Use these short devotionals, written by ladies all over the world to inspire and deepen your quiet and devotional time with God.

set free from sin

How to be Set Free from Sin

Do you ever feel stuck in your journey to God? You desperately want to believe that God delivers, but you are still stuck in sin. Dear friend, you can be set free from sin! You are not stuck in Egypt like the Israelites. It’s time to find your freedom in Christ.

Manger and cross

The Giving Tree

Christmas time is full of excitement, traditions, and gifts. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the holidays I try to slow my kids down to intentionally think of others. We do this by dropping off cookies at the neighbors’ houses and hosting friends and family for game nights. But one of my favorite traditions …

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Devotional image

Walking in Freedom

Most people live with the scars and bruises from unfortunate decisions. Regret haunts our weary hearts and happiness always seems just out of reach. But, that’s not really living. As Christians, we know that our hope and healing is found in Christ. Yet there is always something holding us back from truly enjoying what we have in Him. Often, it’s the shame of our failures. I’ll venture to say that it’s our lack of belief.

The heaviness of potatoes feature image

The Heaviness of Potatoes

There are things in life that are similar. Those things that are ‘heavy’ yet packed with goodness. If consumed on a regular basis, they will weigh us down just like regular consumption of white potatoes have a tendency to pack on pounds.

the gift of grace in our motherhood

The Gift of Grace in our Motherhood

I don’t know about you, but every once in a while I get to a place where I feel like I’m drowning under the pressures of life. This is where the gift of grace steps into our life and we can rest in Jesus’ promises instead of our weakness.

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