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So you’ve decided to make a homemaking binder? Yay! I have been using a binder of some kind in my homemaking for over 10 years! Truthfully I remember having a very archaic type of homemakers binder when I first had my college dorm. Whether I knew it or not, homemaking was an instinct that I already had.

In today’s fast-paced world, managing a household can sometimes feel like a juggling act. From meal planning to cleaning schedules, and organizing daily tasks, homemaking involves a multitude of responsibilities. Keeping everything in order can be a challenge! There’s a fantastic solution to streamline your homemaking routine: a free homemaking planner.

Imagine having a tool that consolidates all your household needs into one organized system. This planner isn’t just any planner; it’s a comprehensive guide designed to help you manage your home efficiently and effectively. PLUS as a Christian homemaker, I also wanted to include lots of pages that include spiritual encouragement and Bible reading.

If you are seeking to be more organized, prioritize, and have peace about your home a home management binder is an excellent place to start!

homemaking binder and planner

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What is a Home Binder?

A home binder can be a number of things, but it primarily is a way to structure your home management in a way that makes sense for you. It typically is a central place to keep all your most important information like meal plans, grocery list, cleaning schedules, and appointment reminders. It’s all the things that keep the home running smoothly!

A home management binder can be either a digital or a physical binder. My monthly home management binder comes a digital version in my monthly membership. The binder comes out the week before the start of the month and contains all sorts of planning, faith resources, and structure for your home!

Benefits of Having a Homemaking Binder

Why have a homemaking binder or planner? There are a plethora of benefits and one of the great things

Structure Your Days Effectively

One of the primary benefits of a homemaking planner is its ability to structure your days. By providing designated spaces for meal plans, cleaning schedules, appointments, and to-do lists, it helps you create a roadmap for each day. This structure not only keeps you organized but also reduces stress by allowing you to anticipate and plan for tasks ahead of time.

Simplify Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

Meal planning can be a time-consuming task, but with the right planner, it becomes a breeze. A homemaking planner often includes sections for weekly or monthly meal plans, recipe collections, and grocery lists. Having these in one place not only saves time but also helps in budgeting and minimizing food waste.

Place Important Documents and Important Papers

Keeping track of expenses and managing a household budget is crucial for financial stability. A good homemaking planner often includes sections for tracking expenses, bills, savings goals, and a budgeting worksheet. My planner does not because I find that most people use online trackers these days. However, I do place important documents or items that I need to deal with in the back of my planner for easy access. You can even do this with the digital planner by just downloading the document and then placing it in the back of the planner.

If you are looking for a solution to keeping really important documents like birth certificates, I recommend a separate binder for that. I have a separate binder for birth certificates, marriage licenses, social security numbers, etc. that I keep in a very safe location. A homemaking planner/binder is not the place for documents that cannot get lost.

Maintain a Clean and Tidy Home

A clean home contributes significantly to a sense of well-being. A homemaking planner typically features cleaning schedules, chore charts, and maintenance logs. By breaking down tasks into manageable chunks and assigning them specific timeframes, you can ensure that your home stays organized and welcoming without feeling overwhelmed.
Here is another cleaning check list freebie if you need something in addition to hang on your fridge!

Prioritize Self-Care and Personal Development

Homemaking isn’t just about managing tasks; it’s also about nurturing yourself. Some homemaking planners include sections for self-care routines, personal goals, habit trackers, and inspirational quotes. These elements serve as gentle reminders to prioritize your well-being and personal growth amidst your daily responsibilities.

What Should Be in a Home Management Binder?

My homemaking binders have two different types to download. There is the digital which has tabs on the side of every page that will bring you to the appropriate section you are looking for. Then there is the printable PDF which is simply a high-quality PDF that you can print right from home. The digital planner is a great way to take your planner on the go if you are comfortable with that type of planning!

One of the primary benefits of a homemaking planner is its ability to structure your days. Providing designated spaces for meal plans, cleaning schedules, appointments, and to-do lists, helps you create a roadmap for each day. This structure not only keeps you organized but also reduces stress by allowing you to anticipate and plan for tasks ahead of time.

What goes into the homemaker’s binder?

*some of these planning pages are only available in the membership upgrade.*

Calendar and Goals

  • Monthly Calendar
  • Monthly goals (NEW for July 2023!)
  • Yearly Calendar overview
  • Memory Sheets

Bible Reading and Prayer

Weekly Prep Pages

Daily Agendas

  • Daily to-dos timed by hours
  • Daily checklists (with a daily to-do list)
  • Water intake reminders

217 pages of planning in our free homemaking binder plus 80+ pages of planning in our monthly release of the digital/printable planner in the membership upgrade!

healing home membership

Helpful Tips

You will want a good printer so you can get the full-color experience! My favorite currently is the Epson Workforce printer, which is reasonably priced AND you can use it with XL ink cartridges, which makes it even more financially friendly. Those XL cartridges make a huge difference, trust me!

The other perk with this printing is that it has the option of double-sided printing, which is a super nice feature when you are printing something like a homemaking binder. This will allow the pages to lay well for planning (like the calendar). You can even get really pretty three-ring binders to help you organize these pages. Place your folder in a central location where you won’t forget to use it! Plastic page protectors will also serve you well for some of the pages.

One of the great things about using a homemaking planner is that you don’t have to use all the pages, all the time! Sometimes I find it incredibly helpful to have a menu plan for the week, and other times, I simply don’t need one. The same goes for the daily schedule page. Sometimes I need it and sometimes I don’t. Know your season and don’t feel guilty using the pages or not using the pages.

Homemaking Planner for 2024

You might be wondering where to get your hands on this amazing tool. Fortunately, the internet is filled with resources offering free homemaking planners. Websites dedicated to homemaking, productivity apps, or even social media platforms often provide downloadable templates or printable versions of these planners. Some creators even offer customizable options to tailor the planner to your specific needs.

So why is mine different? Because running a home is not just a to-do list and planning pages. There is a spiritual element to running a household! We need the living word of Jesus to penetrate our home on a daily basis and my homemaking binder includes a Bible reading plan, Bible study pages, and prayer pages. Listen to the truths of Psalms 127 (ESV)

Unless the Lord builds the house,
    those who build it labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
    the watchman stays awake in vain.
It is in vain that you rise up early
    and go late to rest,
eating the bread of anxious toil;
    for he gives to his beloved sleep.
Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
    the fruit of the womb a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
    are the children of one’s youth.
Blessed is the man
    who fills his quiver with them!
He shall not be put to shame
    when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

Psalm 127 ESV

Read more about cultivating a healing home here.

In conclusion, a free homemaking planner is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to simplify their life and manage their household more efficiently. By centralizing your tasks, schedules, and goals in one place, it becomes easier to navigate the demands of everyday life.

Embrace the power of organization and start your journey towards a more streamlined and fulfilling homemaking experience with a planner designed to support and simplify your life. After all, a well-managed home sets the stage for a happier and more

Here is the free printables download section. Each button will take you to a new binder for 2024! It’s filled with printable pages that will get you organized in no time including a weekly schedule, weekly meals, and home maintenance pages. These free printables are just that, free! Now email address is required. However, if you want to receive updates to your own homemaking binder, be sure to subscribe below to get all the updates and new information about updates! Remember that you get even more in each planner if you subscribe to the Healing Home Membership for as little as a cup of coffee!

Remember that these are for personal use only. Please do not sell these planners or distribute them additionally. However, feel free to send friends to this page so they can enjoy their own home management binder!


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