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Who does not like the fascinating and slightly unbelievable story of Jonah and the Whale? Bring the story to life with these Jonah and the Whale printables. Jonah sure did go through a hard time to learn obedience, and toward the end of the book of Jonah, you are left to wonder if he truly ever ‘got it’. This story is a great way to teach the importance of obedience, second chances, and listening to the voice of God.

jonah and the whale printables

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Understanding the Story of Jonah and the Whale

The story of Jonah and the Whale is one of the most well-known tales from the Bible, filled with important lessons and morals. It is found in the Old Testament in the book of Jonah. This story follows the journey of a prophet named Jonah who is given a dangerous mission by God.

According to the Bible, Jonah was asked by God to go to the city of Nineveh and warn the people about their wickedness. However, Jonah was afraid and instead decided to flee from God’s command by boarding a ship heading in the opposite direction. As Jonah sailed away, a violent storm arose, threatening to sink the ship. In order to save themselves, the sailors threw Jonah overboard, where he was swallowed by a huge fish.

Inside the belly of the whale, Jonah spent three days and three nights, contemplating his disobedience. Eventually, Jonah repented and cried out to God for forgiveness. God heard his plea and commanded the fish to vomit Jonah out onto dry land. After being given a second chance, Jonah obediently went to Nineveh and delivered God’s message, leading the people to repentance.

The story of Jonah and the Whale teaches us many important lessons. It highlights the consequences of disobedience, the importance of repentance, and the mercy and forgiveness of God. It reminds us that God’s plans are always greater than our own and that it is crucial to listen to His voice. These are great lessons for young children to learn!

By using free Jonah and the Whale printables, you can engage your children in a fun and educational way. These printables not only bring the story to life but also provide opportunities for them to reflect on the important lessons within the story. Whether it’s through coloring pages with Jonah in the belly of a big fish, puzzles, or other activities, these printables offer a great way to teach your children about the Jonah bible story.

Jonah and the Whale Printables (FREE!)

Children love to hear the story of the big fish that swallowed a man! It sounds impossible, but an awful intriguing story.

These Jonah and the Whale printables were created as a great resource to inspire and uphold the biblical story of Jonah. These printables are great for at-home learning, Sunday School, or preschool lessons.

Are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of Jonah and the Whale with our free printables? We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of these resources and create a fun and educational experience for your children.

Firstly, let’s talk about the different types of printables we have available. We have coloring pages that allow your children to bring Jonah and the Whale to life with their own creative touch. These coloring pages are not only entertaining but also provide a great opportunity to discuss the story and its important lessons while your children are engaged in their artwork.

For those who enjoy puzzles, we have crossword puzzles that challenge your children’s critical thinking skills, these puzzles offer a fun way to interact with the story and test their knowledge.

If you want to take it a step further, we also have interactive activities such as our spinner. This one is a great craft for Sunday School classrooms!

Additional printables include the tracing guide that is ideal for preschool students, our patterns worksheet, and letter practice sheets.

So don’t miss out on these free printable Jonah and the Whale resources! Use our comprehensive guide to explore the different options and find the perfect activities for your children. They will not only have a great time but also gain a deeper understanding of the story and its important lessons. Let’s make learning fun with Jonah and the Whale!

How do we use these Jonah and the Whale printables?

I was actually inspired to make these printables during our Advent Blocks tradition. I noticed that there was going to be a devotional on Jonah and the Whale and thought, ‘how fun would it be to have some supplemental coloring pages to coincide with the reading!’

That’s how they came to be! Whenever we are doing Bible crafts and activities in our lesson plans we like to grab a storybook bible and read the story in ‘child form’ but also directly from scripture (we use NIV, NLT, and ESV). For young readers, I like to use the Laugh and Grow Bible!

All you need to do is click on the button for each printable to get the actual PDF!

Jonah and the Whale Spinner Craft

This spinner craft is a way for young learners to tell the classic Bibe story of Jonah and the Whale back to you.

Color cut out, and add a fastener. You could even glue these on a paper plate to make them more durable!

Other supplies you may need:

  • Spinner Printable
  • White cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Paper fastener
  • colored pencils or crayons

Jonah and the Whale Coloring Pages (Free Printable)

Here at Healing Home, we like to see children’s activities backed up with scripture. Our coloring pages always include a Bible verse from the actual story in the Bible.

The scriptures in this pack include Jonah 1:2-3, Jonah 1:4, Jonah 1:12, Jonah 1:17, Jonah 2:1, Jonah 2:10, Jonah 3:1-3, and Jonah 4:2. All passages are from the NIV translation.

Make sure to grab the whale coloring sheet because children love it!

If you like these coloring pages, you will also like our David and Goliath coloring pages!

Jonah and the Whale Tracing Printable

This activity is simply a way to strengthen some direction-following and fine motor skills. Ideal for ages 2-5.

Jonah and the Whale Patterns

Grab another learning activity! This one strengthens pattern recitation. If your child is advanced enough they can also draw and write what comes next in the patterns. Each line has a pattern that gets slightly more difficult.

Letter J Practice

Jonah is a great letter “J” word for preschool! Need a good printable Bible alphabet? I have a great one for preschoolers here. This fun Jonah activity will be sure to fascinate the earliest learners!

Ark Puzzle

This is a more advanced Jonah and the whale craft option. The child can color the colorable ark image or simply cut out the already colored one. Cutting requires detailed fine motor skills, so this activity may be better suited for those over 6 years of age.

Word Search

This word search puzzle is great for older kids, but younger kids can enjoy it with assistance. There are 15 words for find taken from the book of Jonah.

Need more Bible printables? My vault is filled with different Bible printables for kids. I would love for you to stop by!

Bible printables for kids

Want more Free Bible Printables for Kids? I welcome you to check out our Bible Printables for Kids vault.

I have a passion for encouraging and equipping moms with resources for creating a Biblical home. This vault is filled with printables for teaching your child Bible stories, scripture verses, holiday printables, and more. The activities here are designed for you to do with your child. They are great for family devotional times, homeschooling, Sunday School, or just a fun activity for a rainy day!

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Creative Ways to Use Jonah and the Whale Printables

Looking for creative ways to use Jonah and the Whale free resources? We’ve got you covered! Our free printables are not only fun and educational, but they also offer endless opportunities for imaginative play and learning. Here are some creative ideas to make the most of these printables:

1. Create a Mini Flip Book: Print out the coloring pages and have your children color them in. Once they are finished, bind the pages together to create their very own storybook of Jonah and the Whale. Encourage them to retell the story using their colorful illustrations as prompts.

2. Bible Lesson: Use the spinner craft in a Sunday School or classroom setting as a fun and interactive craft.

3. Word Search Challenges: Print out the word search puzzles and have your children search for key vocabulary words from the story. Challenge them to find words related to the people of Nineveh, Jonah’s journey, and the lessons learned. This activity not only reinforces their understanding of the story but also helps improve their vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

4. Collaborative Artwork: Print out multiple copies of the coloring pages and encourage your children to work together to create a large mural. Each child can color in a different part of the picture, and when put together, it will create a beautiful and cohesive artwork representing the entire story of Jonah and the Whale.

5. Whale Activities: Organize a “Whale Day” where you and your children can participate in different whale-themed activities. Print out whale coloring pages, play “Pin the Jonah in the Whale’s Mouth,” and even make whale-shaped snacks. This hands-on approach to learning allows for a fun and memorable experience while teaching the story of Jonah.

With these creative ideas, your children will have a blast while learning about Jonah and the Whale. Don’t forget to check out our free products and our comprehensive guide for even more great ideas on how to use these printables in your lessons. Let’s make learning about the Bible a fun and engaging experience for your little ones!


Additional Jonah and the Whale Resources

Are you ready to expand your resources for teaching Bible stories beyond our free Jonah and the Whale printables? We have compiled a list of additional resources that will enhance your teaching experience and provide you with fresh ideas to keep your children engaged and excited about learning.

One valuable resource for teaching Bible stories is children’s books. There are numerous books available that provide colorful illustrations and engaging storytelling to bring the story of Jonah and the Whale to life. Reading these books aloud to your children can spark their imagination and help them connect with the story on a deeper level. Some options that we like are “Jonah’s Big Fish Adventure,” “Jonah and the Very Big Fish,” and “Jonah & the Big Fish – Be Obedient.

These books are also great for little learners. We go them in our Hello Bible box and truly do love the simplicity of the stories and illustrations for our smallest learners.

Another helpful resource is multimedia presentations. Videos and interactive websites can be a great way to captivate your children’s attention and provide a visual representation of the story. Websites like Bible App for Kids and The Beginners Bible offer interactive activities, games, and videos that will engage your children and help them understand the story of Jonah and the Whale in a dynamic way.

Games are another fun way to spruce up a lesson plan with additional resources! Older kids may particularly enjoy this! Check out this Jonah and the Whale Go Fish Game or

Additionally, don’t forget about the power of music! There are many Christian songs and hymns that can reinforce the lessons of Jonah and the Whale and make learning fun. Singing together can create a joyful and memorable experience for your children while also helping them remember key details and concepts from the story.

These additional resources for teaching Bible stories will enhance your lessons on Jonah and the Whale and provide you with a variety of engaging and interactive options. By incorporating books, multimedia presentations, discussion guides, and music into your teaching, you can create a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that will captivate your children’s hearts and minds. Let’s make teaching Bible stories an enjoyable and enriching experience for both you and your little ones.

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Jonah and the whale printables
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