The Really Radical Book for Kids – A Complete Review

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The Really Radical Book for Kids is packed to the brim with Bible exploration, history, science, and direction on how we should live as believers in Jesus. However, it’s not just your average book. It’s an explorers guide that was written and illustrated with children in mind. Its beautiful illustrations, stunning design, and short chapters make it an excellent addition to any library.

the really radical book for kids

Recommended ages – for ages 8 and up

Price – $23.99 at New Growth Press

Reading Level- Middle School

Our Favorite Part – We have used this book as a family devotional. It has captured the attention and minds of my 5-year-old and 3-year-old. Our baby also loves all the colors! Their favorite chapter so far is on page 69 which is titled, “Snakes, Dragons, and the Bible.” The author does not shy away from hard topics and presents them in Biblical truth!

Where can I buy this book, what are the best ages for this book, and where can I buy it? Let’s dive deeper into those questions.

The Radical Book Series

There are two books in this series. The first Radical Book for Kids won the ECPA’s 2018 Christian Book Award for Young People’s Literature and has a similar layout and style with beautiful illustrations that personally remind me of infographics. The series is written by Champ Thornton who is a father to three teenage children. He has also written other books like, The Serpent Slayer and the Scroll of Riddles, and Why Do We Say Thank You? Learning to be Grateful. The latter of which is on our list of books we want to snag for our kids!

You can learn more about Champ Thornton at his website, which includes many of his other books and works.


The Layout

The book is laid out in chapters. Each chapter starts with what I would deem a history, science, geography, or fun story. Then the story ties into biblical, apologetic, or spiritual truth. Thornton has expertly figured out how to write in a way that captures the attention of young people and then leads them into a spiritual lesson.

There are fun facts sprinkled throughout the writing, such as the fact that 1,089 feet are about as tall as a 77-foot skyscraper (pg 102)!

It’s only the writing in part that captures the attention of children, the illustrations are fascinating and take more than a few seconds to soak in. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone since they were done by Scot McDonald, who is an award winner graphic designer.

There is a table of contents at the beginning of the book. Another helpful place is in the back of the book which has a section entitled “How to find anything in this book.” There are 9 sections that break down the helpful categories.

  • Bible
  • Bible Application
  • Bible Study
  • Biography
  • Faith Questions
  • Gospel Truth
  • Growing Up
  • Having Fun
  • History and Bible Facts

the really radical book for kids

Recommended Ages

The Really Radical Book for Kids is recommended for ages 8-14, however, I would like to argue that in the right circumstances, those younger can enjoy the content as well.

As I am writing this my children are 5, 3, and 9 months. Now obviously my baby would prefer to tear and eat the pages rather than enjoy its true content, however, this book captures the attention of my 3 & 5-year-old. The book is not something that they are capable of reading by themselves as I believe is intended, but they sit raptured at the kitchen table as we eat our breakfast and read out loud a chapter. There are some chapters that go over their head such as chapter 19, which is entitled “Humor in the Bible.” However, most of the chapters are very friendly for all ages and will point you to the gospel.

For ages 8 and up, the text is written in short paragraphs, in large font, and visually stimulating. As I have stated before, many of the pages remind me of how an infographic looks. Specifically, I think this could be good for struggling readers who may need a bit of extra ‘jazz’ to make the reading enjoyable for them.

If you are interested in a book that is recommended for younger ages, the first Radical Book for Kids is recommended for ages 5-11, so you could start with that book and graduate eventually to this one.

Where to Buy the Really Radical Book for Kids

I highly encourage you to buy this book from New Growth Press as it is a great publishing company that is producing gospel-filled books for all ages.

These smaller companies need more of our support than Amazon does! Don’t worry though, there’s no condemnation from me if you choose to buy from Amazon, as I frequently use them too. Just please consider shopping away from it when you can.

I have provided both links for your convenience!

Final Mom Thoughts

This book has one goal and that is to point kids to God. You will never regret teaching your children biblical truths. Champ Thornton does an excellent job writing and creating a book that exceeds expectations. Will you be picking up this book? We are loving it so far!

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