Morning Routine

inspirational morning Bible verses with a cup of coffee.

20 Inspirational Morning Bible Verses with Printables

Do you ever wake up and struggle to get out of bed? Life can get tough and rough. Some mornings we just might need a little bit more of a boost than others. So why not use the Bible as your inspiration on those mornings? These inspirational Bible verses and accompanying Bible reading plan will walk you through scriptures for prayer, encouragement, and worship.

Making time for God

5 Ways to Prioritize Making time for God

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘it’s all about priorities?’ Nothing could be closer to the truth when we are talking about making time for God. Moms are busy. There is not a single mom out there that is not. I’m sorry to burst your bubble mom, but your time limitations are not going to get better. I truly wish I could tell you that someday your time is going to increase, but I cannot. I truly wish that I could tell you that someday your children will be quiet for you to dig deep into the Word of God, but I can’t.

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