little curriculum where you take a fly swatter and allow the kids to slap the letters that you call out. I don’t have a fly swatter, but we do have sticky hands, swords, and other fun themes which have made for hilarious letter practice!

Yoto Player

Goodness! I can’t say enough about this tool. The Yoto player is one of my son’s favorite things right now. There are hundreds of different Yoto Cards available plus a ‘make your own card’ that allows you to take any MP3 file and place it on a card.

Sensory Letter Writing Tray

My oldest son has struggled with learning his letters all year. We are making progress, but it is slow progress. This sensory letter writing tray was a fun, but intentional way I could channel his tactile learning style by practicing his letter writing.

Magic Copy Book

I saw this advertised on my Instagram one morning and like so often happens, once I clicked on it the advertisement kept coming up in other spaces! Truth be told though, I’m sort of glad it did. The algorithm worked on me! These magic copy books come with a special pen that allows the kids to work on writing, but then the ink disappears so the pages can be used time and time again. My only criticism is that I wish they had made the letters bigger for emerging learners.

Science Supplies

Science can be as simple or as difficult as you make it during these preschool years! You can easily do a science lesson with your kids in the bathtub at night with some bubbles if you’re tight on time!

Sensory Table

We were gifted a sensory table many years ago, but I have recommended this one to many people because of the lids and the adjustable heights.

Do you have to do sensory tables? Goodness no! Kids are going to get sensory exposure no matter what. However, over the years I have found many benefits to including a sensory table in my home. It can be an excellent place to send children when they need to calm down. It also can be a great way to do science, which is the primary way that we use it. We have loved using colorful rice in it, sensory beads (do your own research on the safety of these), playdoh, and a simple water table, to name a few!

Montessori Sensory Supplies

I love these wooden sensory supplies that come complete with bowls, tongs, and scoops! It looks aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t break like other plastic ones would.

Wooden Weather Center

Weather is a great starting point for science! This wooden weather center is a tactile way to review the weather and help your children start making hypotheses and conclusions about the weather.

Math Supplies

Can I just come out and say that Numbers and I are not friends? I have always struggled with numbers! My brain is more literature and artsy-based. So Thinking about teaching numbers and math sort of scares me!

Wooden Calendar

We have done a lot more focusing on literacy this year than math, but that’s not to say we haven’t done any! We specifically have found that our calendar has been one of the more effective ways to practice counting.

Sensory Learning Case

Another one of our favorites has been this sensory learning case. The really helpful part is the learning cards that are conveniently attached to the back of the case. The cards have challenges on them that focus on letter fun, math fun, sequencing fun, and motor skills.

Other Supplies

Here are a few other supplies that I found extremely helpful throughout the school year.


I’ve read some people say that laminators are not necessary for preschool, and I have found just the opposite. I love our laminator for doing color pages over and over, our color wheel, or any other number of other Bible printables and activities.

Epson Workforce Printer

I tried to survive without a printer and I soon realized that it was just not possible with the way that we homeschool. What I love about this specific printer is that it takes XL ink cartridges, which makes the money stretch further and I get a lot more printed before I have to refill!


This is something that we started toward the end of the school year and we are continuing it throughout the summer. Morning Menus are a great way to review content and reinforce concepts. I love that the menus make things reusable and I can switch out the papers for individual kids as we go.

Preschool Supplies you DON’T NEED

Okay let’s be real, there are lots of things that people say you might need, but you actually don’t need. Let’s be extra real, even I have a financial investment in this post because most of these are affiliate links. That’s not to say that my heart is in the wrong place, I’m making this post because I truly want to be helpful, but the reality is that hidden agendas are everywhere.

Here are my top three preschool homeschool items that I have seen circling around that you really and truly do not need.

  • A cute desk
    • The cute desks are not only spendy, but they are not conducive to a preschool environment. Kids don’t sit at desks well, they need to be active learners and players. Not only that, but you don’t need to create a mini lookalike school in your home. It’s called homeschooling for a reason. A kitchen table is a great place to do learning!
  • A complicated organizational system
    • Unlike other schooling systems, you don’t need to create an end-of-year portfolio for all your children’s work. These are done mostly for parents to see the progression of the year. Guess what? You lived it, so you already know!
  • Back to School clothes
    • Truth be told, back-to-school clothes are expensive! We don’t do back-to-school clothes and just buy thrifted and new clothes as needed. It saves a ton of money!


What would you add to my list? Do you homeschool? What are you looking forward to next year? Shoot me a message on Instagram and let’s connect!

You can find all my favorite homeschooling supplies at my Amazon storefront or by visiting my Like to Know Shop page.

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