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So you’ve decided to make a homemaking binder? Yay! I have been using a binder of some kind in my homemaking for over 10 years! Truthfully I remember having a very archaic type of homemakers binder when I first had my college dorm. Whether I knew it or not, homemaking was an instinct that I already had.

If you are seeking to be more organized, prioritize, and have peace about your home a home management binder is an excellent place to start!

June homemaking notebook binder

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What is a Home Binder?

A home binder can be a number of things, but it primarily is a way to structure your home management in a way that makes sense for you. It typically is a centralized place to keep all your most important information like meal plans, cleaning schedules, and appointment reminders. It’s all the things that keep the home running smoothly!

A home management binder can be either a digital or a physical binder. My monthly home management binder comes with both a digital and printable version. My monthly home management binder comes out the week before the start of the month and contains all sor

What Goes in a Home Management Binder

My homemaking binders have two different types to download. There is the digital which has tabs on the side of every page that will bring you to the appropriate section you are looking for. Then there is the printable PDF which is simply a high-quality PDF that you can print right from home.

What goes into the homemaker’s binder?

  • Monthly Calendar
  • Yearly Calendar overview
  • Monthly Bible Reading Plan➡️ Join me on IG and follow along yourself!
  • Weekly Prayer Tracker (ACTS prayer method)
  • Bible Study weekly Page (SOAP method)
  • Weekly Prep Pages
  • Cleaning Routine Ideas ➡️See more cleaning routine ideas here.
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Weekly Menu Planning
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Daily and Weekly Self-Care checklists
  • Daily Agendas
  • Daily to-dos timed by hours
  • Daily checklists
  • Water intake reminders
  • Over 50 pages of planning!

Tips for Printing

You will want a good printer so you can get the full-color experience! My favorite currently is the Epson Workforce printer, which is reasonably priced AND you can use it with XL ink cartridges, which makes it even more financially friendly. Those XL cartridges make a huge difference, trust me!

The other perk with this printing is that it has the option of double-sided printing, which is a super nice feature when you are printing something like a homemaking binder. This will allow the pages to lay well for planning (like the calendar).

Homemaking Binder for June 2023

You can download the digital homemaking notebook or the printable PDF homemaking binder. Or you may even want to download both! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside the April homemaking binder. It’s filled with helpful pages that will get you organized in no time.

homemaking binder
homemaking notebook

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homemaking binder. Homemaking notebook
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