Read Aloud Chapter Books for Kindergarten

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Looking for some good read aloud chapter books for kindergarten? You can come to the right place! These top ten books are wonderful for any age, but especially appropriate for the younger reading levels.

This list mostly includes books that have a Christian base or have strong moral values. Enjoy! Read aloud is truly a wonderful a wonderful part of our family routine and I hope it becomes one for your family as well!

read aloud chapter books for kindergarten

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My house is an absolute ‘boy house’! From dawn to dusk my three boys (with one on the way) are off playing knights, and dinosaurs, conquering heroes, and vying for who is the strongest. I’m not joking. All the stereotypical things you hear about little boys are true in this house. I sometimes think that they wake up with the sole intention of destruction. In reality, they are just living out the reality of how God made them, and although my house sometimes suffers for it (along with my sanity), it’s a joy and honor to watch them grow as little men of God.

Recently my boys shocked me. I pulled out a classic book I had bought at a garage sale for $.50 and decided that we were going to give it a try for our read-aloud time. I warned them that it was a book about a girl named Laura, and it was longer than other read-aloud books we had tried. As we read our way through Little House in the Big Woods, was was shocked to see my constantly moving boys relax and sit raptured by the story. We went straight through the book in a few weeks and by the end of it, they were acting out the stories and solely drinking from tin cups (just like the ones Laura and Mary got for Christmas!).

Note – The tin cup gift does not occur in “Little House in the Big Woods”, they had also read a Christmas excerpt book, which is where they heard that specific story.

What is a Read-Aloud?

What is a read-aloud time? It’s simply a time when a teacher, adult, or parent spends time reading texts out loud to children.

It goes without saying that during these younger years, children should still have picture books read out loud to them. However, if your child is showing signs of being ready for more, then appropriate chapter books can captivate the imagination of children and provide an abundance of learning advantages.

Benefits of Read Aloud

  1. Builds vocabulary
  2. Improves active listening and comprehension
  3. Reading aloud reduces stress
  4. Reading makes us happy!
  5. Strengthens fluency
  6. Can improve working memory
  7. Reading aloud can make it easier for struggling readers

Note about read-aloud ages
In the following books, I give a read-aloud age suggestion and an individual reading level suggestion. These are very vague guidelines. Each child will read at different levels and paces. Please remember that my suggestions are only suggestions.

Christian Chapter Books

There are many different books about there that make great read aloud books for Kindergarten. These books generally are good for ages 4, 5, and 6, but can be extended beyond and below that depending on the child. Right now my three-year-old is listening to these books quite well. He doesn’t have as long of an attention span as the 5-year-old, but I’ve been quite impressed with his curiosity and imagination with the books we have been reading.

The list below are Christian chapter books or ones that have biblical or faith themes woven throughout the story.

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Read Aloud Chapter Books for Kindergarten

One thing to remember when you are looking through these read aloud chapter books for kindergarten is that the recommended age levels are probably going to higher than the ages of 5 & 6. Being read aloud often means that you can enjoy a higher reading level, than if a child was reading them on their own.

Little House in the Big Woods

Read Aloud: 3-10 years old

Individual Reading: 6-10 years old

A Brief Synopsis:

We are starting our list with my boys’ current favorite book. Little House in the Big Woods, tells the story of the pioneer family from the perspective of a 4-year-old. As the family survives in the big woods of Wisconsin the book chronicles how they grew, preserved, and catched their own food to get ready for winter. However, it is not just a book about surviving. It also is a book about a pioneering family thriving with love and joy throughout the struggles of a pioneer life.

Any Negative Messages?

No, it’s a very encouraging and simple read. Pa does shoot and kill animals, so there are firearms in the storyline. They also deal with the realities of death and the sadness of killing animals.

Elizabeth Gail: Mystery At the Johnson’s Farm

Read Aloud: 5-12 years old

Individual Reading: 6-12 years old

A Brief Synopsis:

Elizabeth Gail is a stereotypical foster child. She comes to Johnson’s farm with a lot of personal baggage and a chip on her shoulder. Eventually, she starts to warm up to the family, but then strange things start to happen around the farm, and it all seems to point to Libby as the culprit. A wonderful story about trust and learning to love.

Any Negative Messages:

Elizabeth, or Libby, comes with a lot of buried and unburried anger. The reality of a child having no parents to love them is a sad, but true reality for many children.

The Sugar Creek Gang: The Swamp Robbers

Read Aloud: 4-11 years old

Individual Reading: 6-11 years old

A Brief Synopsis: The Sugar Creek Gang series follows the faith-building adventures of a group of Christian boys. They are a classic series that was originally published in 1940 and has sold 3 million copies. The first book follows the boys as they find a disguise in a tree stump and learn about reaping and sowing.

Any Negative Messages?
One boy’s father deals with alcoholism. Alcohol is portrayed in a negative light because of this. It’s a great opportunity to talk to your children about your views on alcohol. There are also some scenes that might be considered scary for children such as a bear attack.

Lightkeepers: 10 Boys Who Changed the World

Read Aloud: 5-12 years old

Individual Reading: 7-12 years old

A Brief Synopsis:
This is such a wonderful series of books for families who are looking to challenge their children’s perspective on the world. These characters (listed below) truly go through some of the worst of what life can throw, but they still manage to remain victorious in Christ. They truly have changed the world. Here is a list of the characters described in this book.

  • David Livingstone (Missionary in Africa)
  • Nicky Cruz (Evangelist)
  • Brother Andrew (Smuggler for God in Communist Countries)
  • George Muller (Founder of Children’s Homes)
  • William Carey (Missionary in India)
  • John Newton (Minister and reformer)
  • Adoniram Judson (Missionary in Burma)
  • Billy Graham (Evangelist)
  • Luis Palau (Evangelist)
  • Eric Liddell (Athlete and Missionary in China)

Any Negative Messages:
There are mature elements of these boys’ lives. However, this book is based on true people and facts, so all of the elements are ‘real life.’ Nicky Cruz does join a gang at a young age but eventually moves on to become an evangelist.

Lightkeepers: 10 Girls Who Changed the World

Read Aloud: 5-12 years old

Individual Reading 7-12 years old

A Brief Synopsis:
Similar to 10 Boys Who Changed the World, Irene Howat continues to explore faith-based people who used unfortunate circumstances to change the world for the better.

  • Mary Slessor (Missionary in Africa)
  • Corrie Ten Boom (hid Jews in Nazi Germany)
  • Evelyn Brand (Missionary in India)
  • Joni Eareckson
  • Gladys Aylward (Missionary in China)
  • Jackie Pullinger (Missionary in Hong Kong)
  • Amy Carmichael (Missionary in India)
  • Elisabeth Fry (Worked among the sick, prisoners and homeless)
  • Catherine Booth (Co–Founder of The Salvation Army)
  • Isobel Kuhn (Missionary in Asia)

Any Negative Messages?
Similar to 10 Boys Who Changed the World there are certainly mature elements of these true stories. Corrie Ten Boom hid Jews in Nazi Germany and saw horrific travesties done to humanity. Any negative situations are true events that happened.

The Prince Warriors

Read Aloud: 5-12 years old

Individual Reading: 8-12 years old

Brief Synopsis:
This series of books is bound to capture middle readers’ attention and imagination. The main characters are brothers named Xavier and Evan. They are used to battling each other, but they will soon discover that there is a bigger battle going on. The Prince Warriors is the first book in this epic series that brings to life the struggle in the spiritual realm. They enter a land called Ahoratos and they meet a guide named Ruwach. Ruwach offers wisdom and directions and the kids begin their journey. Priscilla Shirer is a New York Times Best-Selling author

Any Negative Messages:
This book deals with an abundance of ‘bad guys’ and the boys are put in many dangerous situations. The enemy shows great anger and hatred. There are many evil creatures that they encounter like metal monsters and poisonous butterflies. There is also magic portrayed in the storyline.

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Read Aloud: 4-10 years old

Individual Reading: 6-12 years old

A Brief Synopsis:
It’s honestly hard for me to believe that this well-loved classic by CS Lewis would need any introduction! Currently, over 100 million copies of the books have been sold. In this first, and most well known, of the series four siblings enter through a wardrobe and find themself in a magical land filled with Christian allegory and themes. They encounter a White Witch who has encaptured Narnia in a never-ending winter. There are many other magical creatures they encounter like a Fawn and talking bevers. When almost all hope is lost they meet Aslan and discover a great change for the land of Narnia.

Any Negative Messages:
The land of Narnia is filled with magic. It is a theme woven through all the Chronicles of Narnia books. There are also battles and mature elements, like death, woven throughout the book.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

Read Aloud: 4-9 years old

Individual Reading: 6-9 years old

A Brief Synopsis:
Through a hidden scroll, a brother and sister (plus their dog Hank) travel back through time to key biblical events. This first book takes them back to the creation and the beginning of time. There are nine books in the series.
The Beginning—the story of Creation
Race to the Ark—the story of Noah and the flood
The Great Escape—the story of the plagues and the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt
Journey to Jericho—the story of Joshua and walls of Jericho
The Shepherd’s Stone—the story of David and Goliath
The Lion’s Roar—the story of Daniel and the Lions
The King Is Born—the story of the Nativity
Miracles by the Sea—the story of Jesus’ teaching and healing in Jerusalem
The Final Scroll—the story of the crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus

Any Negative Messages:
I don’t find any negative messages in this book series. The only caution I would add is that there is fictitious liberty taken with these books, however, the author does remain true to biblical accuracy. The author also directs readers to the key passages in the Bible that the stories were based on.
View the entire series here.

The Imagination Station

Read Aloud: 4-10 years old

Individual Reading: 6-10 years old

A Brief Synopsis:
The Imagination Station book series (there are currently 27 books in the series) is based on an audio drama series called Adventure In Odyssey which is produced by Focus on the Family. More about audio dramas for kids can be found here. The book series features many of the familiar characters that are found in Adventures in Odyssey like Mr. Whittaker. This first book takes kids back in time to the time of the Vikings. The books are similar to the Magic Treehouse series but feature biblical elements.

Any Negative Messages:
There are two possible points of caution in this book. Viking Gods are briefly mentioned throughout and there is a quick reference to a Viking throwing beer on fire and sacrificing to false Norse gods. As with many of the books mentioned above, these elements are historically accurate and mentioned in a vague and brief way.

My Father’s Dragon

Read Aloud: 3-6 years old

Individual Reading: 4-7 years old

Brief Synopsis:

This is not a ‘Christian’ book. However, it has a very strong moral worldview and themes of truth, honesty, generosity, kindness, perseverance, courage, facing fears, and other positive themes woven throughout. It is a charming story of adventure with the main character Elmer as he adventures on an island with hungry tigers, angry gorillas, crocodiles, and other creatures.

Any Negative Messages:
There is a scene in which children grab at Elmer’s jar. It feels like bullying to me in the story. Parents could use this as an opportunity to chat about bullying. There is some violence with the animals on the island like wild monkeys smacking each other.

Would you add any additional books to this list of read aloud chapter books for Kindergarten? You can find more information about Christian parenting on this blog or by following me on Instagram. I hope to see you over there!


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