My Review of “Coop Messes Up” by New Growth Press

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Learn a lesson of forgiveness after breaking the rules. In Coop Messes Up your young readers will find truths about God’s Word and the concept of forgiveness despite messing up ‘big time’. Enjoy this heartwarming story written by Sara Reju and published by New Growth Press. Let’s dive into my complete review of Coop Mess Up, which is the first in the Wheelies series.

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Recommended ages – 3-8 years

Bundle Price – $16.99 at New Growth Press

Reading Level- Elementary

Our Favorite Part – The storyline of Coop Messes Up is quite engaging and my kids were very intrigued right from the beginning with the characters and how Coop was going to get himself out of the situation that he put himself in. I don’t believe that they anticipated the act of forgiveness that the mother car gave right away, and I loved the

Where can I buy these books, what are the best ages for these books, and where can I buy them? Let’s dive deeper into those questions.

Coop Messes Up

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8

Coop is a small and young car from the Wheelie family. He is constantly driving fast and tends to run out of gas frequently. Despite his parents warning him time and time again, Coop continues to get into predicaments where he runs out of gas. One day his sister Lucy decides to teach him how to follow the rules and obey.

Lucy takes him on a tour of the town and proceeds to teach him rule after rule about being a good car and driver. There ends up being a lot of rules! The only problem is that Lucy gets in the same situation that Coop often finds himself in and they both end up needing help.

Just when it’s dark and dreary and they are at their lowest their ‘Ma’ shows up to rescue the situation and the two children learn a valuable lesson about forgiveness.

More about the Author

This is Sarah Reju’s first book published by New Growth Press, but she is no stranger to publishing books. One of her more popular published books is Jesus Saves which offers toddlers a simple explanation of the gospel.

The following was taken from the new Growth Press website:

Sarah Reju, MDiv, is a pastor’s wife and mother living in Washington, DC. She is the author of Jesus Saves, God Is Better Than Trucks, and God Is Better Than Princesses. Sarah and her husband, Deepak, have five children.  

More about the Illustrator

The following was taken from the New Growth Press website:

Tania Rex was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. She’s happiest when she can take an idea and turn it into a picture. Experimenting with styles and drawing is how she spends most of her spare time. Tania draws inspiration from little everyday miracles, aiming to point audience’s attention to the ever-present magic of real life.

The Layout

Once again, New Growth Press has published a stunning book with beautiful illustrations. The text has a sing-song nature, which allows the readers to listen and engage in a fun way. Each single page has about 5-6 sentences, which is great for the younger readers to stay engaged.

Coop Messes Up Book Review

Recommended Ages

Right now the child who is eager to pick up and read this book over and over again is my one-year-old! He loves the images and although I’m fairly confident that he cannot follow the storyline, he eagerly listens! It just goes to show you that you don’t need to necessarily follow the recommended ages of a book, readers of all ages can enjoy these!

Coop Messes Up is recommended for ages 3-8 and how these spiritual truths are presented match the recommended ages of this book well. Don’t be afraid to present the book to those younger or older as we all can benefit from a lesson on forgiveness!

Where to Buy

Coop messes Up

I highly encourage you to buy these books from New Growth Press as it is a great publishing company that produces gospel-filled books for all ages.

These smaller companies need more of our support than Amazon does! Don’t worry though, there’s no condemnation from me if you choose to buy from Amazon, as I frequently use them too. Just please consider shopping away from it when you can.

I have provided both links for your convenience!

We have so many New Growth Press-published books and we have never been disappointed with the content. Another recent favorite has been the My First ABC Bible Verses!

We have so many New Growth Press-published books and we have never been disappointed with the content. Another recent favorite has been the Really Radical Book for Kids.

Final Mom Thoughts

Coop Messes Up is a valuable book to add to your Christian book collection! The storyline is easy to follow and the theological concepts are deep, but understandable for children. I love the parent guide in the back that walks parents through the balance of obeying rules, but also knowing the grace that God’s forgiveness offers.

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