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Are you looking to infuse your Easter gathering or classroom with a touch of spiritual joy this Easter season? Look no further than our Free Religious Easter Bingo Cards Printable—an engaging activity suitable for all ages! Immerse your celebration in the true meaning of Easter with this classic game, adorned with images that reflect the essence of the holiday.

These cards are specifically made for a Sunday School teacher, homeschool family, or just as a fun Easter activity. There are no Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, jelly beans, or easter basket images! Just images that reflect the true meaning of the Easter season! It is so much fun to play with older children and young children alike, so grab the download and play some Easter Bingo!

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I love creating Bingos. If you poke around this website a little bit you will find many of them! From Bible Bingos to Christmas reading Bingos, I’ve created many! Why do I like creating Bingos? Because they provide educational opportunities for discussion and development. So why exactly create an Easter Bingo? One of the things that I’ve enjoyed as I’ve played these visual Bingos with my young boys is that they start to retell Bible stories while playing the Bingo game!

Little ones are soaking up information and stories at this age! They love stories and infusing Bible stories into their lives is one of my number one goals. As we played this Easter Bingo they recognized parts of Jesus’ ministry on Earth plus various parts of the Easter story. This game is an opportunity for assessment of a child’s understanding of the stories you have told them! You just may be amazed at the basic Christian truths they can recite back to you! Plus it’s just enjoyable to hear their little voices talk and enjoy a game! This is a great game to play during Holy Week or anytime throughout the year!

Consider grabbing some storybook Bibles and looking through the Easter story in conjunction with playing this game! You could even use these Bingo printables as a family bible study!

Religious Easter Bingo: A Festive Twist

Transforming your Easter gathering into a lively event is easier than ever with this classic religious easter game. The best part? These bingo boards are readily accessible for personal use and feature a delightful array of images from the Easter story. Simply print them out for a hassle-free setup, making it an excellent way to entertain your guests, especially young children.

The familiarity of traditional bingo rules adds a comforting touch to the game, making it accessible for all ages. Participants can enjoy the timeless thrill of marking off called items on their cards, aiming for that exhilarating moment of shouting “Bingo!” when a line is completed—whether it be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Dive into the Easter bingo with different cards, each presenting a unique perspective on the Easter story. Whether you’re teaching a Sunday School class or playing with friends and family, the diverse set of cards adds an extra layer of excitement and discovery to the game. These are great for Easter Sunday morning! You could even have a Bingo game played at your church!

How to Play Easter Bingo!

Materials Needed:

  • Easter bingo cards – Freebies available below!
  • Bingo markers – buttons or small items will work, but you can also grab these marker sheets for convenience!
  • Caller’s sheet
  • Participants – Up to 25 with the upgrade!



  1. Prepare Bingo Cards:
    • Download and print the free religious Easter bingo cards. There is a coloring and a full-color Easter bingo available in the upgrade! For added durability, consider printing on sturdy cardstock paper or laminating them if you plan to reuse them.
  2. Distribute Cards and Markers:
    • Hand out bingo cards and markers to each participant. Explain the rules and any specific religious themes featured in the cards.
  3. Explain the Rules:
    • Provide a brief overview of the rules, similar to traditional bingo. Participants mark off called items on their cards, aiming to complete a line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal).
    • Pick a designated Bingo leader to be the one to call out the calling cards. Or take turns doing this. Instead of numbers, the caller uses a prepared calling cards sheet featuring Easter-themed items. This is included in the freebie!
  4. Start the Game:
    • Begin the game by having the caller randomly select items from the call sheet and announce them to participants.
  5. Marking the Cards:
    • Players mark off called items on their bingo cards using markers, reflecting on the significance of each item.
  6. Winning the Game:
    • The first person to complete a line on their bingo card shouts “Bingo!” and wins the round. As an added bonus each sheet comes with a free space (younger children love this).
  7. Continue or Start a New Round:
    • Play multiple rounds with varying winning conditions to keep things interesting.
  8. Discussion and Reflection:
    • After the game, take a moment to discuss the significance of the Easter story and the symbolism on the bingo cards. This is a great time to bring out those storybook Bibles!

Calling Card Elements: Wondering what makes this bingo religious? The visual elements include graphics from Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday, and a snippet from Jesus’ ministry on earth.

Download the Easter Bingo

The free Bingo or the upgrade is great for Sunday School teacher lesson plans or even family gatherings! Perfect to play while Easter dinner is still cooking!

In our freebie, you will get 5 of the coloring Easter Bingo cards plus the calling cards. The download will open in a new window. You can also get different Bingo cards in the upgrade below.

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With the combination of gameplay, traditional rules, and a touch of spirituality, this unique bingo game has the power to create lasting memories. Whether played during Easter brunch or as a prelude to the day’s festivities, it adds a special charm to your Easter celebration.

In conclusion, the Easter Bingo cards serve as a versatile and engaging resource, making them an ideal addition to various Easter celebrations. Whether utilized in Sunday School settings to impart the rich nuances of the Easter story or enjoyed at home with family and friends, these classic and unique cards bring an element of much fun to the festivities.

The calling cards, carefully curated to reflect the essence of the Easter story, add depth to the game, transforming it into an educational and entertaining experience. For those seeking additional resources or variations, the availability of different cards ensures dynamic and personalized gameplay. The call sheet, a vital component in the game, facilitates smooth and organized gameplay, contributing to the seamless enjoyment of this timeless and classic Easter game.

Playing Bingo during Easter can add a joyful and spiritual dimension to your Easter celebration. Whether on Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday, or any day during the Easter season, it’s a delightful and meaningful activity. Consider placing the bingo boards in your children’s Easter baskets for a pre-dinner game. The possibilities are endless with this free printable game that makes a perfect addition to your Easter festivities! Share with us how you use it!

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