Are you in the season of pregnancy? What a beautiful, yet awful time. Let’s talk honestly and not diminish how tough this journey can be. Come, let’s be honest together.

pregnancy prayer

5 Powerful Pregnancy Prayers

Pregnancy can be difficult by itself, but add complications and it can be enough to push anyone over the edge. My pregnancy journey was fraught with emotional highs and lows as I combated depression and Preeclampsia. It is during those times that it is time to cry out to God with a prayer for pregnancy complications.

comforting bible verses

5 Comforting Bible Verses for Loss

Sometimes when I sit still long enough, I wonder about the depth and despair that Mary felt as she watched her son die a cruel and painful death. I wonder what the Bible says about loss. Where are the comforting Bible verses for loss? Because to me, sometimes the Bible seems filled with sadness.

trusting god for a baby

Trusting God for a Baby

Trusting God for a baby when He doesn’t seem to be answering can be one of the hardest things to go through. Everything from guilt to fear can set in and to make matters worse it can be hard to know how to work through all the emotions. My testimony to God and his faithfulness begins with infertility and ends very unexpectedly.

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