Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth can be hard as a homemaker and mother. We often feel pulled in a million different directions. Use these articles to refresh your soul as you pursue Jesus throughout your motherhood and faith journey.

Bible verses about kindness

20 Powerful Bible Verses About Kindness

Not long ago, God presented to me an opportunity to show kindness to someone. I admit, at first, I did not recognize it. It had been a long day; one full of meetings; I was feeling brain dead, emotionally weary, and desperate for some alone time before my next meeting. After the encounter I have been contemplating Bible verses about kindness and all that the Bible has to say about being kind to those around us.

12 scriptures about health. Rachael on top of lake superior trail

12 Convicting Scriptures About Health

Have you ever wondered if there are scriptures about health? I’ve often pondered the implications of verses like Paul’s admonition to finish the race well in 2 Timothy 4:7. There seems to be many health analogies and wording in scripturas. Where are the scriptures about health? How can I pray for good health? And how do I ask God for healing?

comforting bible verses

5 Comforting Bible Verses for Loss

Sometimes when I sit still long enough, I wonder about the depth and despair that Mary felt as she watched her son die a cruel and painful death. I wonder what the Bible says about loss. Where are the comforting Bible verses for loss? Because to me, sometimes the Bible seems filled with sadness.

inspirational morning Bible verses with a cup of coffee.

20 Inspirational Morning Bible Verses with Printables

Do you ever wake up and struggle to get out of bed? Life can get tough and rough. Some mornings we just might need a little bit more of a boost than others. So why not use the Bible as your inspiration on those mornings? These inspirational Bible verses and accompanying Bible reading plan will walk you through scriptures for prayer, encouragement, and worship.

Bible verses about stress and worry

12 Calming Bible Verses about Worry and Stress

We live in a frightful world of stress and worry. No matter what your role in life, your career, your home life, or your spiritual foundation, stress, and worry will find you. It seems as if our Lord and Savior knew this because there are Bible verses for stress and worry saturated into scripture.

Advent Blocks

Review of Advent Blocks (After we Used them During Advent)

Are you looking for a new Advent tradition that eliminates the anticipation of presents and elevates the anticipation of Jesus’ coming? Advent Blocks were the answer to that pressing need in our family. You will find that Advent Blocks fills in the gaps that other Advent traditions leave behind. There are multiple books for different …

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devotional image Philippians 230

Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas is the celebration of our Savior, Jesus Christ’s birth. Yet it is only a foretaste of what is to come. This Christmas Eve Box tradition emphasizes this reality for children.

printable conversation cards

FREE Christian Printable Conversation Cards

We all know the feeling when the conversation is dwindling at a party or gathering. That awkward silence and sudden ‘talk about the weather.’ These Christian printable conversation cards are a perfect way to continue the conversation during those moments when the conversation starts to decline. They are specifically curated from a Christian perspective. Conversation …

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Manger and cross

The Giving Tree

Christmas time is full of excitement, traditions, and gifts. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the holidays I try to slow my kids down to intentionally think of others. We do this by dropping off cookies at the neighbors’ houses and hosting friends and family for game nights. But one of my favorite traditions …

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