Free Joseph Coloring Pages

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The story of Joseph is quite the tale. It has all the makings of an epic movie. There is deception, love, romance, despair, adventure, mystery, betrayal, and more. These free Joseph coloring pages walk the learner through the story of Joseph with scripture and fun coloring. Ideal for ages 2-7 years old.

There are eight total pages in this Joseph coloring page pack. Each one follows the story of Joseph from Genesis 37 through Genesis 41. The coloring packet stops with Pharoh placing Joseph in charge of Egypt after Joseph correctly interprets Pharoh’s dream.

joseph coloring pages

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Using Bible Printables

We love using Bible printables in our home, currently, I am homeschooling our two preschoolers after feeling a nudge to pull our oldest out of a private preschool he was attending. Although the road has not come without difficulties, we feel blessed to be able to teach our little ones.

This year we have been using a curriculum I taught when I was a school teacher. The curriculum walks through the ABCs with corresponding lessons and activities. One way I have enhanced this curriculum is by incorporating Bible printables into each week.

This Joesph coloring would be a great letter J activity!

You can find more of these resources by visiting all our Bible preschool resources, or subscribing to our vault of printables!


Each of my coloring pages comes with scripture. I personally prefer when there is scripture to highlight and support what the children are coloring. I typically will read the Bible story from one of our storybook Bibles before we proceed to do the coloring.

Get the Free Printable Joseph Coloring Pages

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You find the completely free download of the Joseph coloring pages below.

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Free Joseph Coloring Pages
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