Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth can be hard as a homemaker and mother. We often feel pulled in a million different directions. Use these articles to refresh your soul as you pursue Jesus throughout your motherhood and faith journey.

kids exploring outside

Teaching Kids about the Seasons of God

Saying the ‘seasons of God’ seems a little bit more charismatic than I intended. The seasons of God simply mean the seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter that God has created for his glory and our enjoyment. How do we instruct our children about the diversity and beauty of each season through practical and enjoyable adventures?

being kind online

Being Kind Online – 4 Biblical Principles for Extending Kindness Online

When it comes to extending Christlike kindness to others, there is one area in which we are sorely missing the mark as believers. That area is the online sphere. Being kind online shouldn’t be hard, but it tends to be one of the most aggressive places on earth. I tend to avoid Facebook, for example, all together (particularly during an election cycle!) simply because of the vitriol, personal attacks, and name calling which are all too common on that social media platform.

biblical gratitude

5 Easy Ways to Practice Gratitude with your Family

Not too long ago my toddler learned to say sorry and please. He is a repeating robot as he utilizes his newly acquired manners. Yet the phrase ‘thank you’ has been just as prevalent of teaching as the other two phrases, and yet he has resisted putting those words into practice. How do we find ways to practice gratitude in our homes that teach kids gratitude? How do we instruct our children not just to say grateful things, but to practice family gratitude daily in their hearts?

the givers glow

The Givers Glow

While we can’t change our conditions or how individuals treat us, we can pick the frame of mind we grasp. When we take a gander at Jesus’ life, we see a portion of life’s hardest circumstances and conditions. He led a wide range of individuals, came eye to eye with Satan, and most importantly, died …

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God's nature

How Nature Reveals God and His Greatness and Love

Every country has their own natural wonder. They may have mountains, volcanoes, beaches, snow, hot springs, the list goes on. God has created a variety of plants, animals, fruits, landscapes, and other creations for us to enjoy. Nature reveals God and His greatness and love.


Showing Kindness to the Broken

We then can “love our neighbor” when we could just as easily turn our back on them. Christ surprised us often with his kindness. He had the ability to see beyond the exterior and move past the ugliness and selfishness and touch a life that needed touching.

what does the bible say about self care

What does the Bible say about Self-Care? Self-Care & The Hope Of The Gospel

Self-care. If you tried to avoid thinking about it, you wouldn’t be able to. It’s everywhere you turn these days, both inside and outside of the church. Everyone is quick to offer tips on the latest diet trend, the best Netflix shows to binge on, or their favorite DIY bath bombs. We love exploring new ways to rest, recharge, and be refueled, don’t we?But what does the Bible say about self-care? Is it even something in the Bible? Let’s explore what the Bible says about caring for yourself and we are instructed to care for ourselves in a Gospel centered way.

trusting god for a baby

Trusting God for a Baby

Trusting God for a baby when He doesn’t seem to be answering can be one of the hardest things to go through. Everything from guilt to fear can set in and to make matters worse it can be hard to know how to work through all the emotions. My testimony to God and his faithfulness begins with infertility and ends very unexpectedly.

Devotional image

Walking in Freedom

Most people live with the scars and bruises from unfortunate decisions. Regret haunts our weary hearts and happiness always seems just out of reach. But, that’s not really living. As Christians, we know that our hope and healing is found in Christ. Yet there is always something holding us back from truly enjoying what we have in Him. Often, it’s the shame of our failures. I’ll venture to say that it’s our lack of belief.

The heaviness of potatoes feature image

The Heaviness of Potatoes

There are things in life that are similar. Those things that are ‘heavy’ yet packed with goodness. If consumed on a regular basis, they will weigh us down just like regular consumption of white potatoes have a tendency to pack on pounds.

the gift of grace in our motherhood

The Gift of Grace in our Motherhood

I don’t know about you, but every once in a while I get to a place where I feel like I’m drowning under the pressures of life. This is where the gift of grace steps into our life and we can rest in Jesus’ promises instead of our weakness.

giving thanks

Giving Thanks to God in the Little and Big

Giving thanks to God seems like an easy enough task. So why is it so hard to remember gratitude and thanksgiving in the small things of life? Our hearts tend to spill over with ungratefulness more often than spilling over with gratitude. Yet our creator wants our grateful hearts and we should be offering them in surrender.

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