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There’s something inherently comforting about holding a physical copy of the Bible and immersing oneself in the wisdom within its pages. These free printable Bible bookmarks include Bible verses to dwell on or even color, which makes them a perfect versatile printable! Bible bookmarks are a fantastic way to enhance your personal Bible study or daily devotions, allowing you to easily navigate your favorite verses and maintain a deeper connection with the scripture.

Get ready to download and use these free printable Bible bookmarks for your personal use, Sunday School use, or whatever use you may come up with!

printable Bible bookmarks

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Bible bookmarks serve as handy companions in your spiritual journey, providing a tangible link to the verses that resonate with you. Whether you’re engaged in a detailed Bible study or simply reading for personal reflection, these bookmarks help you effortlessly find your place, making your daily readings more organized and focused.

Printable Bible bookmarks come in a multitude of designs, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. From “Books of the Bible” bookmarks to artistically crafted scripture bookmarks, there’s something for everyone! You can even find printable coloring bookmarks, turning your Bible study into a creative and enjoyable experience. The coloring bookmarks were specifically made with kids in mind!

Achieving the best results with printable Bible bookmarks is a breeze. Simply download the bookmarks in PDF format, print them on regular copy paper, and cut them out. A hole punch and a glue dot can be handy for those who wish to add an extra touch by attaching a ribbon.

With digital downloads, you gain lifetime access to a vast collection of bookmarks. Whether you prefer Old or New Testament verses, major or minor prophets, or even a mix of your favorite verses, a team of amazingly talented designers ensures a wide array of options for your personal use.

We have many other free printables on our website! Maybe you are looking for Free Christian coloring pages?! Check out our kids’ Bible Printables vault below for more information and access to the entire download page!

Bible printables for kids

Want more Free Bible Printables for Kids? I welcome you to check out our Bible Printables for Kids vault.

I have a passion for encouraging and equipping moms with resources for creating a Biblical home. This vault is filled with printables for teaching your child Bible stories, scripture verses, holiday printables, and more. The activities here are designed for you to do with your child. They are great for family devotional times, homeschooling, Sunday School, or just a fun activity for a rainy day!

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Printable Bible Verse Bookmarks

The first set of bookmarks are pre-made beautiful bookmarks with Bible verses from the Old Testament and New Testament. The backgrounds have floral designs and stunning fonts. These free printable bible verse bookmarks are a perfect way to mark your spot in the Bible or your latest novels!

The Bible verses included in these Bible bookmarks are:

  1. Matthew 5:3
  2. Matthew 5:6
  3. Galatians 2:20
  4. John 19:30
  5. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Here are the Christian bookmarks that you will get in the printable PDF file.

If you are looking for something pre-made, I would love to recommend the Daily Grace Co. magnetic bookmarks. They are beautiful bookmarks and also make a perfect gift or accent to your Bible reading!

John 1:12 Bible verse bookmark
Printable Bible Bookmarks - Ecclesiastes 3:1
Bible bookmarks Matthew 5:6
John 19:30 Bible Bookmarks

Bible Coloring Bookmarks

The second set is coloring bookmarks and you will even get a books of the Bible bookmark, which is a perfect way to help you memorize the books of the Bible. I’ve even heard of people coloring in this bookmark when they are working through a Bible reading plan!

The rest of the coloring bookmarks cater more toward a child’s coloring level and also include impactful Bible verses such as:

  1. Ephesians 6:13
  2. Matthew 5:8
  3. John 11:25
  4. Galatians 5:22-23

These coloring bookmarks also make a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, or other gift-giving occasions!

books of the Bible bookmark
Ephesians 6:13 Bible Bookmark
Matthew 5:8 Bible bookmark
John 11:25 Bible Bookmarks
Galatians 5:22-23 Fruits of the Spirit Bible Bookmarks

How to Print and Use the Printable Bible Bookmarks

While these bookmarks are perfect for individual use, their versatility extends to various settings. They make an excellent resource for Sunday school crafts, adding an interactive element to the learning process. Christian schools can also benefit from incorporating these printable bookmarks into classroom activities. Additionally, they serve as thoughtful additions to devotional journals, creating a beautiful connection between your reflections and the scriptures.

Using our Freebie button below you will gain access to the PDF file, which will make printing and using these a breeze!

I highly recommend that you print on card stock and possibly even use a laminator if you have one available. We use a lot of printables and have found that having a basic laminator around is a wonderful asset.

Download our Bible Bookmarks Pack!

Want to snag these Bible bookmarks? You can download the freebie by visiting my Gumroad, which is linked below. You will get a PDF with a link to click which will have the easy-to-print version in 8.5″x11″ that can be directly printed from any printer. Grab the free printable bookmarks below!

In the entire pack you will get 10 free religious bookmarks. Just click the download button.

In conclusion, printable Bible bookmarks are not just tools for effective study but also enjoyable works of art. Their simplicity, combined with the profound impact they can have on your daily Bible reading, makes them a great gift for yourself or others. Embrace the convenience of digital downloads and dive into the world of beautifully crafted bookmarks that will undoubtedly enhance your spiritual experience.

So, the next time you sit down for your Sunday morning reflections or spare time devotions, let these bookmarks guide you through the pages of the book that hold the key to real-life wisdom. Happy reading!

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