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Looking for more ways to teach your children about the true meaning of Christmas this year? Maybe looking for ways to reinforce that Jesus is the true reason for the season? Try this free printable Candy Cane poem! Did you know that the candy cane has a meaning deeper than just the holiday tradition of eating it? There is so much symbolism in this tiny Christmas tradition.

Check out the meaning of the Candy Cane Poem and the free printable below!

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Free Printable Candy Cane Poem To Teach Kids About Jesus

We need all the help we can get during the holidays to teach our children about children and not get sucked into the commercialized holiday. It seems like from September through the beginning of January our kids are being bombarded by ‘needs’! You need this new and improved thing for school, you need this new and fancy item for a fun fall celebration (Halloween), you need this fun thing for Thanksgiving, and finally an explosion during Christmas of gifts, activities, and Elf on the Shelf expectations.

The sad truth is that I’m only hitting the tip of the iceberg.

Yet, we know that Jesus is better than all the commercialized ‘needs’ that our children are seeing. Jesus is more valuable than it all combined.

So how do we teach that?

Well, it cannot be taught with one measly little candy cane poem, but each thing that we add to our routine, words, and intentions is another step forward in disciplining our children well.

This candy cane poem is a fun way to take a traditional candy cane and teach children a different way of looking at it!

Candy Cane Poem – 4 Parts

There are four parts to the candy cane poem that make it such a treasure during a very robust and commercialized holiday. Let’s dive into the four parts!

Stripes that Are Red

The poem starts out with an acknowledgment that the poem will be about the candy cane, and then it jumps straight into the ‘good stuff’ by tackling the presentation of the red in the candy cane.

Stripes that are red
Like the blood shed for me

Candy Cane Poem, Author Unknown

White for Sinless and Pure

The next symbolism that is represented is the white of the candy cane.

White is for my Savior
Who’s sinless and pure

Candy Cane Poem, Author Unknown

“J” for Jesus

The “J” shape of the candy cane and the white symbolizes basically the same thing. However, I actually like this because it emphasizes the importance of Jesus our Savior. If there was something that needed to be emphasized twice, I think I would choose to include the importance of Jesus as our salvation!

J is for Jesus my Lord
That’s for sure!

Candy Cane Poem, Author Unknown

Shepherds Staff

The last part speaks again to the shape of the candy cane.

Turn it around
And a staff you will see
Jesus my Shepherd was born for me!

Candy Cane Poem, Author Unknown

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How to Use the Printable Candy Cane Poem

There are an abundance of ways to use this candy cane poem. Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

I would highly recommend printing this on thicker cardstock paper or even laminating it. We love our Amazon basics laminator, it has held up to a LOT of laminating over the years!

This is a great printable to hang on the fridge throughout the holiday season as a quick reminder about the real reason for the season.

Hang it or place it in any place that kids can see and read it as a reminder that even something as simple as a candy cane can point back to Christ!

These also make great gift tags! Attach it to your child’s teacher’s Christmas/Holiday gift or give it to grandparents, friends, or service workers throughout the season.

You can even use a hole punch through the upper corner and attach some festive ribbon to spice it up just a bit!

This printable and MORE can be found in my Bible Printables for Kids vault. You will find dozens of Bible and kid printables that you certainly will not want to miss!


Candy Cane Poem Pairings

If you start looking around you will be amazed at how many resources there are about the Candy Cane poem! Here are a few resources that I have found.

The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Walberg

Candy Cane Construction Set

Ready to download the completely free Candy Cane Poem printable? Remember there is no sign-up required, you just click the button below and you will be brought to the Dropbox folder with the download ready for you. However, don’t forget that I have a HUGE Bible Printables library for kids where you can access this download and dozens more!

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