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Math is an essential skill for young learners, and finding creative ways to teach it can make a significant difference in their educational journey. One engaging and effective method to teach counting skills is through a number matching printable or games. These games not only reinforce the correct order of numbers but also enhance various cognitive skills.

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I’ll be honest for a moment, I truly and utterly hate math. It was never something that made any sense to my brain during school. Some of my worst academic memories come from the math room! So truth be told, in our homeschooling, counting has taken a back burner. Partially due to my inadequate math skills, but also due to my personal bad memories! Yet, math is essential in any educational model.

Recently we took a month break from school during December, which gave me a chance to evaluate our educational models thus far in the year, contemplate any successes, and look to making adjustments in our curriculum and routine. There were two ‘gaps’ that I identified, the first, as you may have already guessed, was our counting and math routine. Simply put, we just needed more of it. We also changed our reading curriculum to this stellar book, which is already working wonders with my son!

I made this printable for my 4-year-old and my 5-year-old to practice identifying, matching, and writing out one through ten. This is a great activity for young learners and fun to boot! In our free number matching printable, you will receive a download (no email required) for numbers 1-5. If you would like to upgrade, I also have the printable for 1-10 available.

Free Number Matching Printable

The internet is a treasure trove of educational activities, and free printable number-matching resources are no exception. These materials provide a fantastic way to engage young children and kindergarteners in a fun and interactive manner while honing their math skills. Here are a few other online resources for math worksheets, educational activities, and even chocolate chips counting cards!

Chocolate Chip Counting Cards
Number Popsicle Counting Manipulative
Number Play-Doh Mats

There are seven sections to our number matching printable:

  1. Matching the number
  2. Matching the number word
  3. Writing the number or number word
  4. Placing the correct number of objects in the graph area
  5. Matching tally marks to the correct number
  6. Counting objects (chickens!)
  7. Drawing the correct number of objects

Instructions for Creating the Number Matching Printable

It’s easy to make this printable number matching printable! Here are the materials that you will need!

  • Cardstock (plain paper will work too)
  • My download (found below)
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Scissors
  • Laminator
  • Laminator sheets
  • Small objects like chocolate chips, pom poms, or buttons

Next up, let’s cover the instructions that you will need to create this printable.

  1. Download the freebie or the upgrade.
  2. Print it off on cardstock to make it more durable and long-lasting
  3. Laminate main page
  4. Cut out all the cards and pieces and laminate/cut around each piece
  5. Add small velcro circles to the appropriate number to match the printable and cards

Creating a chocolate chip-themed number matching worksheet is a fantastic way to combine learning and sensory experiences for young children. You can do this by using chocolate chips in the graph area of printable. The bonus for the kids is that they eat them after completing the worksheet! You could even place the printable on a cookie sheet and pretend to make cookies with the chocolate chips after completing each number!

You can find the completely free worksheet and cards by clicking the button below. You will be taken to a page with the PDF.

This printable is for personal use or single classroom use. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Ideas for Using Our Number Matching Printable!

There are a lot of ways to use this number game printable. We are going to use it for our homeschooling venture by incorporating into our math time. Anytime I can incentivize an activity, I love doing that and using the chocolate chips as a motivator, I foresee this being a very popular activity!

For the classroom, number-matching printables are versatile and can be incorporated into math centers for small groups of students. Set up a dedicated area with various number-matching games and worksheets where young learners can rotate and engage in hands-on learning. This not only reinforces correct number order but also encourages social interaction and teamwork!

Enhance the learning experience by incorporating color matching into the activity. Assign different colors to each number and use corresponding colored objects for matching. This approach not only reinforces number recognition but also introduces the concept of associating colors with specific numbers.

You can also check out our free color matching printable here.

Another idea for the at-home learner is to have the printable out on the kitchen table! I like to rotate printables on our tables throughout the month and encourage my kids to do them when boredom strikes!

Benefits of Using a Color Matching Printable

The act of placing small objects like buttons, pom poms, or chocolate chips on the worksheet helps develop fine motor skills in young kids. Fine motor skills are crucial for various activities, including writing, tying shoelaces, and buttoning clothes. By making learning a tactile experience, educators and parents can support the overall development of essential skills in children.

Number matching printables go beyond recognizing the correct order of numbers; they also contribute to the development of counting skills. Encourage children to count the pom poms, chocolate chips, buttons, or other small objects as they place them beside each number. This hands-on approach to counting fosters a deeper understanding of numerical concepts.

Incorporate number matching printables into the kindergarten math curriculum to make learning more engaging and enjoyable. These activities align with educational standards and provide a solid foundation for more advanced math skills in later years. The interactive nature of the games ensures that young learners stay motivated and eager to participate in their math education.

While number matching printables are particularly beneficial for young children, they can also be adapted for older kids. Increase the complexity of the worksheets by incorporating larger numbers, introducing addition or subtraction problems, or creating a competitive element for added excitement. Adapting the activity to different age groups ensures that the learning remains challenging and age-appropriate.

Make Number Matching Fun!

Don’t forget to make learning numbers fun! The chocolate chip idea is a great way to make learning fun, but there are many great way to make it fun. Maybe for each number your learner has to do that many ‘funny movements’ or it could be as simple as turning on some delightful ‘preschool’ music for your learner. Don’t make it complicated, but do make it fun!

Our number matching printable is a fantastic way to teach and reinforce essential math skills in young learners. Whether used in math centers, as part of a kindergarten curriculum, or for single-classroom use, his activity provides a fun and interactive approach to learning correct number order. With the added benefit of fine motor skill development and sensory engagement, this number matching printable is a valuable tool for educators and parents alike. So why not download it today and enjoy it with your little learner!?

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