Free Christmas Bingo – Set of 10

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A game of Christmas Bingo can level up any Christmas party! This free Christmas Bingo set contains a set of 10 unique Bingo cards along with the calling cards.

This colorful Bingo set is ideal for family gatherings, Christmas parties, preschool classrooms, homeschools, or any other Christmas gathering that you can think of! The set is colorful, bright, and sure to look stunning on your beautifully decorated table or living room!

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Free Christmas Bingo

This free Christmas bingo card set is so easy to play that even my three-year-old can participate in this part of Christmas games! You can use this along with other Christmas games at your next holiday party.

Here is what you will receive in your free Christmas bingo download:

  • 10 unique Christmas bingo cards
  • 25 calling cards

How to Play Bingo

Christmas is a great time to play a fun game of Bingo, but beware! Bingo can also be highly competitive if you get within the right crowd. Here are the basic rules.

  • Print out a Bingo card for each player (the download comes with 10 different cards). Cut out the calling cards and place those cards in a bowl or container.
  • Pull a card out of the bowl or container one card at a time. Call out what is on the card. For example, you could say “The red reindeer!” Lay the image aside so you don’t duplicate it again.
  • The players will cover the image with a marker. You can also get markers made for Bingo here. These are specifically great for school settings. Other ideas for bingo markers include:
    • Small ornaments
    • Peppermint candies
    • Buttons
  • To win the game, someone must cover 5 spaces in a row. This can be done horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Once they cover 5 spaces they shout “BINGO”! before any other player.

How to Print

We use this Epson printer for all our printer needs. I like to buy XL ink cartridges which last a long time!

Make sure that you use the highest settings on your printer to get the best results

Top Tip – Although it’s entirely optional, I highly recommend that if you plan to re-use your cards you laminate them. I laminate almost all my preschool printables and love this laminator and these 3m sheets.

There are a variety of ways to use your cards. You can use them at Christmas parties, holiday get-to-gathers, classroom parties, pre-K classrooms, homeschools, and whatever else you can think of!

Ready to Download the Free Christmas Bingo cards?! Use the button below to head right to the Dropbox folder where you can download everything you need. If you end up using these for your Thanksgiving celebration, I would love it if you gave them a shout-out on Instagram! Tag me in a story or just send me a DM of how you used them. I would love to see your Christmas Bingo in action!

What do you get? This is an 11-page download with 10 individual Bingo cards and 25 set of calling cards.

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