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I used to read a lot and there was never a reason to use a reading log printable or keep track of my reading. It was such an integral part of my habits, there was no reason to track it. That is certainly not the case as I have become ‘more seasoned’. I really like reading, but there is not an unlimited amount of time out there to do everything we like. Add a young baby and a crazy toddler and it’s a recipe for little to no reading. Ever felt like you were in a similar boat? You love doing something, but it slowly disintegrates into a forgotten little blob of memories. Mothers are especially prone to giving up the little parts of themselves that make them whole. 

Find some creative and inspired ways to track your reading goals with printables and some basic smarts! Track all those wonderful books you’ve read.

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A Reading Log Printable to the Rescue

Let’s be honest, there are only hundreds, thousands of ways to track your reading if that is something you desire to do. Pinterest and the internet are full of apps, websites, and tips for creatively tracking your books. But why track in the first place? For years, I never once thought about tracking my books. I just read and picked up another book. 

Let me be candid, I have two silly reasons for tracking my books. First, it’s fun. I love finding apps and printable for tracking different things in my life. Creativity in a planner is one of the reasons I use a planner! If it was just a planner, I would simply stick to an online calendar and note system. The creativity is what makes plain ole’ fun. Second, I’m feeling the decline of age. There I said it, I’m getting old. Or it’s the tiredness that comes from a toddler and a baby. Both?

Whatever the case, my brain just can’t keep track of things like it used to. There once was a time if you asked me what books I had read that year I could list them all in order. I’m lucky if I can remember the title of the current book I’m reading! A reading log printable or printable is a wonderful way to track reading a planner. 

3 Smart Ways to Track your Reading 

Resources like Goodreads, which is a reading log app, are always going to be an easy and quick way to track reading. Although Goodreads may be effective, there are many reading log examples that can inspire beauty while organizing your reading. 

Add it to your Habit Tracker

Many who use a planner are trying to not only keep their lives organized but also meet goals. A habit tracker is a wonderful way to meet goals as you insert it into your daily habits. I love this bullet journal habit tracker. Isn’t it simply gorgeous?! If you are a Happy Planner girly like me, you might enjoy this instant download from Etsy.

Add reading to your habit tracker, categorize by how many pages you want to read a day, by name of the book, or genre of books you’d like to read. 

Habit Tracker with Pen

Use a Color-in Book Printable Shelf

One of the most creative ways I have seen of tracking books in a planner is by using a printable bookshelf. I mean, how cute is that?! Whoever initially came up with that idea is pure genius, not only can you track what you want to read, but you also let those creative juices flow as your bookshelf gets colored in a doodled.  I love that this half sheet insert has a separate sheet for both the book list read and a book wish list. This keeps separate those books which you want to read and the books that you have read. 

This is just a fun reading log printable!

reading log printable

Add it to your Monthly Planner Calendar

Keep it simple, keep it sane. We’re talking about smart ways to track your reading in a planner. If the above two do not resonate with you, maybe you need something even more simple. Grab a pen and jot down the books you read at the top of your monthly calendar. It’s simple and sane, and you have the added record of what you have read for that month and year. Easy to look back on and easy to find! 

Many planners, including the Happy Planner, have note sections on their monthly or weekly page set up. This is a great section to jot down what you are reading. When I have done this, it is not pretty or creative by any means, it is simply a raw tracker that gets the information down instead of making it creative and cute.  In the picture below I used the note section in the January overview.

Note Section list of books read in the month

Is a Reading Log Printable Necessary?

Of course, a reading log is not necessary for your planner! It’s simply another example or way to track reading. Some paper planners are purely used for organization and productivity, and others use a little zing, crackle, pop to inspire all the ‘goings-on in life.’ What do you track in your planner? Is it mostly a way to organize productivity, or is there a little inspiration alongside the organization?

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